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  1. thepiespy

    Rosche, Germany

    This was done purposefully. The geometry on these objects tended to have adverse effects (i.e. throwing them into the air) on tracked vehicles. Given the game-play implications, for now they do not collide with vehicles.
  2. thepiespy

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Is there a way to disable the Javelin automatically being added to the Land Rover's inventory? You can remove it via script after its added, but given how easy it is to add item to vehicles now in the editor, its a bit frustrating when you don't want them to have a Javelin.
  3. Outstanding work, I trust you've modeled Camp Wilson in all its depressing glory.
  4. Good to see this released man, probably wouldve been sitting on my hard drive for all of eternity had you not taken the time to get it ingame. The texture still has some hiccups here and there (mainly because the UV Maps are all over the place)
  5. thepiespy

    6 DLC Suggestions (incl. USMC) POLL

    PLA would be pretty interesting. This would probably be more expansion-esque than DLC, but China vs BLUFOR on a semi-snow covered Korean style island would be awesome. Haven't seen much in the way of far-east terrain for ArmA. I would love to see the USMC infantry models updated to more modern standards (how about you blouse their damn boots as well :P), but i expect the community will provide that before BIS does.
  6. Oh god, not.... STALIN CLAUS!
  7. I have a steam version of ArmA 2 with sprocket OA installed in it's directory to run combined ops. However i cannot install 1.54 because it cannot find the directory. 1.52 had no problems with this, but it appears that 1.54 does. I am assuming it's because it won't work with Steam versions, but since I don't actually own OA on steam, I can't use steam to update either. Any suggestions?
  8. Hopefully Tripwire gets a solid VON and squad system for the game, RO had probably everything one could want in a tactical shooter, but there wasn't a whole lot of teamwork on public servers. Everyone just kind of ran at the next objective and shot everything in the way. Those concerns aside, this is probably one of the only games attempting to progress the FPS genre in 5 years. Plus the Rising Sun mod looks to be awesome as well.
  9. Great work guys, the RHS stuff is really a testament to outstanding content creation in ArmA. It's amazing the amount of stuff you guys can create while still maintaining such a high quality standard!
  10. thepiespy

    US buildings project

    Indeed, a small downtown "main-street" area with suburbs would be awesome. Then maybe a bunch of farms, lakes, and creeks in the surrounding area.
  11. I get the same thing, units are invisible when placed in editor, and outright crash the game when set as player.
  12. thepiespy

    No mod tools and no dedicated server files for BF:BC2

    Lower player counts, no mod support, shoddy dedicated server support. Yeah the future of gaming is getting brighter by the day.
  13. voted, good to see Storm of War and Red Orchestra up there as well
  14. What you mean getting chased down by some psycho in a hatchback every time you drive 100 feet isnt a revolution in gaming? Yeah i have no idea what PC Gamer saw in Far Cry 2... Good stuff for ArmA2 though.
  15. heh you think the bitching will start at 12:01am on monday? But good luck with a smooth launch, i look forward to playing it!