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    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    With AI being responsive to suppression, is there any plans to make AI consider suppressing enemy targets or enemy targets that are known to have enemies extremely close by (sandbag with AI crouching below)? And is there any regard to the 'suppressive Fire command' in commanding your troops? And in future could the AI, being given a 'move command' suppress enemy troops in a bounding maneuver? Ie, hopefullythis AI suppression feature will be developed on in future
  2. steele6

    Who else would like to see more drones?

    I think it would actually be interesting to see a more limited addition of drones. not full scale tanks and helicopters like troop transports, but perhaps an armed variant of the unmanned ground vehicle aready in the game, or a 50.cal armed recon drone these would add dimensions to the infantry combat while keeping the fighting interesting.
  3. I think what I had in mind here is small improvements that have a big impact, IE: Firing from vehicles, its a small thing, but it adds alot onto functionality. server locks/adjustable FOV are pretty insignificant and should (obviously) improved over-time, not as part of a specific DLC improved nightvision? by making it full screen? nah, its more immersive having only part of your screen in nightvision mode. but that's my opinion. FLIR fixes would be ineresting, what about body clothes that reduce your heat signiture. so AAF/CSAT troops less visible, but terrorists FIA are more visible? that would be a minor feature.. blind-fire isn't usable really, AI and most players arent affected by suppression like in COD/battlefield/rainbow six, as those games are more close quarters where that would be effective. I think this shouldn't be improved. jump/climb, nah, sure its immersive, but this would be pretty difficult to implement if I take BIS/s side here, and it doesnt add any direct benefits to gameplay in my opinion magazine repack, I see its use, but I dont think its of huge impact on the game, just fire off the 4 rounds you have left in the clip at your enemies. I really dont think this should be an advertised new DLC feature. its too small bamboo bush would be a bug fix, not a DLC new feature. I see where you are going, there maybe should be a big more visible deterioration of an enemy's ability when we shoot them, but its too minor of a feature. pretty sure thats a feature already these features are neccessary for playing the game. in real life, I would know immediately what stance I am in, but for a game, we need these indicators to help. removing these features would defintely hurt the games immserion. pretty sure you can turn some of these off though. 3rd person I use alot just to view my character and is optional anyway( i believe) also, its a small feature, not a DLC headline a cool suggestion, but maybe this could be expanded, what about more weapon customization? but it wouldnt have a big impact on gameplay like firing from vehicles for example. we've come along way frtom OFP/Arma and even arma 2 with regard to animations. not perfect, but damn, I am very happy with this so far. ragdoll is difficult to implement for MP and its current implementation is pretty decent. not perfect, but its ok. i think there should be other features that have more priority. I dont understand? vehicle physics? they already have put extensive work into vehicle physics that it could come to just subjective interpretation. its fine how it is IMHO. here I agree, the medical and repair animations/system needs work. something else should be done. desync fixes are hard to work on, and its something to do over time, animation fixes, I think they have improved so much since arma 1 that they are pretty much perfect, there are some niggles, like the first aid and repair fixes.
  4. Hi guys, so we've seen some great features come in to arma by way of DLC, Firing from vehicles, sling loading (Helicopters) Zeus multiplayer gun-play improvements weapon-resting/bipods what feature do you think is not resource intensive (consider the 31 rounds in weapon example given by BIS), is encouraging to multiplayer and teamwork like the idea of marksmen DLC and helicopters DLC, but not complex or unrewarding to incorporate to arma? what about an improved medical/casualty system, not to the same extent as some mods go, that spectrum should be left to mods, but what about loss of arm movements if hit in the arm? blood trails, bandaging, something simple to do in combat, but more immersive than the current system. what about buddy-dragging thats better implemented than arma 2? what about a more human-like AI - AI should trip and fall (and quickly get up) when under fire and trip over rocks, they should swear (not given on the radio, so it only adds immersion, not cluttering up your UI.) comments on the weather, terrain, a dead car or person they come across "poor bastard" etc.) and underwater combat? since the Alpha it seems its been ignored? what else can we add? basically, little features that are cheap to implement, but have the effect of improving the immersion or feeling of combat.
  5. Hi BIS, seeing as you have developed a fantastic slingload system with Arma 3 as part of your Helicopter DLC addon, what about implementing a rope down feature for cargo infantry in the ghosthawk and other transport hellicopters? its great as a SF insertion, or for use as an extraction of VIP or SF in a heavily built up area. you've done it in Take on Helicopters, why not Arma 3? the cinematics would be awesome in missions!
  6. you can't give effective, accurate fire anyway. in real life, if someone was behind me, it would be the same. go try out paintball, (or go to afghanistan and ask some angry fella's there to help you out :)* ) its pretty close to how arma 3 does it anyway.
  7. steele6

    No women at all

    Look, this debate is irrelevant there is no point to putting women soldiers in the game, for gameplay reasons they would perform the same. (IE: a soldier can't get pregnant) as much as a male avatar can't err.... make love to a lady. if any at all, the woman's avatar's model would have to have slightly less endurance/carrying capacity than the male model. thatssss it. they can shoot the same, fly the same, talk the same. I really don't see any point in including them for"immersion" you'd have women, sure, but then the new skeleton would need to be tested, probably new animations made (that's pretty expensive) and, for real, who in game cares about civillians in game? they are just AI. they can't kill me. so what if there is only males as civillians in game. as one cannot make love in arma3( thankfully, have you seen the mass effect romance scenes? its very lame. ) whether you see male civillians are female civillians it makes no difference the only benefit is "immersion" (AKA real life, as men and women are everywhere in real-life, we expect them to be in game as well, tending to flowers, fixing cars, cowering in their houses while being bombed etc. but, please, we are all grown-ups and we can recognise the difference between a game and real-life. so gender does not matter in a shooter game. ---------- Post added at 09:55 ---------- Previous post was at 09:54 ---------- any side debate about whether women should be able to serve in military forces in real life is irrelevant.
  8. damn straight, take the sniper rifle, put an AI facing away from you behind you, about 100-300 meters away, and try 180 shoot him. its difficult to say the least. (thats the optimal engagement range anyway. )
  9. I agree with the above post, so what if its unrealistic, its a good way to represent my avatar in game, and I have absolutely no complaints. lets move on with our arma 3 lives.
  10. I'd love this! I think this would be great.
  11. I'd love the dev's fleshing out the AAF faction wouldn't it be cool to have a futuristic LIGHT TANK for AAF faction it would fit in the "malta" faction idea, and it gives a unique tank to another faction (different compared to the slammer and t-100) it could have less armour, and a smaller gun, yet maybe a "stealth tank" - reduced FLIR heat signature, and a slightly faster reload rate and maybe an auto-cannon (like the AMX-30 series of tanks) that would be really cool.
  12. guys, we are complaining about the way they have named something. I mean, really? guys? it doesnt matter.
  13. look man, it doesnt affect they way you play the game. no-one does that crazy stuff in the video above, because you still get shot. this is an unimportant critque of arma 3, and resources should be diverted elsewhere. its that simple.
  14. see folks, there is no benefit to playing this game COD-like, where you can turn around so fast and nail that guy in the corner running at you with a knife. no one can do that in arma 3 anyway.
  15. indeed, while I aint been shot at, in Black Hawk Down by that mark bowden fella, the US forces used "green point" ammo, which penetrated stuff, but it didnt kill you out right, you didnt "stay down" some tough, wiry, african fella's could laugh it off, and keep shooting.* *albeit with some khat to get the heart racing a bit faster.