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  1. BINGO!!!! Sickboy, this is exactly what I get too! Has this shown up on your radar before, has it been fixed already, or it's the result of me doing something wrong?
  2. I see the logic in distributing and correcting a beta version via something like rSync, especially such grand mod like your. But please consider releasing the final version of ACE the old way with the traditional OFP/ARMA folder structure. I myself run a server for our games with my buddies. Integrating what we already have on the server with your mod set up sounds like a nightmare. I cannot even begin to comprehend at this point what I should do to just try out your mod in SP. I tried installign it - it doesn't work. Cannot even say whether it's due to what I'm doing or it's simply a bug in your files.
  3. Sickboy, You and your buddies have done an amazing job. But this new updating system have complicated things too much. I myself got scared off by the idea of installing all this 3rd party software to just run ArmA2. For one it doesn't work. We don't get to enjoy your mod, but stuck with figuring out the rSync system. Secondly, I wouldn't want to open up my system for direct access to some unknown server and whatever else is there. Why would installing a game mod require disabling a system firewall? I don't mind re-downloading a 64mb .pbo file if a new update is required. I hope there is no other agenda here? ;) Again why would I need to turn off my system firewall for your updating software and give your server access to my system any time I start ArmA2 w/ your mod? We are spending more time figuring out the rSync than solving the ACE beta bugs. Please release the mod files the old tried-n-true way and we'll finally enjoy actually playing your mod.
  4. Before I log this issue in as a ver 1.02 bug, I'd like to if anyone of you guys had this issue. After patching my German ArmA2 1.01 up to ver.1.02 I found Anti-aliasing option in the graphics setup. But the AA is by default set to "Deactivated" without possibility to change it - there is no arrow to the right of Anti-aliasing selection and no drop down menu available. Ultimately although the setting is there it's impossible to change via the settings interface. Of course I can open the ArmA2.cfg and type the values from 0 thru 4. BUT when the game is started the onscreen in-game rendering shows wierd checkered pattern artifacts in the lower part of the screen. It's like an overlay of semi-transparent checkered pattern on top of the game rendering. So does anyone has the anti-aliasing present now in the game since it wasn't there in the ver.1.01? Can anyone adjust it and does anyone have similar issue w/ checkered pattern? I have WinXP64 Pro Core2duo E6400 2.13ghz 6gig ddr2-800 ram Diamond Radeon HD 4890 OC 1gig GDDR5 vcard Catalyst is updated to the latest june 15th release ver 9.6
  5. sluggCDN

    ATI 4890 white blobs

    I have the same card. The latest 1.02 patch actually degraded the game performance. I purchased the German version 1.00 - 1.01 when it came out and I had much better FPS than I'm getting right now with this latest worldwide release version. No white blobs tho...
  6. I just found out another interesting point about OFP2 that should give you a very clear indication of what "kinda" game it will be. GET THIS, OFP2 WILL(!!!) NOT have the LEANING option! I think CM just outdone themselves! I think they just completely alienated the entire OFP/ARMA base that was somewhat interested in checking it out.
  7. I totally AGREE!!! It's hard to say what exactly makes them different when we haven't even tried the OFP2 demo and hardly saw the OFP2 ingame material. Arma2 is definitely the most amazing looking and sounding game. One big "minus" for Arma2 is the lack of comprehensive physics engine - which is replaced by animations. Arma2 is OFP1 on steroids, almost like FFUR OFP1 mod with great sounds. But there is still tank flying and flipping going on in A2 from just rolling over a small unfortunate geometry. Again it's all side-effects of infantile physics engine in A2 that hasn't changed since OFP1 days. I believe the advanced physics will be what will give OFP2 its distinct flavor, plus ALL architecture in OFP2 world will be enterable and destructable. CM stated explicitely that in OFP2 gameworld they haven't created a single building/structure that cannot be entered. But here is one point - in the last 9 years i tried many games and I forgot about them, they come and go. But I still come back to OFP/ArmA and have a blast everytime. There are always new mods and addons. It does have its own distinct spirit - you just like or not. So far all the videos of OFP2 we saw were, correct me if I'm wrong, captured from the console version. They showed the easy mode purely out of marketing/PR consideration trying to lure the wider console players audience. However also considering what they stated and the ppl that got a chance to test play it, OFP2 will have highly-scalable difficulty settings which will allow to reduce the interface and arcadishness of the gameplay to the hard-core level much like Arma1-2. Agree, the minimalistic hard-core mode is very hard to sell to a crowd of console dudes. But honestly I have mixed feelings about OFP2, it does look like BF2.
  8. If you haven't gotten Arma1 yet don't even bother. Compared to ArmA2, ArmA1 seemed like a short-lived, but violent nightmare. Trust me you won't miss much if you skip it straight into ArmA2. ArmA2 is actually a very very good game - BIS exceeded my expectations since I was very cynical after the ArmA1 flop. I've been playing OFP since the day-one until now and am a big fan of the OFP-ArmA game-title.
  9. Here is my system specs. I get glorious graphics, at places absolutely photorealistic with fairly playabe framerate. screen resolution: 1280x1024 textures: hormal terain: normal everything else is on high, plus 200% visual fillrate (I think it's the new term for anti-alliasing :) ) WinXP 64bit Pro cpu: Intel Core2Duo 2.13ghz ram: 6gb DDR2 800 RAM vcard: Diamond Radeon 4890 OC 1gb GDDR5 motherboard: Asus P5Q pro I believe BIS is recommending a Core2Quad @ 3.0ghz since ArmA2 tends to use more CPU resources. But my Radeon 1gb video card really makes the difference. I'd personally recommend to stay away from nVidia cards for A2 - nVidia cards add insane amount of bloom and oversaturation where it's not really needed. As a result the game is rendered unrealistically dark, overcolored and blurry.
  10. sluggCDN

    patch 1.02 suggestions

    One thing that has never been addressed in OFP-ARMA: Parachute landing is realized very very awkwardly. Now upon touching the ground your parachute and character are frozen for about 2-3 seconds; then the most strange sequence of actions kicks in. The player kind of spawns mid-air 3-4 feet above the ground and jumps off the parachute. Very often when landing in hot LZ you get shot while being frozen for 2-3 secs in transition. There should be some transitional animation of rolling backwards on the ground during the touchdown immediately after touching the ground and before transitioning into the regular in-game stance, preferably prone ala ECS in ArmA.
  11. I suggest those "friends" should also consider taking Gravol for motion sickness disorder before playing ArmA2. I think this should be included in the Warning Statement below the "Graphic Content Warning - BIS is not responsible for the "soldier-wanna-bees" dying from electricution after they barff all over their keyboard". I would also assume the postprocessing effects can appear overdone on nVidia cards that have insane amount of "bloom" added by default in-game or otherwise. On my ATI card ArmA2 looks splended, the DOF seems very realistically implemented. ATI cards usually have more crispness in their rendering.
  12. sluggCDN

    patch 1.02 suggestions

    My addition to the list: tone down the blood splash effect, make it less visible, not as bright and tomato-paste like. It's too exaggerated. please remove the blood face spash effect that's generated on the screen everytime a player is hit. Or at least make it toggleable in options. please add the ability to displace or move when reloading heavy weapons like AT launchers. You now can move when reloading small arms - GREAT ADDITION! But we still need it expanded a bit. increase the AI reaction speed to enemy presence at close ranges. AI shoulld be able to engage enemy AI immediately when the distance is less than 50 meters. Now in ArmA2 we still have AI running past you within like 5 meters, stopping, turning around looking at you thru the scope for about 5-6 seconds and only then deciding to shoot. Very often opposite team bots run among each other like headless chickens as though they are blind.
  13. I propose to make this thread sticky as well and start collecting suggestions for the ArmA2 gameplay in this designated thread. I must say that the graphics and sounds are impressive in ArmA2. But some things are carry-over from OFP & ArmA1. 1. We can walk or displace when reloading small arms now or when having bino in our hands. Big thanks! BUT we are still immobile when reloading lets say an AT laucher which is used far to often to be disregarded in ArmA2. And the ability to move or displace once the launcher reloading animation has started is VITAL! How many time do we get cut up by an APC or a tank when it sneaks up on us or our position is compromised and we are stuck reloading it. 2. the blood spurts effect is autrocious in ArmA2. It looks like some crazy color tomato paste. Plus we still get that silly tomato paste face splash effect into our screen everytime we get hit. Anyway the tomato face splash can be removed? - it looks to comical and out of place in comaprison to the mature graphic level of the game overall. When a bullet hits a body it rarely creates the splash of bright red blood. Unless it's a .50cal or a shot in the head, the only thing you'll see is just a smoke puff. If any tissue is torn out it would look dark and too small to be noticed. Now in ArmA2 you hit some one it looks like you just shot a plastic back of red paste or paint. Is blood splash hardcoded or it can be changed with simple texture replacement? 3. Infantry running animation seems very strange. They run driving there knees to their chest and kicking their butts with the heels. Kinda comical / dramatic. Reminds me of crazy ostridge running. AI runs like demented and then miraculously freeze-stop on the spot. ArmA1 sprint animation was absolutely fine... The AI bot movement is still tank-like. They move in straight lines from waypoint to waypoint, changing movement direction by tank-like rotation at their center axis at each waypoint. There is nothing organic, human like about their movement.
  14. sluggCDN

    ArmA 2 German Release Thread

    So let me get it straight, guys. We already have the game released in Germany and people can purchase it, but it's not available anywhere for online purchase/download? How come? Wouldn't it be the best way to increase the game sales while avoiding complications of logistical challeges of retail? When will it be available for download purchase? I cannot find any info on this. But it seems like a very obvious question at this point for anyone leaving outside EU or Germany.
  15. sluggCDN

    New tactics required?

    In my opinion the biggest problem with AI bots in ArmA is that they display no rational sensible behavior. Regardless of the the situation, once they've locked in on you they'd just keep on running at you wave after wave, basically like zombies. Sure there was some "formation leap frogging" implemented, but it's all of little use if the whole squad runs into the middle of an open area and you are in a window on the second floor. You shoot 10 of them and the others are still jogging towards you. There is also that wierd tank-like movement. AI runs to an imaginery waypoint, then does the Michael Jackson turn on both feet on a spot to change direction, then runs towards another waypoint, stops, does the turn once again and so forth. Humans just don't run like that. So zombie-like persistance and the tank-like navigational behavior are the big minuses for me with ArmA AI. Plus there are instances when let's say you are reloading, and AI runs into you, stops about 20 feet in front of you and just stands there pointing the gun at you for about 5-7 secs. You'd think he'd shoot you right away without delay at that range. I'm not sure why BIS hasn't adressed it yet - why the delay? In 90% of cases in ArmA close range firefights are laughable. AI runs around you like headless chickens.
  16. A small thing - AK47-74 family of rifles doesn't have 3-round burst option.
  17. There is such a plethora of various ArmA units' and unit replacements' addons. Will ArmA2 be able to except them as they are, straight from ArmA1 or extensive modifications and re-modelling will be needed?
  18. sluggCDN

    Graphics engine improvement

    I figured it all roughly fits into the Graphics topic. There is no "Game Design" thread - and I didn't want to start yet another single-focused thread. The glass in ArmA enterable buildings is a magic non-destructible entity, some sort ot advanced nano-material of non-earthly origins. IMO leaving the buildings issue unresolved since OFP (when they just made boxes with textures stretched on them) is a bit sloppy. They care to create tens of different vehicles which requires time but leave the buildings - a very important gameplay element - underdeveloped. Look, in one of the latest images I noticed fairly detailed destruction of non-enterable apartment building. Yet window panes still appear to be just texture without any phisical properties. There is another issue here - right now in ArmA when bullets strike tree trunks we can see parks flying. Sparks are the indication of a metalic object.
  19. sluggCDN

    Graphics engine improvement

    There is one thing that was inherited from OFP. When a tree is standing its foliage blocks AI vision. When the tree's fallen the AI seems to be able to see unobstructed through the foliage and branches. When armor goes through an area and falls trees, AI bots get instantaneous advantage over a human player. It becomes almost impossible to do any fighting with AI in such environment. I hope this was addressed in A2. They'd be shooting you from behind fallen trees and the trees provided no concealment once on the ground. Another thing is the static glass window panes in buildings. No matter how many times you shoot through them the glass is intact, without even the bullet holes. The third thing - the brown rusty damaged wheels. When shot up, in ArmA wheels magically turn rusty brown. In original OFP there was this genius effect implemented; when shot up wheels whould simply sink into the ground. I believe the wheel geometry was simply shifted down on its axis after being damaged, creating the effect of deflated tires.
  20. I decided to start a separate thread since it's seem to be the recurring issue with ATI cards and ArmA. And it's a serious one - ArmA doesn't run on one of the best video cards on the market regardless what version of ArmA is installed. I just got myself this video cards (to see specs see the link below): Diamond Radeon HD 4890 Xoc 1GB 925MHZ 1GB 4.2GHZ GDDR5 ArmA doesn't seem to be able to start with it at all. Upon starting the game the screen goes black for about 5-10 minutes with only a sandclock visible in the centre. Once we are past that stage ArmA starts in what I think is 600x480 screen mode; the top half of the screen is completely black, the bottom half is filled with nothing but ArmA infinitae ocean. There are also 5 black squares where the interface buttons should be, along the bottom of the screen. I assume it's them since by clicking on the last one I can close the game. This cannot be! - after all the issues ArmA had since its release I thought this card might finally give me an opportunity to experience the game the way it should be. Instead I get the blank screen. What does it take to play ArmA normally?! My system specs: Core2Duo E6400 2.13ghz 6gig DDR2-800 RAM Diamond Radeon HD 4890 Xoc 1GB w/ Catalyst drivers ver.9_4 Windows XP Pro 64bit Can devs or anyone else shed some light on what's going on or someone has similar issue? I'm affraid that buying this card I can play any latest game out there but ArmA. Since ArmA2 is based on the same slightly upgraded graphics engine I won't be getting ArmA2 either. But that might be the case for everyone who gets a 4800 GDDR5 generation ATI card.
  21. sluggCDN

    ArmA1 & 2 supports of ATI GDDR5 v-cards

    Dwarden, thanks for the participation on this one! What do you mean "the problem was solved"? Was it considered by BIS? Ultimately the game does work now with ver.1.16 on my Radeon 4890 card. I will run a FRAP test later But I'd dread to experiment with re-installing it all over again just to confirm it's the installer issue. Who knows how many more time I will have to re-install it if it doesn't work. How can I adjust temp/system drive intake capacity? My HD space is 500gig.
  22. sluggCDN

    Vehicle Entrance Animations?

    Actually in my experience with ArmA jumping from tank's hull height has never resulted into injury. And we fooled alot in MP with my friends - some car stunts and acrobatics. In reality if you jump from the height of a modern tank turret you might injure yourself too. A turret's top is heigher than a hull.
  23. sluggCDN

    Vehicle Entrance Animations?

    One little thing I want to throw into the mix. Getting out of a tank in the middle of a battle and getting out of a truck, 4x4, car are two different things. In reality when a tank crew is disembarking a burning/damaged tank they are very vulnerable to enemy fire. It's a very important element in a gameplay in terms of realism. Right now tank crews just magically and conveniently spawn outside the tank, ready to take cover. In reality they'd have to climb out of a hatch, jump off the tank and then be more less safe; in the process they can get shot multiple times. So as some suggested maybe it would be a very cool idea for a tank crew to spawn on top of a tank, when climbing out. Then they'd have to jump off. Would be more less realistic. One animation for climbing out at a corresponding point on the vehicles hull! It's possible!!!
  24. sluggCDN

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    There is a statement on http://armedassault.info that: "ArmA Database.de announces release in May, the 29th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Games Tiscali.cz announces ArmA2 release in June, the 17th in Czech Republic and Slovakia." So since there was no demo announcement this is like dejavu all over again! Last time when ArmA was released, no one saw the demo before the release; so naturally eveyone rushed to buy the game without even knowing what they are buying. And pretty much everyone got F****D. We all bought a cat in the bag, it was impossible to play, infested with bugs and unbalanced. BIS made this move to maximize sales, get a free beta test and customer feedback since everyone who got the game poured into the forums venting about the issues. Double-whammy! It took over a year for BIS to get the game into a more less playable state. Why is this community not learning!? I'm personally not paying a dime to BIS till they produce a free demo.
  25. sluggCDN

    ArmA1 & 2 supports of ATI GDDR5 v-cards

    Persistance pays off!!! :) After about 6th session of ArmA reinstall and patch updating up to 1.16 I managed to get ArmA running on my card. There is an issue when updating ArmA from 1.08 to 1.14 and 1.14 to 1.16. The installer throws out the error saying "There isn't enough space" or something to that extent. Cancels the installation process but the Installer windows still says "Installation is successfuly completed". I assure you I have 499 gig of free space on my hard drive. But ArmA still plays. I will post feedback. It plays overall well with all settings on high/very-high in forested areas. Quite beautiful. But after a while, probably due to buffer overflow, frame rate drops. I will post more feedback later.