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  1. roshnak

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    So you want the mission editor to be more casual than the tools we currently have access to, but not, like, console casual?
  2. roshnak

    New informations or announcement soon?

    In what sense? It doesn't seem very console oriented to me. For one thing, it seems like it would be pretty unpleasant to try to navigate the inventory with a gamepad.
  3. Proper 3D audio is objectively more accurate than virtual surround is. What level of accuracy is sufficient for Arma or any other game is subjective.
  4. roshnak

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Haven't they been doing this kind of stuff in VBS for years? The military has different needs than the consumer market. I really wouldn't expect to see official VR support in Arma until or unless BIS is confident that they can get every aspect of the game to work the way they want it to in VR.
  5. roshnak

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

  6. roshnak

    This Game is Violent.....

    I don't really care whether there is a torture mod or not, but the surely you understand that there is a pretty big difference between those two scenarios. Cluster bombs are not designed to lay waste to civilian settlements and they were not included in the game for that purpose. That cluster bombs can be used to do a bad thing is incidental. A torture mod is specifically designed and only useful for doing bad things. As long as you accept that torture is bad and wrong, anyway. Also, didn't the creator of that mod decide to take it down himself before the thread was locked? Edit: And for the people who are upset about the "moral outrage" over this mod: Do you actually want to torture people in Arma or are you just mad that people are mad about people wanting to torture people in Arma?
  7. roshnak

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I haven't really looked into it but I really doubt that the brightness of light sources is configured on a per map basis (I guess maybe except for light poles and stuff). I would imagine that the brightness of a light source is determined in the config for the light source.
  8. The Mk14 is an M14, the Navid is an HK121, the SPMG is a General Dynamics LWMMG, the Mk1 EMR is a Sig 556 DMR chambered in 7.62 NATO. First of all, I am almost positive that previous versions of ACE did not factor the rotation of the earth into ballistics calculations. Everything else is still in Arma 3 and ACE 3.
  9. How long do the batteries on these devices typically last? I suspect that in most cases it would be so long as to be pointless to limit it. And if battery lifetimes are artificially limited then people are going to be mad.
  10. roshnak

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    It's entirely reasonable. BIS seems to have (rightfully) learned not to promise anything until it's either finished or very near finished.
  11. I'm curious why you think FMOD will have an effect on cyclic rates in Arma. As far as I am aware, the fire rate of weapons in Arma is tied to frame rate, not the sound engine. Do you have some reason to believe that the sound engine is somehow negatively effecting fire rates in Arma?
  12. roshnak

    Oculus support

    You can get away with less than 90, but asynchronous time warp will start introducing artifacts, such as those shown in this video. Personally, I'd be more concerned about locomotion. Using vehicles in VR will probably be okay for a lot of people, but I suspect that traditional locomotion with a mouse and keyboard for infantry play is likely to make a majority of users feel pretty sick.
  13. roshnak

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Steam > Arma 3 > Properties > Betas and enter the access code Arma3Legacy158 I don't think this is likely to happen and thanking them in advance is probably not going to trick them into doing it.
  14. roshnak

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Serious question: How much do actual chemlights illuminate the environment?