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  1. Like the idea of this, will give it a go asap!
  2. mcvittees

    3D Mission - Editor

    Has anyone ever heard BIS comment on a proper 3D editors likelihood? What a godsend it would be. I've heard VBS has one. Could that be why ArmA doesn't??!
  3. I have a basic script that spawns a group via BIS_func_spawngroup, puts them in the cargo of some waiting trucks and then gives them a waypoint at the another location. I want to eject the group when the truck takes damage or arrives at its destination (so they can run off to their own waypoint). My question though is: how can I eject the the group if it doesn't have a name?
  4. mcvittees


    This is just what I needed - thanks Kylania and Shk!
  5. mcvittees

    PMC campaign.. 1st mission.

    Generally if it doesn't land on or very near you then it's not. However, it does me so I guess it is. Don't vets say its better to be lucky than smart? Well I guess I'm not both...now where's that skip mission cheat...
  6. Yes, the quality of the XM8 in the first mission (all I've played) is well, frankly pants. Compared to BAF I'm quite puzzled at the apparent difference in quality. Also, as there were no scenarios, thought I'd try that quick mission builder thingy on the new map. Spawned in a helicopter, nowhere near the bit of the map with objects, and then it wouldn't land so I couldn't get out...sound familiar?:rolleyes: Really puzzled by this PMC (so far). I love BI and love ArmA but, I'm wondering if they're beginning to drop the ball.
  7. mcvittees

    PMC campaign.. 1st mission.

    I just had a quick stab at the campaign before bed. Died five times from artillery. Err, is there supposed to be a point to death by random shelling? IMO it is a bizzare mission design choice. I'm sure the campaign will get better but who play tests these things without saying "you know, it's atmospheric but I don't think anyone's going to enjoy being randomly spammed by it". It's sooo basic - if I made a mission for my squad where five guys died like this I don't think I'd be very popular. Maybe there's a game dynamic I'm missing - I need to run more/less be more in/out of cover. Sigh.
  8. mcvittees

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    I'd pay for a new version of Chernarus with all enterable buildings and a winter version. A proper 3D editor would be a dream come true...
  9. mcvittees

    Question about the online DRM

    Does mean the only way I can play now, without the disk, is by using Betas? The installation dialogue didn't mention that when it told me I could change my mind later.:(
  10. Spawn.sqf is just a name, so it could relate to any one of a hundred scripts all called the same thing but containing different code. There's a sticky thread containing common requests, spawning being on of them, look there.
  11. What is the: for "_i" from 0 to (count _arrayAdd) do especially the "_i" from 0 bit about?:confused:
  12. mcvittees

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Good post Big Dawg KS . Although I for one don't mind the idea of paid for downloadable content in so far as it supports BIS, unfortunately it could actually impact me negatively. If my squad deciced to adopt it and I was strapped for cash that would count me (and possibly others) out for certain missions and would not go down well. I guess the way round this would be to always make two/three versions of missions: one vanilla/with free addons and one with paid for DLC, but what a Ballache! :j:
  13. I would imagen it's pretty expensive to get a stall at E3 and for a game like ArmA2 it probably doesn't/wouldn't sell the units to make the cost worthwhile. Or maybe they were just too busy!
  14. mcvittees

    Isla Duala

    Ahh, okay, fair play. Love the map btw, so nice to get out and about somewhere sunny!:)
  15. mcvittees

    Isla Duala

    Tbh this had crossed my mind, but I've never noticed it on other islands. It could just be that some of the open featureless areas on Duala make whatever is happening (sinking terrain?) more obvious. I'll try and perform something more scientific later.
  16. mcvittees

    Isla Duala

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this (or at least I haven't found it whilst searching through this thread) but basically objects float above the terrain when viewed from long distances (over 1000m). This is on Duala 1.31 as we haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, but is/was this a known bug? Can post screen shot this evening if required.
  17. mcvittees

    New Beta Build 71382 Up!

    I believe these issues are with the scripts themselves. They will only run as fast as your CPU can process them - it's the nature of the beast.
  18. mcvittees

    New Beta Build 71382 Up!

    From my perspective, I want AT soldiers armed with RPGs to blast away at soldiers. It is totally keeping with insurgent tactical doctrine.:)
  19. mcvittees

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    If it encourages BIS to develop arma3 (and even if it doesn't) I'd happily pay for DLC they've developed.
  20. Put it in the 'On Act' field of a trigger. For tesing make it a radio trigger so you can activate it using your radio (press 0-0-radio trigger number). Should appear above your markers position fer shizzle.
  21. I'm trying to get an armoured vehicle to stop when it takes incoming fire and then move off again when once the player has cleared the area. My idea was to add a "hit" event handler to the vehicle to get it to stop (via setfuel 0) and then by a radio command get them to move again (via setfuel 1). In the vehicle's (Lav1) init: this addEventHandler ["hit", {Lav1 setfuel 0}]; The problem is, when I shoot at the Lav the handler doesn't seem to fire. If I put the same code in a infantry unit's init and shoot him, the code works and the Lav stops. Where am I going wrong?
  22. Thanks guys, I'll try out your suggestions.
  23. Hope your gunnu do a 2nd post covering some of the other stuff in the user manual - like the camps and object spawning. Good stuff!
  24. Well don't be shy, share the code! I for one would like to see how something like that is done!:)