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  1. metalchris

    BWMod v 1.7 released!

    If someone finds a workaround ... we certainly are open for suggestions ;)
  2. metalchris

    BWMod v 1.7 released!

    Afaik it's an engine limitation
  3. metalchris

    BWMod v 1.7 released!

    They are based on photographs and i'm 100% sure they are absolutely correct , since i've got a pair of pants with the pattern. I decided to give it a yellowish tan , because dust and mud often adapt the brighter parts of the camo to what color the sand actually has in the given environment. see for yourself
  4. metalchris

    BWMod release thread

    There's a pot a brewin' ;)
  5. metalchris

    BWMod release thread

    Hi , you should probably a) learn english , if you want the post something in this forum b) let Franky speak for himself c) just keep quiet , because you my friend don't know squad Hope this was friendly enough for the moderators -> back to topic
  6. metalchris

    BWMod release thread

    Well the MG3 Gunner Animation is my doing . I realise it is not the best looking one. But since i've got no stomach to use o2 for animations (pleeeeeeeease 3dsmax plugin) , you will have to live with it , except someone does a better one. I'd be willing to provide assistance.
  7. metalchris

    WarFX Particles

    And also the most realistic non flashy blingy ones ... anyways , i really love your mod , although i think the brightness and size of the sparks should be reduced. also the color is more like gold than yellow. other than that outstanding work. keep it up. i wish we had an effects scripter *snf*
  8. metalchris

    BWMod for ArmA II

    season's greetings :party:
  9. metalchris

    BWMod for ArmA II

    We'll do the Marder 1A5 , as it is currently used in A-Stan. The German Tiger indeed does not have a HUD. Instead the information is somehow projected into the helmet visor. Don't ask me how :blues:
  10. metalchris

    BWMod release thread

    Tropentarn is planned for Arrowhead, yes
  11. metalchris

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    Don't know if you already considered it , or if it is even possible to use a Biped prerigged skeleton in max to create rtm animation files. Teacup did a great Maya anim Toolset , but in his version the fingers weren't rigged. In 3ds (built in realtime IK-system) it is much easier to create animations than in o2.
  12. metalchris

    BWMod for ArmA II

    There will be a few weapons in the release. At the moment we are planing for Mg3, Mg4 Panzerfaust3 and maybe an AG36 variant. we'll use the BIS G36 as the standard weapon.