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  1. I hope they change the US army models, I've always hated these original BIS models.
  2. Same thing happened to me I was driving a stryker and I waited like 20 seconds for my gunner to mow down an enemy squad right in front of us but he didn't fire a shot. By the time I tried to take the gunner spot so I could shoot myself, a few RPGs made sure I was gonna respawn soon.
  3. liljb15

    Group Link 3

    Is there anyway you can put this in mod form so the AI will always act like this rather than me having to spend ten minutes activating scripts in the editor to enjoy it?
  4. I've been playing ACE in SP but I've noticed alot of the features that are supposed to be there are missing. I don't see a wounding system whatsoever, I don't see any AI dragging wounded people, and I don't see shells on the ground like in the video. Are those features in MP only or is my ACE just messed up.
  5. I need to know how to change the games resolution without actually entering the game. Thanks in advance
  6. I'd rather have Gears of War but meh that's just me
  7. liljb15

    The Beginning

    That's because it is a captured town mission. This isn't a generic special forces mission, it's showing us what his real mission will be capable of. This mission will consist of multiple clans declaring war on each other and dynamically fighting for territory, and this demo is showing us how one of those battles will work.
  8. liljb15

    Petition for Tonal to ArmA!

    Same here, man Tonal brings back some good OFP memories.
  9. liljb15


    I don't even have that map but when I get a chance in a few weeks I will download it and possibly port a warfare mission to is. Â Isn't a rather small map? It's a pretty normal size map with rather large towns in a European landscape.
  10. liljb15


    Hey can you port this to the Schmalfelden map, that map is alot easier on my PC and it still has that European theater feel.
  11. liljb15

    The Beginning

    Your mission is great, and the fact that it's only a demo is amazing. And I'm glad to see a SP mission in this sea of MP missions that have been released.
  12. liljb15

    ArmA is too hard

    The AI is way too accurate, but there's a few ways to fix that. There's a couple mods or you can go into your documents, go to your profile and change the accuracy manually. Also there will be about 10 hardcore Arma fans coming soon to say "you're playing the game wrong use cover and stop being a noob".
  13. liljb15


    Oh my God Oh my God you actually did it! I'd never thought you would finish it! I'm going to DL right now.
  14. liljb15


    The AI is simply amazing, battles that would only last a minute in vanilla Arma can now last much much longer. I just came out of a 15 minute battle with only three squads involved! You do not know how surprised I was when my AI squad leader called in a helicopter to pick up a prisoner, when the helicopter arrived all the AI squad members ran up to it and rearmed at the ammo box the chopper dropped, I was simply amazed.
  15. How do I get a helicopter to fly to base wait 2 minutes then fly to the "frontlines" in a constant cycle.