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  1. luemmel

    Operation Mercury

    Wow, what an amazing campaign! The quality and intensity is equal to original OFP resistance campaign. That's it what I have been waiting for a very long time. Thank you! But I think I need a hint. I haven't found a solution for the riddle how to escape from the prison in the 2nd mission (Lost in mountains).
  2. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    a little progress update possible at this stage?
  3. very nice gifts! nice to see that the mod has changed a little bit the approach (island without hard edges and to release parts of the mod instead of "when its done" full package. waiting for everon to start converting old missions.
  4. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    yes, let us drive, too - please!
  5. luemmel

    Campaign setting

    please use EVERON! it is expected that Everon and all the other great OFP islands will come to A2 via CWR2 this year. the SAP Everon is unfortunately not finished but can be used for campaign development.
  6. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    any new alpha version in sight to check out? :bounce3:
  7. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    calm down, this was only just a try to get more of your work because i am a little bit impatient. this was not a so called hidden message ;) but i am wondering that you are not be informed about the mentioned projects OFPIP (ACEIP) and CWR. I think its clear what i mean with the different approaches. (OFP imported objects or creating the objects completley from scratch or a combination of all (import OFP buildings; streets, vegetation and other objects from A2. with your WIP screens I would like to see what kind of approach do you prefer. thats all. I understand that we have to wait approx 1 month to get more of your work. thats fine for me.
  8. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    Sorry for my curiosity, but how is it possible to place so many objects only within one month by yourself? do you have any community support or developed a tool for automatism? will the used objects imported from the original OFP or will you use some arma stuff? my real question is, will your project be similar to ACEIP or more to CWR? questions over questions but i am waiting so long for such a project and i am getting more and more nervous... (do you have allready a wip screen with objects) :rolleyes:
  9. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    is it possible to say what the beta will include? (roads, objects, trees,..)?
  10. luemmel

    Converting Nogovo To Arma II

    fantastic poroject. best initiative from my point of view. hope you will finish it
  11. Hi, has anyone tried out to integrate the CWR Standalone Island Pack in CAA1? In general it seems working (after version change to 1.0 in config.hpp) but from time to time it crashes to the desktop. In the RPT, I cannot see the problem. Maybe someone has an idea how to fix this issue?
  12. thanks for the update, the project sounds more ambitious than I expected :) if i could put something on my wishlist, i would propose to create a replacement pack for A2 standard units or to create a tool to convert existing A2 mission by CWR2 units to give the community an easy opportunity to deliver missions. I know, it is an additional workload but a good invest to increase the popularity of the mod. maybe the leader of the PBODLL project can assist? :couch:
  13. no chance to use the existing models/islands vom CWR and convert them to A2? together with CAA1 the existing CWR island pack works more or less but the problem is that the pack uses files form the A1 core addons and this cause crashes from time to time. but should be possible to be fixed and enhanced by the team. is there any need to create the islands/models from the scratch? it seems that a possible release is very far away so i expect for myself nothing in this year. i understand that you would like to achieve a proper quality standard instead of pure converting stuff.