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    Folding@home for coronavirus

    Instead of making useless postings you might have just looked at their website: https://foldingathome.org/about/the-foldinghome-consortium/
  2. kavoven

    World Cup 2018

    That is indeed true! Very smooth tournement!
  3. kavoven

    World Cup 2018

    That last save from russias keeper was actually quite spectacular :)
  4. kavoven

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/06/25/world/middleeast/syria-chemical-attack-douma.html This is really great journalism reporting on the chemical attack of the Assad regime that took place earlier this year!
  5. kavoven

    World Cup 2018

    Did not see that coming! After the last games, I thought that our team was not hungry enough to win...
  6. Hi, I need to export some data from ArmA (I am actually using ArmA to do some research on teams). In particular, I need to export the values of some variables into a txt file. I used "diag_log" but its not very handy because ArmA dumps all kinds of stuff in their and it becomes really long really fast. I then read of the profileNameSpace which would be very handy. However, I am not able to open the profile file ArmA creates. Is there a way to open it as a readable txt file, or another way to export the data?
  7. kavoven

    Exporte Data to txt

    I am looking for a less complex solution that does not involve installing mods :)
  8. kavoven

    Exporte Data to txt

    Great, thank you for that idea! I'll just use an external script (maybe word and VB...) in the background than that fetches the clipboard information automatically. :)
  9. kavoven

    Exporte Data to txt

    I was not aware that that works...That might indeed help :) However, I guess the profile file is not accessable without greater effort?
  10. You just saved hours of my life! Thank you :D
  11. I know flyinheight has been covered a lot in this forum (and I already had difficulties with this command in OFP), but I just want to be sure. When you control a drone and use the right click feature for setting the height, you can tell the drone to fly at 20 meters. However, it doesn't. I then started using a dialog to adjust the height of the drone (hovering above one point) and everything greater than 29 meters works perfectly. But going below that doesn't, until you tell the drone to go down to five meters. It will do that but will then ignore all subsequent flyinheight commands. Is this just a bug? Does anyone know a way around that? ps. I cannot force the drone with velocity commands as the player may also instruct it to move somewhere else.
  12. Hi guys, I am displaying a PIP of a drone (GunnerView) via a RscPicture dialog. This works the way I want to but the resolution is really bad. I thought that I would just have to change the values in text = "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(renderTarget1,1);" but it appears as if the resolution of the picture displayed in the dialog remains at a 256*256 level. Is there a way to change that? Secondly, I am using the following script to attach my camera to the drone: while{not isnull drone1} do { _pipcam setVectorDir drone1 weaponDirection currentWeapon drone1; _campos = getposATL drone1; _droneheight = (getPosATL drone1 select 2); _campos set [2, _droneheight + 1]; _pipcam setpos _campos; }; I now want to give the player the possibility to rotate the camera view with two buttons (45 degree steps). My approach would be to add another variable into the setvectordir line that is initialized as 0 at the start of the mission and can be changed by pressing one of the buttons in my dialog. However, ArmA keeps throwing errors at me that it expects a three dimensional array if I try something like setVectorDir dirA + dirB. What am I doing wrong? This is also the reason why I am not working with the attach command, but I did not find a way to tell the drone to turn the gunner view in a certain angle. Ah and a technical follow-up question. The player can simple exit the dialog by pressinc ESC. Since I use the while not isnull drone1 loop I am wondering whether the script will keep running afterwards and if I might run into troubles when the player starts and exits the camera 40 or 50 times? I guess I might need to insert some kind of event handler than that checks whether ESC was pressed and exit the loop...?
  13. That is really helpful, thank you!
  14. Hi, it's been literally 15 years since I scripted the last time in OFP so my knowledge is a little but rusty. As far as I can see, you now have to use spawn when you want to execude looped scripts. The aim is to create an area in which a drone constantly loses fuel until it leaves the area again. The script is executed by a trigger, that also sets fuelReduce to true (and false when leaving). It should be running on the server only (I checked the server only box in the trigger). []spawn { while(fuelReduce == true) do { _droneFuel = fuel drone1; _droneFuel = _droneFuel - 0.01; drone1 setFuel = _droneFuel; parseText format ["SOMETEXT HERE: %1", _droneFuel] remoteExec ["hintSilent"]; }; }; However, when using sleep within a while do loop, I get the generic error message. I do not get this error when I execute something comparable via the init file (e.g. for moving markers). So I guess the problem is when I execute the script (fuelReduce = true; drone1 exec "droneFuelReduce.sqf")? By the way - I was used to executing sqs files but I recon that the right way to do it now is using sqf? Moreover, the \n command does not seem to work in the parseText format function. Is there any alternative for broadcasting texts that contains %1 and the respective variable to all clients? I was kind of confused which exact commands I have to use when reading the wiki.
  15. Thanks for the explanations, that helps a lot! :) Ah, and the \n not working error was because of the "parseText" in front of the format.
  16. kavoven

    Where did everyone go...

    I think its a very common phenomenon that people don't use forums that often nowadays... When you consider the activity in this forum in the early days of OFP, you might get a little depressed :D But I guess most of the people that really participated in the community have just gotten too old by now to do anything beyond passive reading (or, at least me :D ). I think 15 years ago the "content creation" community was much more active and these people will also participate more in forum discussions. The typical gamer has just changed... By the way @ BI: I actually just noticed that my account is older than 15 years by now... Isn't there some kind of medal for us oldies? :D
  17. kavoven


    Although this type of question has been discussed numerous times in this forum, you have to keep one thing in mind. BI is de facto the leading expert on this planet when it comes to simulation enormous worlds while still maintaining the individual-level of detail we currently see in ArmA. There is no magic wand that can be waved and suddenly the benefits from other engines are magically transformed into ArmA's engine. I think the current level of ArmA's engine is the close to the maximum whats possible. Ah, and that terrain deformation video looks to me just like Explosion --> replace with pre-build crater object. So this isn't even at the level of, lets say Red Faction 1.
  18. kavoven

    Ghost Recon - Wild Lands

    We tried to play it for about 30 minutes. Two out of four clients kept crashing, while I was initially bored by the game until I had to fly the helicopter, which made me quit after I landed it. Also - what material are those cars made of? I basicly drove like a complete idiot directly down the hill and all those trees and stones didn't affect the car at all (apart from some visual stuff)... I had really hoped for more.
  19. kavoven

    Sniper Elite 4

    Great, thanks. Looks like a great Coop game!
  20. kavoven

    Sniper Elite 4

    Can you disable the disgusting kill cam?
  21. kavoven

    Free Games

    Haha, I remember playing the demo of this game as a kid... You started from the last position and had to overtake enough other racers otherwise the demo would stop :D Nice By the way - Overwatch will be free for this weekend, starting 20:00 (8:00 pm) Berlin/Paris time (that's 09:00 pm GMT)
  22. kavoven

    France General

    You actually do realize that we would be creating a much stronger base for ISIS for recruting young adults if we would just say "close the borders, let those people drown in the ocean". Poverty and unemployment are exactly those things that drive people in the hands of ISIS. Moreover, you do realize that the terrorist from today was not a refugee? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/15/bastille-day-truck-attack-what-we-know-so-far
  23. kavoven

    UK leaves Europe

    Beside the hate speech you did not really respond to my point. I know that the southern European banks are a mess (and it seems the Deutsche Bank, too, as indicated by the US stress test), but the dept of GB is nearly as high as of all southern EU states (except for Greece maybe). So your argument is instead of taking the chance and working towards reducing the dept within the EU market, a country should isolate itself? People are always assuming that our current times allow some kind of perfect solution. I can tell you - there isn't one. We are only able to chose from a number of bad solutions, of which one or two might not be as bad as the other. The only thing I can tell you is that isolation is by far the worst possible option a country has. Can you imagine what would happen to Germany if we decided to leave the EU and return to the Deutsche Mark? We wouldn't be able to sell any of our goods in foreign countries. Not because of restricted market access (that might come on top of it) but because the value of our currency would only know one way - and that is up. Breaking up the EU will only mean for the week countries that they become weaker (GB for example is important way more goods than exporting, so they rely on a strong pound) and the currently strong countries will become weaker because they cannot export as much as they did before. I can fully understand that people are frustrated by the way things are in the EU parliament (I am, too). But instead of crying for 19th century solutions, you should rather become active in your local political parties.
  24. kavoven

    UK leaves Europe

    Are you trolling or is this your honest opinion? Can you please tell me in which way the EU is more bankrupt than any other country in the world (except for oil-rich nations)? Do you recognize that GBs debt is in the upper third compared to the GNP of other EU countries? (Source)