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  1. Hey neighbor. Nice work. I'm happy to see addons released by people from our region :)
  2. The AKs have no burst mode anymore Oh God! On this early stage i already see a thing that pi**es me off.... (((
  3. Nice. But isn't OFP a simulator. It's sure not FPS. Or am I wrong?
  4. felix8

    Multiplayer - Connection Failed!

    eh.....everyone installs 7 and then gets a lot of questions like why my sound is gone, why mp is not working, why textures are missing...xp still is the best system ever made.
  5. felix8

    Large Scale Operations

    would be great to play large scale mission in MP.
  6. felix8

    Ofp not running well

    I had same problem. I had too much addons. try to make modfolders and sort your addons. It might help.
  7. felix8

    Dragon Rising has been released

    It's one of the big problems now. But this time it's bigger. It's not a crappy-made sequel, it's different game with old name. It's like take tetris and call it chess. no, it's worse because tetris and chess are both great games, but DR sucks so badly comparing to CWC. They did it. they made fast money out of existing name. P.S. CM own OFP name, but that's all they have
  8. felix8

    Is ArmA better than OFP?

    hey people. The voting is not fair. Post this voting in ofp thread and see ofp winning ;)
  9. When I first saw Autorun I felled in love with it When I saw installation it became a part of my life When i launched first mission it changed my life forever. I was 10 then and didn't knew what war sim means I have ofp since 2003 and I'm still playing it.
  10. felix8

    Behind the scenes...

    someone please PM me direct url :(
  11. felix8

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Yeah, thank you BIS. OFP is one of my favourite games(HL,OFP,MOHAA,Q3) ArmA is kinda stupid. I don't like it very much. ArmA II is awesome, the true sequel to OFP. Atmosphere reminds OFP a little.
  12. felix8

    When did you purchase OFP?

    Mom bought it for me when I was 11. In 2002. I was playing quake3, MOHAA, HL that time. And then I tested ofp. It was SO GREAT! You can't imagine my emotions. An 11 year-old boy had a taste of realism and real difficulty of combat. I played it every day. Latrinite was very huge town for me. It was so difficult for me to find that god damned UAZ. I made my own missions. Then I read the manual and since then my missions had music and ending. It was so interesting. you were lying in the bushes,scared and waiting for russian action. And in 2003, the day after my birthday something terrible happened. My little brother broke my CD. I WAS SO MAD! You v]can't imagine. and then. 3 years ago my uncle got somewhere got a pirate copy of OFP. I was so happy. And next day i installed it...Installation with that ofp theme... I rembered good old days and after 3 months when i saw a link on cd to flashpoint.ru and flashpoint.xaos.com I've found out the taste of modding...after 3 months I found a Resistance CD in the store. Flashpoint changed my life. Can anyone help me? Where can i get a OFP demo?
  13. What do those formats mean? like wav is WAVe i guess. Is first letter Poseidon? Yust got wery interesting. If it's not a secret :D
  14. Have you seen Arma early screenshots? It was something between ofp:e and arma. Now that's what I want. If someone will make a cwr mod for arma2 than it would be great. The colours in arma2 look like on old ofp. I can't say that about arma1. I hate colours in it. Everything is too contrast.
  15. felix8

    Arma House Objects

    I've never did this before. But this looks helpful. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Vehicle_Damage