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  1. Arma Connect (Android Application) Arma Connect is an Android application that connects with Arma 3. It is a client-side mod and plugin that connects to your Android phone or tablet through a local wireless connection. Benefits Relatively easy installation (copy two mods and install the .apk application on your Android device). Low local network bandwidth usage. No messing with figuring out what IP address to connect to, Arma and the application can find one another. No Internet access or login required Fast live-updating of information Additional details, feature set, and installation instructions here: https://github.com/firefly2442/ArmaConnect Current version: v0.03 alpha (I need testers!) Download a compiled version of the mods, application, and everything you need here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6s6u9rjrkrabsk/AABHegbwkS0RMYHH2aV4sSe7a?dl=0 FAQ "I'm getting an error about a missing .dll file." Try installing the Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable. "Does it work for my Android device (tablet, version, etc.)?" I'm not sure, I really need testers! I believe any Android 3.0 and higher should work but I only have my phone to test on. If it works for you, please post your device details. "The application crashed!" Uh oh, please provide detailed instructions as to your device and what exactly you did and I'll try to check it out. You can also look at and post the log files to see more details. "This is kinda neat, can I use this or improve it?" Yes! All the code for the application, Arma2NET plugin, and Arma 3 mod are released under the GPLv3 on Github. Just fork the code and submit a pull request when you're done. "Why isn't this on the Google Play store?" The application uses map images from Arma 3 itself, thus I don't think it would be fair to BIS. "I installed everything but when I launch the application, it just says waiting for connection." Make sure your firewall isn't blocking anything and the Android device is connected to your local wireless. If that's all good, provide details as to your network setup and post ALL log files. "Are you going to do an iPhone or Windows Phone version?" No sorry. See Athena for a similar project on Windows Phones.
  2. Can you please post or PM me the contents of both the Arma2NET and Arma2NETConnect logs: Users/userame/AppData/Local/Arma2NETConnect/logs/ Users/username/AppData/Local/Arma2NET/ This will help debug.
  3. Did you also install and run the two mods from the .7z? Those are needed. Arma 3 needs to be running with those mods in order to download the maps images.
  4. I've updated the compiled binaries and test version on Dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6s6u9rjrkrabsk/AABHegbwkS0RMYHH2aV4sSe7a?dl=0 * New map download system (smaller APK binary) * Bug fixes around threading and UI display * New altitude display feature * Updated upstream TileView library * Added a low resolution version of Tanoa * Altis and Stratis supported at fairly high resolution Please give it a try and let me know what you think. I'm curious to hear if people report any network issues with it.
  5. Just wanted to post this script in case it's helpful for people. For our Arma 3 Linux server (headless) we use: LinuxGSM - for Arma 3 server startup and updating Arma3Sync - for providing delta diffs of mods Apache - for serving up mod files Steam - for updating Arma 3 server and downloading mods from the workshop I wrote a little Python script that automates the updating of mods via Steam workshop, copies keys, updates mods via Arma3Sync and then restarts the server all via the command-line. No more manually downloading and extracting files! If you have suggestions or improvements, feel free to fork the file or post here.
  6. I see that a full copy of Arma3 is no longer needed to run a dedicated server. BI have a dedicated server that you can download. My question is, what is the difference between this dedicated server package and the full client install? If I use the dedicated server, am I missing out on missions or other content?
  7. I put together a small script in PHP to query Arma2, Arma3, and DayZ Standalone servers. It uses GameQ. https://github.com/firefly2442/phparma2serverstatus Enjoy.
  8. Looks like the upstream GameQ library has (mostly) switched over from v2 to v3 so I updated that and the example.
  9. Well, I'm trying to get back into development of this application and mod (before I forget everything I did, hehe). I've made a couple changes on Github this evening but I'm still struggling with Android activities and threading. I think I'm running into some concurrency and/or race conditions. If anyone is an Android developer and could offer assistance I would sure appreciate it. :)
  10. One small suggestion on the development side, take it or leave it. :) You may want to consider splitting the binaries and/or translations into their own projects on Github. When the .dll and other binaries are rebuilt, it will continue taking up space in the Git history. By moving the translations out into another project, it might be easier to focus on just the development side and get a better picture as to what changes have been done as opposed to sifting through tons of translation changes. Two options: 1) Git submodules (pro- works well, easy to setup another project. con: people need to know how to use submodules) 2) The brand new Git large file store (I have no experience with this)
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    And when you say that the server crashes, this happens in both case 1 and 2? I would try something very simple first (maybe this is a dumb idea but it might help you narrow it down). Make a very simple Arma2NET project and have it just print something to a file when it's called. Now try it in case 1 and 2 and see what happens. What is the plugin doing? Can you provide some details on that? Maybe they're both trying to access the same resource (database, or whatever) at the same time?
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    Yeah, I also had trouble with Mono and the associated libraries when trying to port Arma2NETMySQL. Arma2NET easily compiled but Mono just doesn't seem to have a very active development. The provided binary packages were out-of-date, and there were other issues.
  13. @Torndeco: Sorry to hear about that. I hope you keep it GPL if at all possible.
  14. Some updates were made upstream in GameQ so I think DayZ is working now.
  15. Well, my experience with Android apps is fairly limited. At the moment I'm having some trouble with synchronization between threads and crashing issues.
  16. Well, actually yes. I don't think there's anything there that would prevent you from using it with Arma 2. It would of course need the maps saved over but all the basic SQF code should work. I don't have much chance to work on this at the moment so Arma 2 support is pretty low on the list. I need to fix up the Android part currently. If anyone wants to help contribute, that would be awesome.
  17. Well, I can get DayZ standalone to work but I can't seem to get the DayZ mod querying properly. What are the ports that you have set in your server config?
  18. Ahh, sorry, I read it too quickly. I updated the upstream GameQ library and tried it and I get the same results. It looks like this is a known issue: https://github.com/Austinb/GameQ/issues/202 I don't have time to look at it right at the moment but maybe this weekend. If you're good with PHP, maybe you can glance at it? Cheers.
  19. Try changing the type to "source". I updated the example awhile back, see here for the commit: https://github.com/firefly2442/phparma2serverstatus/commit/ee861234ed5cf9cfe0504de97f6ab990fd9584f1 Just so you're aware, I haven't tried it with DayZ. But if it works or doesn't work, let me know.
  20. I have no experience with Bluestacks so I can't comment on that. The only other program/app that has similar functionality that I know of is Athena. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?181928-Athena
  21. This program acts as an intermediary between Arma2/Arma3 and a MySQL or SQLite database. It uses the Arma2NET wrapper system. It is written in C#. The program has to be run on the same system as your Arma2/Arma3 server, however, the MySQL database can be either local or remote. The SQLite database runs on the local machine. Arma2NETMySQLPlugin: https://github.com/firefly2442/Arma2NETMySQLPlugin You can download compiled versions of the plugin here (the current version is v0.1.0.0-stable): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ngix8aunt9nnwj7/ZHt1agEeM0?lst The beta testing version is: Arma2NETMySQLPlugin_v0.2.0.0-beta1.zip. This uses the new (under development) version of Arma2NET and is Windows only (at this time). There are some interface changes so you will need to make adjustments to existing missions that use the current stable 0.1 version. There is updated documentation in the zip folder itself. You should not need to install the MySQL or SQLite dependencies as they are already provided. There are also some minor security improvements and the example mission is updated to reflect this. I'm working on a Linux port but have been quite busy lately so it might be awhile. As always, testing is most appreciated. There is also a tutorial video available for download in the above link. It is slightly old and only shows Arma 2 instructions, but the instructions and setup for Arma 3 are essentially the same. Arma 2 Example Mission (currently deprecated, see the Arma 3 example instead): https://github.com/firefly2442/Arma2NetMySQLPlugin-ExampleMission Arma 3 Example Mission: https://github.com/firefly2442/Arma2NetMySQLPlugin-Arma3-ExampleMission History: This program has had a long history. Initially, the program used JayArma2Lib because DLL injections were the only way to pass information between Arma2 and the outside. Eventually, BIS added callExtension which allowed for a more structured (non-hacky) way to pass information. JayArma2Lib switched to this and things continued. Development was done here and an example mission was here. Technically, all that code should still work but the bad part was all the formatting and ugly stuff that had to be done in game via the SQF scripting in order to get the data into a reasonable format. It involved iterating through strings and creating arrays and generally was still pretty hacky. Then, Arma2NET came along and things got better. This wrapper system allowed us to return nice results back to Arma2 and not have to deal with all the formatting nonsense. I ended up just copying the bits and pieces that were needed from the past project and creating a new application. Development is all done via the Github pages. In addition, the Persistent Database Scripts system as created by [KH]JMan currently uses builds of this program for saving data. Development initially started over at AlphaSquad (thanks guys, you rock!). http://www.alphasquad.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=3039 Please read the documentation to get started. The plugin and each mission have a readme file. There is a lot of information in the readme and it should have everything you need to get started. If something is confusing or you don't understand the readme, please let me know. Translations of the readme to other languages has started. If you have questions of problems related to this program specifically, please post here. All problems related to missions or mods that use this program should be posted in their appropriate threads. Thanks!
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    Yes, it's absolutely possible. Basically, I wrote the stored procedures part first and the straight queries and async second. It would definitely be do-able and if you were able to add it in I could merge it in so others could benefit. Good luck! :)
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    Yes, from feedback received from people who run servers with large numbers of players, the async query is better because it doesn't block the server waiting for the callExtension return.
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    No sorry, the async method only works for straight SQL queries, not stored procedures.
  25. Thank you for testing, this input is extremely helpful. Yes, it only works with Stratis at the moment.