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  1. I've been searching for awhile now and trying to implement into multiple missions but haven't quite gotten it yet. How would someone like myself, set a respawn point using a marker directly between two squads? I have a marker set as "respawn_west_Alpha" and I use: while {true} do { //Moves base marker in the editor to position of vehicle every 45 seconds "Respawn_west_Alpha" setmarkerpos getpos p1; sleep 45; }; but I still haven't been able to get it working with two. The reason I am trying for this is because I play with AI and they respawn on any position with respawn_west in it and if its multiplayer. If there are multiple I'm pretty sure they respawn on random ones, and I want this mission to have two player led squads that requires a lot of teamwork, so it makes sense for the squads to stay close and only use one respawn point that follows. If I can figure this out, as well as getting two squads to spawn on two seperate points, I'd be set. Any feedback is great, appreciate your time reading this
  2. Working on a Zeus v Zeus Sector control gamemode, and I'm using custom units that I've already added into the AISpawner and they spawn and function correctly. To give an example of my issue, there are 4 spawners. 2 for OPFOR 2 for Blufor. 1 Blufor spawner starts connected only to a sector tactics module, and spawn ai options module. the other 3 spawners are connected to both previously mentioned modules, as well as a trigger with: Type: none Activation: none repeatable condition: (Alpha getVariable "owner") == west; This forces the 3 other spawners to wait until Alpha is captured by Blufor, then unlocks them and allows them to proceed as normal, locking them again if Opfor takes Alpha. All that is working well, and even works with multiple sectors. My problem is, I have the sectors on an "unlock" feature for Blufor only, so the only sector that shows up is A on the right side of the screen, until it is captured by Blufor. Sector > Unlock > Trigger > Sector for anyone wondering how I had that set up. The screen goes black upon the unlock, which I read was normal, then B and C are visible in the top right where sectors usually are but for some reason both Blufor spawners stop trying to capture the now available Beta and Charlie sectors. Opfor spawners work as intended and unlock, and begin spawning in units that charge sector A. Things I've tested: Redoing all my modules and triggers used Connecting separate Sector Tactics module to the trigger mentioned before and using deleteVehicle "x" to delete the previous sector tactic. -in doing this, I noticed Opfor continued charging Alpha, but neither Blufor spawners did anything aside from spawn in units that stood around. Anything I can do to resolve this? I want dynamic spawners that aren't too close to the sectors, but it seems like the sector tactic module breaks for Blufor after B and C are unlocked.
  3. looking in the code I see So what I'm thinking is that the script only runs once at the very beginning of the mission(as stated above), which calls Alpha to be the only sector as the rest are locked and hidden from view until unlock. What confuses me is that bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectors calls each sector upon the triggered unlock but none of the others do. I'm thinking of a possible work around I'm going to try to re-initialize the script every time one of the triggers used goes off. [Didnt work with what I attempted yet] Do you know of any way to have it collect all of the sector information at once, even with the unlocks?
  4. Thank you again for your responses and helping me understand. Let us begin with all the values now that I understand how to plug them in. Mission start: bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectors = [Alpha] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_areas = [L Alpha 1-2:41] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsEast = [Alpha] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsWest = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsGuer = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonWest = [Alpha] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonEast = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsUnknown = [Alpha] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonGuer = [Alpha] Upon capturing Alpha: bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectors = [Alpha, Charlie, Beta] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_areas = [L Alpha 1-2:41] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsWest = [Alpha] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsEast = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsGuer = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonWest = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonEast = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsUnknown = [] bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonGuer = [Alpha] If I remove the initial spawner that isnt set to a trigger, I then recieve this error: https://imgur.com/a/uypiGoK ((Edit: line 167 is private["_area","_triggers"]; in the config code) and I don't understand how it has an undefined variable..) But then whenever capturing alpha without initial spawner: bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsNonEast = [Alpha] I decided to take the testing a bit further and capture Charlie, even though it doesnt show up for bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectorsEast = [] and it didnt change any of the above values. Something about the initial spawner prevents East from attempting to recapture if they're locked behind triggers and unlocks? How could I work around this? Also it appears that even though they are being identified with bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_sectors, none of the sectors are being slotted into the corresponding group, since East should start out owning the sector. Also I've tried plugging this into the expression slot of it and that didn't work, do I need to define _group in the init.sqf? I also tried plugging it into the debug, interchanging "bis_objective" for the objective name but got nothing returned. Thank you again
  5. Hi, let me start off and say that this has been a journey. I've been able to finally figure out most of the cost table stuff besides a few things. been trying this off and on for a couple years now, and each time I've given up until now. Lets start off with the basics: 1: Generating a cost table on the Wiki you can read into this, but ["A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; is the example they use that is supposed to create a paste-able table, but when you run this code, or atleast when I did, I recieved an error. Turns out the code on the wiki is wrong, and it requires an additional open bracket to complete the line of code. So it should look something like this I highly recommend using any script-supported text editors like notepad++ [["A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; - You may interchange A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR and A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01 with any other addon Cfg Patch name. ex: "JLTS_characters_DroidUnits" (quotations needed for each Cfg.Patch) If you don't know how to find Cfg Patch names: In Eden Editor go to "Tools" in the top left, then "{} Config Viewer". Locate by scrolling "CfgPatches". Here you will find all CfgPatch names. Scroll through and search for any that have a unit you recognize from an addon https://imgur.com/a/fFjBBsQ insert each CfgPatch name with quotes into the above code. ex: [["JLTS_characters_DroidUnits", "JLTS_characters_DroidArmor"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; In notepad++ or whatever you use, save as init.sqf if you haven't created a mission yet or want to start fresh, start a new game and save it named as whatever you want. Locate that mission folder in C:\Users\"x"\OneDrive\Documents\Arma 3\missions and open it. Copy and paste the init.sqf you just created into the mission folder. (you can use the init.sqf for other scripts too so keep that in mind) open the mission through the editor and it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on systems and what you are generating. (This morning it took me 30 seconds but last night it took anywhere from 5-15 minutes) Once the mission loads, alt tab, then as per the wiki: I recomend OpenOffice Calc, I got it for free, but if you use Excel change out "ods" for "xls" Just Ctrl + V the first box and boom. You have a generated Cost Table for all of your addon units that haven't been configured for zeus. Change whatever values you want in the system, then follow the prompts from the wiki. So an example of this would be: https://imgur.com/a/IHxgivx Now we need to open up init.sqf with our notepad++ or whatever you use, and remove the previous code that we used. in my example, I would Ctrl + C JLTS_characters_DroidUnits, and paste it into init.sqf. Go to the next line and repeat for JLTS_characters_DroidArmor. The init.sqf will look something like this https://imgur.com/a/haPjjwg (NOTE: the notepad is titled new 1, that's because my init.sqf is full of testing code right now. Make sure you have init.sqf as the name.) I recommend we combine the two into one variable, as this is meant to be for the same zeus and it makes typing the final code out easier. so taking my example code, in the next line input: _CIS = [_JLTS_characters_DroidUnits + _JLTS_characters_DroidArmor] (_CIS can be any variable you decide) this makes the value _CIS equal both variables. Finally, we move on to importing it back into the game. To my understanding, the final code on the next line should look like this: [master_zeus,_CIS] call BIS_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; (master_zeus can be any variable named zeus) https://imgur.com/a/To2no40 My issue is for anyone who might understand: I don't get any errors, but none of the units become available to use, when before the units showed up in zeus, just had incorrect costs. After running this command, any available units before are no longer available (I have Game master set to addons present in scenario). Why are they disappearing from my zeus's ability to purchase/place them? My final code looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/hIJu7Z1
  6. _RoosterCat_

    Cost table information and assistance

    Grabbed Screenshots of in game issue: Without code(functioning but unable to edit cost) : https://imgur.com/a/QWI0bYs With code(no errors pop-up but no units visible) : https://imgur.com/a/9Atxsqj
  7. _RoosterCat_

    How do cost tables work?

    Calling the cost table you need to first go to whatever save you want to do the cost table out of, and open notepad(preferebly something with script enhancers like notepad+). on the first line put ex: ["A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; (from wiki). NOTICE: the wiki is actually missing an extra bracket, to open the argument. Took me a bit to notice this, so make sure to add the "[" from the copied wiki or type it out yourself. Otherwise you will receive an error. It'll look like this: [["A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; then save the file as the name init.sqf and move the file into the mission save point which is usually located C:\Users\kevin\OneDrive\Documents\Arma 3\missions\"X" Launch the mission (you don't need to close arma just make sure you restart the mission if in game), and it will take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on your parameters. after the game loads in, alt + tab, and open "OpenOffice Calc" as stated in the wiki, and select the first box. Ctrl + V and a window should prompt, just hit okay. Boom, cost table generated. Follow the rest of the wiki to export it back into the game/ init.sqf file
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    AI enemy mortar teams

    You can group a mortar team with any other active group and that group will then be able to call in artillery fire. Useful if you want the enemy squads to have their own mortar support
  9. Still haven't figured out how to exactly use "bis_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic_'x' " functions. and on the website https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Arma_3:_Functions I only see BIS fnc moduleSpawnAISectorTactic which the Syntax used is : [] call BIS_fnc_moduleSpawnAISectorTactic. I've tried using this in triggers and init script but can't piece it together fully
  10. _RoosterCat_

    AI Sector Tactics

    It seems you may be missing an area logic.. It should be: Sector module with synced area logic + side logics(blufor, opfor, or independant(pick 2+) Place down Ai Spawn Module, configure its setting accordingly. Place down AI Spawn: Sector Tactic anywhere. -Now in practice, if you don't sync the sector tactics to ANYTHING, it should run and allow the men to charge the sector. I prefer to sync it to the spawn modules and that works too.
  11. Hi I'm attempting to make it where the ai that spawn from the Spawn AI module editable by the Zeus, I've been looking around and haven't found anything yet.. I thought when I first started my mission testing I was able to edit them as they spawned but it appears now I am unable to. Will update if I find myself a solution
  12. This is some amazing advice I haven't seen ANYWHERE!!! My man you helped me resolve a 2 day working issue. Typing it out allowed it to work! I really appreciate your feedback and assistance.
  13. Thank you for helping me understand the group referencing and the fact that it was an array.. I plug in the code and it gives me an error saying it's missing a ";" but reading the code it looks correct to me. I also tried using _this and params in place of param but all three come back with "missing ;" "Zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects [ units param [0], true ];" your code clearly has a ;
  14. _RoosterCat_

    Spawn only modded units

    I found this and it walked me through getting modded units using the Spawn AI module
  15. Thank you for your diligence in aiding me. I tried that, but when using the wiki example "MyCuratorModule addCuratorEditableObjects [[MyCar], true];" [MyCar] is the object, and inside the spawner under expression I see: Passed arguments are [<group>,<module>,<groupData>]. if I use Zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects [[<group>], true]; - nothing happens but an error telling me I'm missing a <#>(number) before group. if I use Zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects [[1<group>], true]; - error telling me same error as before but after group if I use Zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects [[1<group>1], true]; - it tells me invalid numbers if I use Zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects true; it gives me an error saying expected array if I use Zeus1 addCuratorEditableObjects [[(_this select 0)], true]; says expected group(saw online (_this select 0) is the group but didnt seem to work, and [[_this select 1], true] causes the spawner itself to become editable... a bit baffled been at this most of the day it seems like addCuratorEditableObjects requires a variable name and I dont see a way inserting the name since each unit spawned doesnt have a variable name I can grab. Is there a way of circumventing the need for a name?
  16. So after some experimentation I was able to get [] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable to work using init.sqf(learned how to add those to mission files) and now have been able to actually create a curator cost table... Working my way up!!! Update: Still trying to get CostTable to grab the modded info not just base game... I'll get it eventually lol
  17. Thank you for your response. After testing some more if I don't have the first Blufor spawner, I receive this error: https://imgur.com/a/q9BpDg4 but am unable to expand upon the error yet. Sorry I have some decent experience with scripting in Arma but new to BIS_FNC type codes, where would I put those lines/how would I use them? I tried googling before but I didnt see anything related(still actively looking). If I can figure out how to use these, maybe I can use BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable to further define my mission. I tried before but couldn't piece it together.
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    Sectors causing crashes?

    I know this is old but I've experienced the same issue. After re-doing every Sector I still had issues. A unlocks B+C, B+C unlock D, D unlocks E+F, E unlocks H, F unlocks G, and H+G unlock final sector I. No matter what I did I couldn't get it to work, I restarted my work twice, uninstalled mods, ect. I decided to finally test what I was worried is the issue, and so I got rid of the seperate unlocks for sectors G+H and combined them into one so for anyone following, it now looks like: A unlocks B+C, B+C unlock D, D unlocks E+F, E+F unlocks H+G, and H+G unlock final sector I. I was able to FINALLY get through a game and hit the end screen, which has taken me countless hours of puzzled head scratching. If I find a work-around for this I will update, but it seems the game can't handle seperate unlocks for sectors.