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  1. Who are we? We currently run both of our units(26th STS & 160th SOAR) with the 26th being the mainline unit and 160th as the supporting role. The 26th STS is a unit in the United States Air Force that consists of PJs(Pararescuemen) and CCTs(Combat Controllers). Both PJs and CCTs will be working together to complete different objectives, the PJs main skill is providing medical care and the CCTs work with radio communications and calling in fire missions. The 160th SOAR is an aviation unit that will be providing transport and some CAS over the mission area and are used in a supporting role for the units on the ground. What do we do? Our main role in the battle space is conducting CSAR(Combat Search and Rescue) Operations for allied units as well as conducting raids and capturing HVTs. Right now we are operating on the map Lythium which is modeled after a region in Afghanistan. Our role in this campaign is to help the ANA/ANP with holding their ground in the region. When do we operate? Our operations are every Sunday at 8pm EST and we run training for the specific teams at least twice every week. What roles are available? Currently we have CCT, PJ and Aviation roles open, and depending on experience you can be moved into higher roles within those billets and not have to do as much preliminary training. Requirements to join: Must be 16+ Must own ArmA 3(no DLCs needed) Must download Teamspeak 3 Be able to attend most scheduled operations How to join: All of our recruiting goes through our discord which you can join here: https://discord.gg/5qSCVajc2C Some unit photos that we have taken so far: