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    Unit Name: OPERAZIONI ARMA ITALIA Timezone/Location : CEST UTC/GMT +2h / Rome Gamemode preference (i.e. COOP or PvP): COOP Contact email/method: rutsxp@gmail.com Website Address: https://discord.gg/Zv7kCH5sgK Short Description: Playng ArmA Reforger on Console/PC - MilSim Language: Italian
  2. IlTrivella

    [RESOLVED] NO AUDIO on xbox

    *** UPDATE *** the problem is an account assignment conflict to the headset device. I solved it like this: in the xbox settings menu look for the peripherals section, go to headphones and in assignment create a "guest" user. The headphones will be reassigned and the audio will activate !
  3. I downloaded ARMA REFORGER for xbox x series, but i can't hear game audio. I tried installing a second time and it didn't fix. I use an Astro A40 TR headphone set with Mixamp PRO