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  1. hb365

    Handgun rework

    How about a GLOCK!!! Or Two…
  2. hb365

    the confusion about Military grade suits

    I am still amazed at the lack of response from the so called “DEVS”… 56 views and no response…it’s like they have given up on VIGOR… but to answer your question…NO everything is simply cosmetic you just pay to look cool… Good Luck Out There…
  3. hb365

    shelter upgrade

    I Guess Start Over???
  4. Double Posted
  5. Is there any way to have a player’s weapons category setup like the Shooting Range??? All pistols together-All shotguns together and so on??? I really like the way that works…
  6. hb365

    Crafting weapons questions

    YES…if you die or fail to extract you will lose everything except the shirt on your back… I really haven’t done much crafting so I’m not much help there…haven’t seen the point in it…
  7. hb365

    Help ! Can’t stay alive

    Also play Elimination if your team wins you will receive a crate with some good stuff… And donating food will earn you crates once a week…
  8. hb365

    Help ! Can’t stay alive

    You can purchase insurance with crowns and I believe you keep everything except the Air Drop..
  9. hb365

    Help ! Can’t stay alive

    Sorry Bill, Welcome to Vigor…
  10. hb365


    I Knew It… I always use the headphones a must have… Look Forward to seeing You There…
  11. hb365


    Just did a few rounds of shootout… In one round there a noob running around saying “HEI”… Ran by me twice couldn’t bring myself to shoot him… Just Keep Playing…
  12. hb365


    Are the DEVS still playing this game??? Seems like a lot of “inside” Stuff going on… some ppl seem to be very hard to kill and always know where to find you…
  13. hb365

    Melee needs to go

    yes agreed I constantly miss shots because l’m to busy swinging my rifle…
  14. hb365


    Aside Note… I love this Game… But Nothing Much Goes on Here…