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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/parseSimpleArray ok getting hungry This is the working code. Loads all the vehicles sorted out in rows in 30 seconds in or less about. Uses the file I made from another script. I'll post the exact script which makes the text file later soon. I'll also clean up the code as I go along. Read if you wish. I use an object called towerSt from the editor and start my mish running .... arrayMatrix.sqf .... that's what I called it in this version. The deficit: You can go through my older posts and see that it becomes a trigonometric challenge when ordering arrays of objects on the map. They face the same direction everytime and so does the entire array. I'll fiix this up once I clean up this code. That... is all. Orientation leads to more math and calculus. Also ...to test it fast... I gave a max count of like a 30 configs.... the errors that came up got me in the end tho.. I still gotta keep it from bumping ahead when there are no more rows ahead... something that hasn't quite worked right.... This one just helps me create an array to cut and paste... I still can't write any texts with Arma... perhaps someone knows a XML code to make that work. Here is the strip from config.... nothing in terms of order other than the next mod. If you don't want such a huge text file copy then just the first 100 instead of every single config. Otherwise... this script should take about 5 mins.. That is why I wrote the next script. Here is the array that uses data from the config strip.. marks are as follows :[ IndexPreName, ObjName, xsize, y, z, nextItemChanges, ifPrevChangedThisRowStartsIndex ] Here is the array in a text marking a index for every spot where properties and identities change enough to bump rows. Did I say rows? Why not columns?( ; ( ) Finally the code you can get used to using once you have your hard data down.. this script will create a field of objects using all that data in such a way that nothing collides with itself or is disorganized. Still lacks a lot of detail and results.... but it works.
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    You know when you have played too much ArmA

    my mom is soooo pissed!
  3. Yea it goes through a lot of redundant code ... all I'm doing is taking a text I made from a script, and then turning it into a useable array with all the config>>vehicle names. Then I can spawn them. Not only that. They are sorted by not only their names, but by their properties such as "hasFuel" or "canCarryBackpark"... don't get me wrong.. I couldn't really shorten it up much without errors being thrown. It looks like the same array but they started off as self-constructing and always create another array or modify another. Yea, in reality I could take all those for loops and make them a lot more modular, but for demonstration purposes I have them out in blocks. This whole thing doesn't work out btw. I"m still working it. It would be nice to use pointers . Here is where am I at... This will take the text files and turn them into arrays. Instead of creating a bunch of arrays with data to use they are there already and no new objects need be made. Actually, once text gets to the array, I pull data from another array and retrieve dimensions. The code scans ahead and gets the next object's dimensions, then it puts objects down so that they don't run into each ever. For rows, the same thing almost, pull the data out. For a objects iteration, a row detect is given, if true then the code will scan ahead again and get all the lengths of the next row (as well as the one your on). Then the row distance is given and the next object CAN be created back in the next ORIGINAL coloumn spot ...............(whaLoc) So many things at once! I'll need be more discrete. English is a programming language.
  4. If I really really wanted to speed things up, I would or could of probably picked a smaller screen, or just change my size down from 32" or what not. The FPS doubles, knowing that, I could find a way or just simply ask how I would start Arma then? I'm know there's way of chunking out codes and making the game run a little more autonomously on single missions. I'm not that good at it. But the point is being that, I should run Arma or some other application in the background, and have it do the paperwork there. Then bring on the game. The codes explained: They all came from config>> In the readout I made I take the dimensions if any using this script ----> (one sec) A name, number, x y z or zeros are given, a negative one if the next object is a difference of properties, and the spot where that begins is also appended. All that came from this config file I made ---->> which I derived from this script---> ...which is actually designed to create both arrays at once. Notice that it uses another array, that is, it marks on another array: Just the detected differences. So that the numbers are logically aligned to use this script----> Here is the main loading script re-done... not quite done yet, but a few minutes faster... Takes only 45s in comparison to 4 mins. ... So from here I got what I want... but it could be just a bit more.... preloaded... I'll write another part now... where all the row changes get an array like the other boneyard script. Then I'll just write out the indices in an another array again. The script should go through the number of row counts in a FOR loop. Pulls out the the numbers from the array... the character positions again. Select the whole copied file from the those two points and append a string to an array. But my idea is flawed if I want faster.... because then I'll have an array of single strings and no nests. The problem of breaking each string into individual values quickly rolls back along. Is this quicker than just adding arrays like I am? Probably not... but I could always format the text some more and write a structured text... then copy that into a text file.. then create the array automatically from there using instantiation. (no much in the way of default constructors but hey! ) One tool that I should consider using--> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createHashMapFromArray Another one I should be using --> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/arrayIntersect As well as --> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_subSelect Anything that takes an array and breaks it apart into another array. I think that preloading arrays is the fastest way, so there's always the time it takes the first time around, or to refresh your grid. Here is the array getting automatically created.... but i noticed a little mistake in the very start... see it? And here is the simple loader
  5. heres the trip up... I got it all cut out... but dunno how to pull the work back out of array... for when I play that final hint... its just a bucket of arrays again... by the way HERE'S THE TEXT I MADE FROM IN GAME SCRIPT---> USING COPYTOCLIPBOARD SAME SCRIPT MORE FUNCTIONALITY
  6. you could add a eventhandler that detects when the tank gets really close to the edge or just outside of the nearest road, which is probably what its on... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isOnRoad or https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_nearestRoad but I have no clue about BIS_fnc so I'd use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearRoads ... get the road and info https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getRoadInfo ...determine the difference between your units and the center of the road... not sure what that works too... but I'd probably use the nearRoads function again and again... and as they say... determine the AIs behavior, but try to keep them running without much change. However getting them on a waypoint is another great deal as well... you want the next segment of the road in the array... Everytime they start getting lose or near the edge... you pop their waypoints. But you gotta look ahead so you feed the next segment again.
  7. For something like this all I could do was have the unit leave a group, run orders, and rejoin.
  8. Just another topic... I am using loadFile to pull out a text file of an array I made for object creation and assortment. However in the end it doesn't work out for me because I can't quite pull the text out of the array without getting a type error. At least I tried.... I thought it was tricky enough pulling out the code and getting it into a character again, but I pulled it off and got it working around. I'm sure there's a better way of making objects, or classes...
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    uses a object called 'towerSt'. ... anything you got in your mods will go... so in general... they tend to give out funny sizes... also...im aint that good with the boundingBoxReal function or dimensions given... for ie... the planes or helis don't always make sense as width and they'll just spawn on each a bit>>> I tried to mess with it and this what i got... still tho... some things still run into each other... or just explode from bad moddin Also... I'm gunna make the code run much faster by using loadFile functions to just pullback texts and append to arrays... sometime soon I guess. using 4gb of VRAM and 3.5GHZ and 16GB RAM takes about 4 mins
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    script 'the force'

    Also... actual RPG ARMA... where you randomly walk into scripted battles before continuing on... im sure people have that one going... or like... the whole FF7 map as a shootout... that would be pretty dope. Firagas ...hangin on to the side of a chopper or car... or the top of a plane
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    script 'the force'

    A little crazier but wouldn't it be cool to also script a replay of tracers
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    The Matrix (weapons)