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  1. ThePhantom5533

    Hosting for OFPEC

    I just gave an example even though it is Arma 3 forum. Arma 2 and Arma 3 are from one developer -- Bohemia Interactive. But thank you for your comment :3
  2. ThePhantom5533

    Hosting for OFPEC

    I think you might look for some other possibilities of hosting. Personally, I used the possibility of cloud4u and their cloud-hosting with https://www.cloud4u.com/cloud-hosting/gpu/ GPU feature. Thus, it helped me to improve the FPS for all players in Arma 2. But yeah, since the game is slowly dying, it is not enough to have a good FPS on your server. There should be something more efficient and interesting.
  3. ThePhantom5533

    ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead discussion thread

    Modifications like DayZ Epoch, Origins, Overpoch are still alive. But yes, the game is slowly dying...
  4. ThePhantom5533

    I can't play mini DAYZ in the browser

    What's the problem with "uwu"?