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  1. Hey I'm attempting to limit the speed of 4 vehicles driven by players to 65km/h. Quite new to scripting, so atm am using a piece of code from reddit /u/kevo916 that doesn't quite achieve the intended effect. Instead of not allowing the car to go above 65, once it hits 65 the speed locks to around 260 regardless of input. onEachFrame { _vel = velocity car1; if (vectorMagnitude _vel > 4 and {isTouchingGround car1}) then { _vel = _vel apply {_x * -1}; _vel = _vel vectorMultiply 50; car1 addForce [_vel,[0,0,0]]; }; }; Could someone show me the error in this script, or point me in the right direction to achieve my desired outcome?
  2. This works perfectly, thanks
  3. Hi, I'm relatively new to mapmaking and have been so far learning through trial and error (mostly error), but am currently rather stumped with a problem vastly outside my base of experience. I am trying to set a trigger to activate when players collect any 3 pieces of intel (of 6 available), regardless of the combination of intel collected. Only 3 pieces need to be found, and currently I am referencing their collection via a seperate trigger with 'thisNull objectName', as the intel is deleted on pickup, and then trying to get another trigger to check 'triggerActivated triggerName' (horribly inefficient, I know). Apologies if this doesn't make much sense, its 3am and mission making has fried my brain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.