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  1. Im using UNSUNG and would like to have the civ AI as the Vietnamese Characters, im not sure how to change it in the module but it doesnt work
  2. Hello, i have a mod i wish to edit, its only a uniform mod but i just want to add some patches to it, does anyone know how i can edit then upload it?
  3. CaptainZivi

    Need help with editing a mod

  4. If i have been given a dropbox file with mods inside, how do i get them in game?
  5. Need help Uploading, i am new to modding and reskins, im not sure how to upload the mask template
  6. I have a picture of a mask i want to upload, it if anyone is able to help me, and guide me i would be thankful, my discord is Shane Merrick#9199
  7. Ive tried in the other thread and that didnt work, its a call of duty dropbox mod list, here is the link to the mods if anyone can help https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h4w7gmhxxz02wm3/AABYnxFM9qkO2JS3gKV619Ura?dl=0
  8. CaptainZivi

    Mods in Dropbox

    Not sure
  9. CaptainZivi

    Mods in Dropbox

    Is there a way i can upload these aswell? Id like to use them for my Milsim