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    I've seen autoaim a handful of times, seens a lot of weird shit tbh. Seen a guy rapid fire an SVU like its an rpk, seen peope kill from 90 to 180 degrees aiming in the wrong direction, seen people teleport a lot, and seen people seemingly know where someone is without using a signal detector. There are hacks out for this game and modded consoles and controllers, it has 0 anticheat which is a huge problem for a modern day game
  2. madhojo


    Unfortunately games like this bring out the worst in people. Ive had players camp extraction in radiation or camp the airdrop until they die from radiation just to get a kill. Its sad that some people live such poor lives that they have to try and ruin other peoples fun, but they exist. Then you have the high level players that dont even loot, they just try and kill people which isnt even the main focus of expedition. Again just sad lonely people who have to try and take out their anger on others. You just have to brush it off and realize they're sad little people who have no lives and really we should just pitty them.
  3. madhojo

    Dev´s vs Community

  4. madhojo

    Dev´s vs Community

    100% agree
  5. madhojo

    Season 7

    They stealth lowered the overall XP you get too. For instance airdrop used to be 600xp now they're 500xp
  6. madhojo

    Season 7

    We're just playing as random citizens trying to survive after a war with a nuclear apocolypse. Why would we all suddenly become violent killers with no regard for anyone else? Thats why id like to see factions because while you would have some people decide to turn into murderers, plenty of people would try to band together too and support each other. Id just like to see less of the COD kill everyone mentality as looting and extracting is the main goal, not getting kills. Im not saying no one uses them, but that I rarely see anyone use them. I suppose I dont play solos, so maybe that changes it so id see more of that stuff?
  7. madhojo

    Season 7

    Hopefully better servers and no crashes! Ha! TBH though I rarely see anyone using consumables, the occasional armor plate, but it seems like most people dont see the use in them especially since you lose everything on death. Id like to see factions and voip added. I'm just a bit annoyed that everyone seems to play this like ita Call of Duty with 0 effort made at helping other survivors. Area voip would allow players to communicate and establish friendly relations. Factions would do the same and players that want to be COD fan boys could join a bandit faction. I think it would add realism and a nice change of pace from playing expedition Shootout all the time Still fix the crashes first
  8. madhojo

    Speed Glitch?

    I think you might be right, especially since you dont always connecet to your own regions servers. I saw someone just earlier who was going insanely fast around my buddy but endded up rubber banding back into the house. Killed my friend though
  9. madhojo

    Speed Glitch?

    Ive seen it 4 times now where a player is moving at 1.5 to 2 times the normal speed, never stopping and completely over taking another player at full sprint. Has anyone else noticed this happening? Is there an item that boosts speed that i dont know about?
  10. This is insane, I like the concept of Vigor; however, I'm crashing 1 out of every 5 matches! What makes this even worse is its in a match!!!! I'm sick and tired of having loot on my character and then crashing losing it all! If you cannot fix these crashes then you need to save the loot the players have on then when they crash or give players XP everytime! I just crashed again after looting a locked box with extraction right next to my spawn location!! Worse are the crashes that come as your heading to extraction, which are insanely infuriating! At least compensate players with added battlepass levels, coins, loot, something!!!! I want to love this game but these crashes are killing it completely