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    "Resist" -style Sewers/tunnels

    Is there a way to make it Black out before the trigger is activated by being teleported into the tunnel? Because right now you can see where you are and THEN it fades to black EDIT: Something like a delayed Teleport so the fncFadeout has time to actually fade out EDIT EDIT: Nevermind, did it myself by inserting the fadeout into the teleport script
  2. Tomatenpresse

    "Resist" -style Sewers/tunnels

    Thanks a ton already, Ill try that as soon as i get another problem with the sewer resolved LOL
  3. I built a "fairly" complex sewer system: https://imgur.com/a/mveyLu1 in VR (as you can see) and i thought the building would be the hard part ;D I tried pasting it as a composition in another map for an upcoming mission, but when i did that the composition was completely destroyed, nothing was at the right place, its almost as if it got pulled apart. Repairing the pasted composition would take longer than rebuilding it (which took ages). Is there a way that i can paste the composition with everything locked in place so that it doesnt get destroyed when i try to paste it? P.S.: it also gets destroyed when i Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V it. I also want to add that this is the first complex thing i built in A3 so i dont know a lot about the process but nobody else seems to be having the same problem...
  4. Tomatenpresse

    "Resist" -style Sewers/tunnels

    Thank you very much, this does the trick, but do you know how to add a fade in and fade out sequence there aswell?
  5. If anyone has played the arma 3 campaign 'resist' you know exactly what im talking about. For the rest ill quickly explain. In arma 3 resist you have a sequence in a mission in which you can choose to go a distance by foot over open ground or move to a certain location and enter an 'underground' sewer. The sewer obviously isnt underground because arma doesnt really allow that kind of stuff, instead it is a prebuilt structure, just like a house, but from the inside it feels like its underground. The way it works is a addaction command which teleports you in and out of the sewer and changes time of day at the same time so it seems like its underground. The sewer is built very well and the immersion is immense. Now to my question: Does anybody have prebuilt and/or expanded sewer from Resist? If not, does anybody have a different prebuilt sewer? And in any case, does anybody know the scripts that could be helpful to add a teleport and fadeout/fadein and time change for the object init? Reason is im trying to build a mission for the unit and id like to do something that hasnt been done a million times before. Maybe even @Kydoimos? I know you started building a whole sewer section and I was wondering if you ever finished it/have the started construction somewhere still. The new Composition feature would be amazing for this. Because yours looked realistic and i cant seem to find the right objects to recreate it.