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    Triggers and Hints.. WTF

    Currently having some luck using AI waypoints' activation box and adding: ["InfoTitleAndText", ["Pilot", "Roger, en route to your location."]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast; It's clearly an Exile function but it's working and I will take it. Still no luck with player-activated triggers.
  2. Rosso777

    Triggers and Hints.. WTF

    Update: So far, no luck on triggers (or hints for that matter). I have tried several different ways to include what Larrow wrote, and pierremgi suggested. No cheese as of yet. Still working on it, though. We will crack this case!
  3. Rosso777

    Triggers and Hints.. WTF

    @pierremgi So very helpful, thank you sir. You answered so many questions for me in your post. The way you explained the usage of init and how the first player in a trigger will activate it, and then needing to repeat it for all players afterwards... brilliant. I had no idea how any of that worked. Now I have a great place to start with the information that you and Larrow have both given me.
  4. Rosso777

    Triggers and Hints.. WTF

    @Larrow Wow. I don't even know what to say to that post... your knowledge is impressive and I appreciate EVERYTHING you put into it; especially your advice to take what the editor gives me and learn from it. This is something I have been working on lately, as I've printed out and been perusing multiple script tutorial guides. The fact that you not only took the time to respond with helpful information as well as REWRITE what I was trying to accomplish, I am going to buy you a couple beers, per your signature. Thank you sir. I will take your information and code and learn from it... which should be much easier to do now that I can compare what the editor gave me with what YOU wrote. Simply awesome.
  5. Rosso777

    Triggers and Hints.. WTF

    @pierremgi I am already trying to implement this create3denEntity, but I think it's a bit over my head. Not quite sure what to replace and where. Do you have any examples of ones you've used on a dedicated server? (Note: I have a GTX hosted server... is this the proper usage of dedicated? I am always confused between Dedicated and Server).
  6. Rosso777

    Triggers and Hints.. WTF

    Hi Pierre. First of all, you're a legend in my book. I've seen you in these forums and you're a rockstar; I've been reading all your stuff. This method has been working for me because my server is private and with family only. I have been able to do A LOT because it's just three of us and I can control everything as we play; it's great. But with this trigger, yes, I know it says Vehicle, but this was just the AI testing method; get the AI to walk into the trigger and when he does, hint "this trigger worked!" or something like that. Nothing has worked. No hints, no waypoint hints, nothing. However, everything I have spawned, including groups, waypoints, AI group settings, loadouts, convoys... it's all perfect. EXCEPT THESE TRIGGERS! UGH! I am going to checkout that create3denEntity now. Thank you. I will update.
  7. Spawned an AI that I want to say things in Chat when the player is within 5 meters. I've done a TON of research on AI Chat Addons/Scripts, etc. None of them have instructions, so I couldn't quite figure out how to make AI give info to players (Dedicated Server, Exile). In the editor, everything works FLAWLESSLY. But when I add it to the server, the only thing that won't happen is the actual CHAT. The Ai waits a certain amount of time and then walks away, which is also based on a player-activated trigger. Can anyone see why this cat won't speak?
  8. Rosso777

    AI Chat via Triggers

    For the sake of anyone else who may encounter a similar issue in the future, I will continue to update as I progress (or otherwise). I have discussed through very thorough testing that my triggers are NOT firing on the dedicated server. They run local with zero issues, but will not figure at all on the server. I was wrong to say that things were working a bit and it was only the chat that was flawed. I have tried every variable I could think of to activate the trigger, to no avail: For this line essentially, _this setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER","PRESENT",false]; _this setTriggerStatements ["call{this}","call{hint ""Hello."";}","call{this}"]; I have tried replacing ANYPLAYER with ANYBODY, BLUFOR, OPFOR, GUER, and even so far as trying to name specific players by their in-game name ("Roscoe"). No luck so far. I have been scouring these and other forums like a madman, and have learned a TON, but no success just yet. I read somewhere that if things are working in the editor on the local machine, they should also be working on the dedi, and I even went so far as to start adding the isServer() stuff in the beginning of each trigger Condition or Activation. Nada. I will continue to update as I go. Hopefully success will be found and it will help someone else someday. SO MANY TIMES am I seeing where someone had the SAME problem, said they solved it, and never said how. Ouch.
  9. Using Exile on a private dedicated server. Is it possible to change the current player damage handler with the one from AGM? I know there are AGM functions in there, so would I need to change all that to BIS functions (i.e. Changing AGM_ to BIS_)? Or am I just WAY over my head here? Are the functions written specifically for the mod itself? Or are they all a reference to BIS functions anyway? Here is the AGM file:
  10. I will be as succinct as I can. Dedicated Server, Exilemod. Family only, completely private. Using 3Den Editor, I created a mission placing soldiers, vehicles, triggers, etc. All vehicles exploded on server start, and every soldier had multiples in its place. If anyone can tell me WHY and how to resolve this, I would be forever in your debt and will name my 11th child after you I called the script from the mission file with [] ExecVM “script.sqf”.
  11. Rosso777

    Mission SQF placing double units

    Update that may help someone in the future: Instead of running the file from the mission's init.sqf, I ran it from the initServer.sqf. One version of everything.
  12. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I hadn't actually thought of this; so that's where I will be looking. If I have any successes, I will post here.
  13. Rosso777

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    Does anyone have any examples of custom spawns for A3XAI? There isn't an example provided in the custom spawn file, and I don't seem to have any old files that feature them.
  14. I am also very interested in this as well. Myself (and all my players) are sick and tired of this one-shot-death crap.
  15. That's exactly what I am in sure of. I can use the editor easily for the initServer and initPlayerLocal stuff, but I've heard rumblings over the years of people using "Arma Dev Tools" or something like that which allows actual map modification. So maybe I guess I -am- looking for some hellish map creation, after all. 🙂
  16. I really just want to know how to edit existing maps for now, to include even changing the terrain. I know how to use the Eden editor to add objects through the .sqf files, but I am curious about the deeper methods of creating more permanent modifications to maps.
  17. For a crafting recipe, how do I allow MULTIPLE tools to be used for a recipe (not requiring ALL, just 1 OR the other)? tools[] = { "Exile_Item_Shovel", "Exile_Item_Screwdriver" };
  18. Rosso777

    Crafting Question

    I found an old addon that seemed to have a similar idea; would this be right? tools[] = { {"Exile_Item_Shovel",“Exile_Item_Screwdriver"} }; UPDATE: This did not work. I saw a code somewhere that was using an OR so I will try that next. I’ll update in case it helps others in the future.
  19. noelite, your work is much appreciated. Can I ask, are you editing the source files, or the editor and making .SQFs?
  20. Rosso777

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    Disregard. Apparently I did. If anyone might need some in the future, here are some examples from my old files. //TROOPS ["VehicleRange",[3894.75,13393.5,0],15,3,3,false] call A3XAI_createCustomInfantryQueue; //HELO PATROLS ["SectorBHelo",[2902.41,12332.8,400],"Exile_Chopper_Huey_Armed_Green",1500,[1,2],3,false] call A3XAI_createCustomVehicleQueue; //Anti-Air Defenses ["AA_Launcher",[4037.91,11724.1,0],"B_MRAP_01_hmg_F",0,[1,1],3,false] call A3XAI_createCustomVehicleQueue; //VEHICLE PATROLS ["PatTruck",[12263.9,10292.6,0],"I_G_Offroad_01_armed_F",100,[1,1],2,false] call A3XAI_createCustomVehicleQueue; /* 'AreaName1': The name to assign to the spawn area (must be unique). [Co-ords] 15: The radius of the patrol area. 6: Number of AI units to spawn. 1: Level of AI (0-3). true: Respawn setting. true: Enable respawn. false: Disable respawn. 3600: If respawn setting is enabled, this is the respawn timer in seconds. If respawn setting is disabled, either don't add a number or set it to 0. */
  21. When complete, the files should all be located in your Mission file (Chernarus.pbo, for example). Everything is contained within that PBO, so when players connect, the first thing that happens is: they automatically download the PBO. Not sure if that helps or not. Unfortunately, unless you can post a copy of your server report (in a Spoiler format, please), there's not much else anyone can do in helping you troubleshoot the issue.
  22. Rosso777

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi all! I am trying to setup a position array for a static DMS mission. Here is the current code for the mission; I am not sure what to comment out and how to arrange the _pos code for the dozens of coords I have. As always, any help is appreciated.
  23. I would like to make the map 'Al Rayak' work for Exile, but I have no idea how to make a mission file. My initial thought was to copy the contents of the Chernarus mission file and edit where necessary, but even if that works, how do I know which trees to add to the "chop these trees for wood" section? How do I add the water pumps to make it possible to fill up water bottles? I can handle stuff like Loot Position creation if buildings are not covered, but I could still use some help with the initial setup of the map working with Exile. I will worry about traders and all that stuff later. I just need to know how to spawn in, cut trees down, make water pumps available. Or am I missing something? Even if someone can point a link to a tutorial, that would be great, I just can't seem to find one.
  24. Rosso777

    VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    Has anyone ever gotten VCOM to work on an MP server? It's always seemed like an urban legend to me. I've tried it multiple times over the years but to no avail.