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  1. As soon as the problem recurs, I try to do as you say
  2. During a game it almost always happens to me that the command to group the AI team becomes the command to join the group. The command to press is always displayed "grouping" but when pressed it becomes the command "join group" and therefore the AI units of my group remain stationary and do not grouping. Then in the game, it may happen that the command returns to work correctly. Do I press a key combination that reverses the commands ?!
  3. Good job. It is the best Arma 3 server configurator tool I know. I would like to add a setting that disables administrator voting, but I have noticed that it is not possible to edit the configuration file because ServerifyA3 overwrites it. Is it possible to add a setting to the ServerifyA3 configuration files to allow adding parameters? I would like to add: allowedVoteCmds [] = { {"missions", true, false, 0.75}, {"mission", false, false}, {"kick", true, true, 0.75}, {"restart", true, true, 0.75}, {"reassign", true, true, 0.5} }; And to finish this: the proper way to remove all voting commands is: allowedVoteCmds [] = {}; And maybe the possibility, as a logged in administrator, to have access to the debug console
  4. I have a 4g connection that loses the connection many times and as soon as it comes back my ip address changes. And of course Arma3 starts the 90 second cooldown but maybe just because the ip address has changed, it doesn't make me reconnect. This causes me to lose all vehicles and soldiers bought in CTI mode and is also very annoying. Is there a dedicated server setting to not disconnect those who change their IP address or those who have connection problems that cause disconnection from the server?
  5. It works in single player and also on servers. I made another more complete mod than this one that takes the zoom out of vehicles as well. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2289604260&searchtext=no+zoom
  6. Yes, it eliminates the zoom in/out of individual weapons and vehicles. As for the zoom of the individual characters, this is not the correct solution because it sets the zoom of all the characters with a single parameter
  7. Mod that removes the zoom/fov to everything. Weapons and vehicles. All Weapons are completed. I only have to finish a few positions of some vehicles. Almost all DLC have been made. I couldn't stand an almost realistic and beautiful simulator like Arma with that exaggerated magnification. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2289604260&searchtext=no+zoom+0.8 Server to try: No_zoom MOD || BeCTI Benny-Zerty Altis IP:
  8. I love this program. It is very well done. How can I remove the player's vote to become an administrator on my server? Or remove all votes like in TADST? I want only whoever has the admin password to become admin of the server
  9. Fixed with ServerifyA3 -limitFPS= Sorry
  10. One day I found an empty official Zeus server and voted myself as Administrator. With the monitor command I found that the official servers run at around 700 FPS at low load. Why do unofficial dedicated servers run at 48 FPS maximum? Is there a console command to unlock FPS? Or a configuration file?
  11. As always, getting an answer from an expert is impossible for me. And after so many attempts I succeeded alone. If it can be useful to anyone ... When you sign the mod with DSUtils, you don't need to force the V2 signature immediately, but first you sign normally, and immediately afterwards you overwrite the signature by forcing the V2. So in the arma3 launcher the subscription to the mod works.
  12. The problem is in the Arma 3 launcher not on the steam site
  13. Normally in the launcher do "setup dlcs and mods and join". Do so and automatically download all mods and join the server. In my case instead a drop-down menu appears and the only way to download the mod is to select "find on steam workshop". The steam website opens. You must log in to the site and subscribe to the mod. A little cumbersome operation that not everyone does https://ibb.co/55XrtyY The mod link is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2281948260 If you want to try connecting to the server to see, the ip is:
  14. I created a mod and posted it in the Steam workshop. I uploaded the mod to my server and it works. The problem is that in the Arma3 launcher, when you join the server, it appears as to be downloaded from the site and not subscribable, and therefore automatically downloadable. Non-geeks don't log in from the Steam site to download the mod, they want everything ready. And so users are lost. In the past I managed to put a mod and it was subscribable, I don't understand now what I did wrong. Can anyone help me? It's a day that I try to make it but I can't