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  1. Task Force Tempor 8 Introduction Welcome to Task Force Tempor 8, TFT8 strives to create MilSim experiences according to our shared vision: compelling gameplay, authentic combat, interesting premise. We adapt real-world military concepts and practices that meaningfully contribute to the Arma 3 experience, and reject those that do not.‍ The Task Force Tempor 8 Arma 3 (abbr. “TFT8”, hereafter “the unit”) is a gaming community for mature players who enjoy a well-organized military simulation experience in the ArmA™ franchise. It is inspired by regiments of US Military Branches.‍ Operation & Training Times Regular Operations (UTC-5) Sundays 1400 EST Trainings throughout the week (Accurate schedule on our discord) What Are The Requirements? - Must have a working microphone - Must speak English - Must be 16+ - Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3 and APEX DLC‍‍ The Unit The Unit is split into 2 primary parts. Ground and Air. Ground (Spartan) is based on the US Army Rangers and currently consists (at the time of writing) of HQ (Platoon) and 3 squads (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Squad) Air (SOAC) is based on the joint aviation unit controlled by the US Army's Special Operations Aviation Command (SOAC). It comprises detachments from various aviation units across the US Military.‍ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in joining, head over to our discord and speak to a recruiter. To learn more visit our website. https://discord.gg/9uBySFuGjN
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