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  1. TomOZ

    extDB3 query help!

    Hi Cee, Perhaps you need to alter the format of the hint, it might simply be changing hint _queryResult; to hint str(_queryResult); I honestly don't have any experience with extDB3 so i cant give much information on that, but if you know its connected and receiving/querying, then maybe its something simple like above. Feel free to let me know if it doesn't work, or you get any other errors that might indicate issues. Tom.
  2. Hey dlder, Is this something that can be fixed by using the TRANSPORT UNLOAD instead of UNLOAD waypoint? The UNLOAD waypoint means units inside the vehicle crew group will get out of the given vehicle, whilst the TRANSPORT UNLOAD waypoint points to a separate group of any units that are in a 'cargo' seat within the given vehicle (if there is one), otherwise if there are units within the same group as the crew group, and members in a cargo position should disembark; however 'crew' should not - roles such as driver, gunners, commanders should stay inside. If i've missed something here do let me know, probably to simple to be a realisable fix. Tom.
  3. The script should just work if you add the actions externally, instead of inside the init of an object. What ShArK_OG mentioned earlier, that is the way I would approach this too. All you need to do is replace"this" in the addaction with "objectName" (such as _object97 mentioned above, or whatever other name you give the object). Then you can just use the action ID handles to monitor the actions, if you need to remove them or anything. Hope this helps. 🙂 Tom Edit: Similar post here - asking the same question - maybe have a look if you want some more understanding:
  4. Hi 7erra, Thanks for your response about my questions. That link you sent for the SetGroupParams seems to be what I should use, and will work perfectly if I can figure out how to implement that into a mission - as the example isn't very helpful, it even has the wrong 'call function' at the bottom. So I was wondering if you know how to implement it with the CfgORBAT groups? I attempted to use the syntax and execute it into the debug console with all fields the same as a group I have already set in CfgORBAT, but It threw an error about 'received Number, expected Config' - almost like it doesn't know what and where i am targeting? Am i meant to target the function, because the syntax doesn't have it. Strange. As for the Description.ext and configs, yeah that's practically what I thought - configs being almost entirely static and 'pre-determined' with limited evaluations and functionality to read in variables, etc - but I just wanted to check. SO thankyou for letting me know your thoughts on that too 🙂 Cheers again, Tom. EDIT: Solved Below Figured out how to implement the function, there was an error with the wiki page, the syntax expects a 'target config line' as the first element in the syntax, which isn't stated currently - So once i added that alongside all other elements for proper syntax it worked perfectly - Thanks again 7erra for your help, an oversight from me not to visit all options on the wiki including functions before I posted here. 🙂 Cheers, Tom This is the syntax i used in the debug console to execute the function: [ missionConfigFile >> "CfgORBAT" >> "1stOLS" >> "1stLSP", // This first entry target config line isn't stated as required on the Wiki syntax, but it is indeed needed. 2, "Platoon", "Support", "East", "%1 Logistical Support %3", "%1 OLS %3", "o_support", 1, "", [0,0,0,1], "Demir", "Lieutenant", "Second logistical support platoon in the Operational Logistical Support Division. Recently stationed at Porto for watchover and transportation of mechanized assets - since the failure to protect the BMP's, he has been suppplied further motorized support for ongoing protection of Porto. It is suspected The platoon will soon be recalled and withdraw.", [ ["B_MRAP_01_F",5] ] ] call BIS_fnc_ORBATSetGroupParams;
  5. Hi All, I have a question regarding the status of reading in variables into a Description.ext file for a mission, specifically a profileNamespace variable that a player will have saved in the mission previous. What I am trying to do is have a dynamically updating ORABT class/module system that illustrates vehicles based upon if they were destroyed in a previous mission. During the first mission, the play can choose to destroy or leave enemy vehicles alive, and at the end of the mission a variable is created that saves all existing vehicle entities into an array. This array is then filtered (using joinString) to remove the "" (String elements) and essentially make it into an array of objects (plain class names) each separated by a single comma (,) mark. In the next mission, the Description.ext file pulls in this variable and attempts to pass the variable in place inside the CfgORBAT class - specially for the assets[] array in a sub-class. This is what the Description file looks like, explaining what i mean by passing a variable. I want it to illustrate the passed in vehicle classes int he ORBAT viewer, however it just displays NO vehicles instead. I don't even know if this is allowed, which is basically why im posting it here. Edit: LINK https://imgur.com/a/PinvUcN Am i just wasting my time? Hopefully someone can help me here. Cheers, Tom.
  6. Hey once again Jackal 😊 Thanks for replaying promptly as always, I actually just figured it out this morning after going down some rabbit holes and finding nothing over the past week, and found the issue was actually (as thought) inside Blender. I didn't even realise but i had a second UV layer activated, which was invisible but was always being rendered and picked as the 'active' layer whenever i exported the P3D model, so essentially it was exporting a sneaky broken UV map when I though for sure I was exporting my re-worked ones - because the texture worked and looked 100% perfect inside blender, but when I clicked the export button it changed the map, and then when it went into Arma 3 it was completely different, so i was loosing my mind for a little bit. But nevertheless its sorted, so a big thanks to you anyway for helping me out, again. Cheers, Tom.
  7. Hi All, I'm new to texturing and messing around with different mats, maps, etc with Arma, so i don't really know what's going on here. Currently, I'm trying to figure out why my model always has the same stretched and scuffed areas on the models texture even though they are all using different UV maps? I'll show some screenshots showing different textures and maps being used, but no matter what the same areas on the model are disgusting (ignore the actual textures, they're only there for testing this issue) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/smCrKS7 Furthermore, its almost like it hasn't even changed from the very first prototype UV I did - even though they're different maps that have been exported from blender (each model has a different and modified unwrapped blender .png), then into paint (to apply the crap textures), then changed into the .paa's for the game. At the top of the backpack models, they're constantly being stretched, I just don't understand why and how - Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Tom.
  8. Hey Mate, This may result in nothing or may be a dumb idea, but i have had issues with this exact situation where the config seems correct and all files are in order. The way i fixed it was removing the first \ from the syntax/file path. So instead of "\Nippel\data\Fucking_everything\Breath.paa" Simply try "Nippel\data\Fucking_everything\Breath.paa" Hopefully that works, otherwise i dont really know what is the issue here. Tom.
  9. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the response from both as usual and for the help. 🙂 Cheers, Tom
  10. Hey Jackal, Thanks for the response (becoming a trend now with me), you're spot on with what you said, it was the faces. I followed what you said and it worked like a charm, did exactly the right thing - however, since some of the faces were facing the right direction (about 50% of the model was correct) selecting all and then reversing fixes the other 50%, but also ruins the correct 50%. So, the next question - other than doing this one at a time face-by-face and slowly manually changing them until they're all correct - Is there a way to make all faces face ONE direction together? like all Down or all Up. If i can do this, then i can simply reverse all of them at once and they would all be the correct orientation. As always, big thanks again! - these problems are pretty simple things but they really create big problems for me. Cheers, Tom.
  11. Hi All, I've recently began to work on my custom backpack models again, and am trying to figure out why my models appear strange and distorted depending on the POV when you look at it from certain angles. I'll post an Imgur link so you can see the issues directly, but it seems that the 'far' side of the backpack from where you're looking appears fine, but the 'closest' side is transparent/missing? Also it is strangely symmetrical in the shapes of the model that show, i don't have any idea as to why this is, so any help would be very much appreciated. I suspect it is directly related to the model (I made in blender) and not so much the texturing, as it seems universal across all models. It almost acts as if the entire external model is reversed, like it is inside-out. Link: https://imgur.com/a/42TUOP3 Cheers all, Tom.
  12. Hey Jackal, Cheers for the response, but sadly the change you recommended doesn't work either, it acts exactly the same as before - exact same problems. Very strange. Any other ideas? Cheers for the help though, always appreciated! EDIT: I've fixed the issue now, it was a slight syntax error in the file path. This was wrong --- model = "\A3MOD\objects\BF\BF_Pack_Iteration1_OB.p3d"; This one works --- model = "A3MOD\objects\BF\BF_Pack_Iteration1_OB.p3d"; Glad I got it sorted, i knew it had to be something related to the file directory line structure - what an annoying little thing. Thanks for the help Jackal, you've helped me before so i appreciate it a lot! Cheers, Tom.
  13. Hi All - Hope everyone is doing well, I've got a little problem here that i didn't have 1 month ago. I recently after 4 weeks starting to work on my custom backpack mod again, and for some reason it seems that Arma now cannot find the icons or models for the packs. The config is correct (at least i think it is - it was working and the items DO appear in the Virtual Arsenal list, just no .paa files and .p3d models.) I don't really understand what has changed, but obviously something has happened. I will post the config below - but again, it is working because the mod and the mod contents appear in game, just no models or icons. It almost like the config model and picture paths to the objects is hidden or prohibited when loaded in game? I will add imgur images to show the file directories and example files. The mod is called A3MOD (for testing purposes i haven't changed it) then it has Addons, then the A3MOD PBO, then the contents (objects, icons, textures - textures aren't implemented yet though) Icons: Objects: CONFIG.CPP: class CfgPatches { class A3MOD { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[]={}; author = "Tommy"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Land; class Man: Land { class ViewPilot; }; class CAManBase; class B_AssaultPack_cbr; ////////////////////////////BAGS///////////////////////////////// class BF_Pack_Iteration1_OB: B_AssaultPack_cbr { displayName = "BF - Assault Pack"; author="Tommy"; model = "\@A3MOD\Addons\A3MOD\objects\BF\BF_Pack_Iteration1_OB.p3d"; picture = "\@A3MOD\Addons\A3MOD\icons\bf.paa"; icon = "\@A3MOD\Addons\A3MOD\icons\bf.paa"; descriptionShort = "Small and lightweight assault pack perfect for small operations"; transportMaxMagazines = 8; transportMaxWeapons = 1; }; }; Any help would be GREATLY appreciated - perhaps its something right in front of me that i cannot see, or maybe i'm just blind. Cheers guys. EDIT: This is what appears in-game https://imgur.com/a/FMxed1W
  14. G'day Endet15, The reason i believe you're the only one hearing the sound, is because the effects of the addAction are Local. Meaning only the individual who completes the action, will get the results/effects (i.e the sound) Wiki page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction Notice the Effects are marked as L for Local. I recently discovered this as well, so no worries about this issue. One way to fix the problem is either you can use remoteExec on the addaction which will force the addAction effects to run on all connected clients whenever one person uses the action, or you can have the addAction execute a trigger, and then that trigger execute the say3D as trigger effects are always globalised so everyone should hear the sound. REMOTEEXEC: This is the way i have set-up my addAction for my COOP mission using remoteExec: (I put this inside the init field of a Switch object) [this,["Switch Off Generators",{ gen1_switch animateSource ["switchposition",1]; gen1_switch animateSource ["light",0]; gen1_switch setDamage 1; switched_off = true; },[],1.5,true,true,"","_this distance _target < 2"]] remoteExec ["addAction",0]; Perhaps this should work; i think i have written the syntax correctly but they may be one or two errors: [siren, ["SIREN ON", {siren say3D ["music1", 1000, 1];} ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0]; TRIGGER METHOD: (I think this works, tbh i haven't tested it though, just thought it up) The way i would do it via a trigger is to have the addAction run as you have it now, but alter the variable to a boolean like "enable_siren". I.E: "siren addAction [ "SIREN ON", { enable_siren = true; } ];" This will then switch the variable to 'true' which can be placed inside a triggers Condition field as (enable_siren), which will then once the action has been completed activate the trigger that will have "siren say3D ["music1", 1000, 1];" inside the On Activation field. This should work Server Side and for all players, as triggers are global. Hope one of these helps
  15. Hey guys, I just came across this page, and i must say that i'm really interested in the script you put up xxanimusxx, but sadly the link to download it no longer works (as expected being around 7 years old) - I am wondering if there is any way I could download the script, or get access to it potentially for a mission and to study the script? Thanks if possible, and if you even respond on a 7 year old thread lmao. Cheers, Tom.