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  1. ▌Group: Canadian Tactical Group ▌Branch: Hardcore Milsim ▌Main Language: English ▌Timezone: GMT (but accessible to everyone around the globe) ▌Operation Times: Saturday, 15:00 GMT (3:00 PM GMT), with trainings depending on the squad you'll be inducted in. ▌Operation Type: Professionally Zeused and hand-tailored to the unit's needs. ▌Required Mods: Some of the most used ones, 28 mods that induce complete realism. ▌Additional Info: Hello and thank you for your interest in the Canadian Tactical Group, ▌Here's a rundown of what we do here:▐ ⬢We hold immersive and qualitative battles ⬢ The Canadian Tactical Group has professionally Zeused operations, hand-tailored by our veteran Zeuses to create a fun and realistic environment. The operations that we do are unconventional warfare, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and direct action. Our missions consist of VIP captures, raids, assassinations, and reconnaissance. ⬢With our experienced Zeus (who has years of experience), we make our missions professional and unlike anything you’ve seen before.⬢ If you are interested, please message us or click the link below to join and we will be with you right away! 😀 Message: Duck Man#8773, Calin#6538, or Mayer#4868 https://discord.gg/KqyU7F7 Thanks!