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  1. Hi guys! Have problem with command synchronizedObjects. The situation is that I am trying to synchronize two objects (machines) with each other and I want to take a list of synchronized objects for one of the machines - but unfortunately the list is empty. Attention to the question of how to take a list of synchronized machines on one of them without bots or players in the middle. Because if I synchronize a player with a car, everything works, but a car with a car, the list of synchronized objects is empty.
  2. Hi guys! You are currently with the command https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_fire ? The trouble is that when you shoot from a jet artillery from the position of the gunner and pressing the mouseL key - all good, gets where you want (in this case, the white square). And when you shoot with this command (BIS_fnc_fire), for unknown reasons, the projectile does not reach. At the same time, no parameters change.
  3. What can be implemented by one Command in fact must be implemented through a module. The system I came up with looks like this: A new module is created with which the vehicles are synchronized. Here in this question modules give out the list of the synchronized objects without problems. Then with the help of conditions we look for the necessary class of the vehicles to which we have to synchronize all this and attach to it an array with a list of synchronized vehicles with a module except for this machine itself. And in fact we have a result where the user instead of simply synchronizing the vehicles with the vehicles must put the module and synchronize with it all the vehicles. I don't understand why the appropriate command hasn't been added in how many years - it would simplify the world.
  4. Ok but... what way out of a situation when it is necessary to receive the list of synchronized objects (not players) with the car ???
  5. Hi to all! For my server, it was necessary to perform a whitelist for players who connect to the server. To do this, I created a separate mod that works almost perfectly, but the problem is that checking for all given parameters occurs only after a briefing. How to run a script in an addon loop for example when starting the server itself or when connecting the player to the server (not in the game - possibly in the lobby or simply connecting the mission selection screen). Here is my example implementation: config.cpp In config, we create a Security class and set the preInit parameter (I understand that it executes before loading the mission, and I need it when connecting to the server) fn_init.sqf And it works as follows: the server has a config containing an array of player data (name, guid, ban status) and an access password (required in the server configuration using the command serverCommandPassword = "010101"; specify the same password which is also in the "Security \ functions \ config.ccp"). Then after the start of the game (after the briefing) the script makes a check: 1) The presence of GUID in whiteList, if not - kick, if so then step two 2) Checking player on banned: if paremetr false - then next step if parametr true - so does the kick. 3) Checking the registered name if it does not match what is indicated in the whiteList - kick 4) If the player passes all three checks, he successfully connected the game and receives a notification in the chat "Accepted". And now my main question to the specialists (if they are still here is): How to make this script work not when the mission starts, but when the server starts? Any variations are accepted (When connecting the player, when starting in the lobby (but not further than the lobby), it can be a cycle or something). Maybe something smarter than this nonsense.
  6. Thanks for the answer. Apparently there are no adequat specialists left here who could assist in this matter. Yes you are right. This method is works like you writed . And my question just was to find a method to do this task. One problem its - run scripts in lobby.