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  1. Connorisgameing

    BMR Insurgency

    So I've done some testing and it seems that "ASR AI3" with "Enhanced movement" causes EM to stop working for me at least, may want to look in to that. I also have ACE 3 running but it's only when I have ASR AI3 that EM stops working on BMR even without ACE
  2. Connorisgameing

    BMR Insurgency

    Hmm, they are all updated I just got back into BMR because now it has a saving feature. Is there any thing you can think of on my end that could be the problem, like I said I can load the game start some other mission and it will work, but then if I load yours it doesn't, and vice versa I can start yours and it won't work then load another mission and it will.
  3. Connorisgameing

    BMR Insurgency

    So I've been playing and can't get enhanced movement to work, but it works on other missions i'm only running a few mods and they never caused a problem. So does your mission not work with enhanced movement, is it a bug or something? Please help I really like playing with EM it makes rocks easier to walk or climb and you can climb over walls for more ways to approach the situation.