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  1. Bossshawk

    Stealing the Crate

    @AqueductsRCool this is a common practice especially amongst players that dont like anyone else getting anything... sad enough they know they gonna die they take the crate and destroy in their backpack so no one else can have it.. guys will grab crates knowing they have no chance to get out just to destroy it so no one else can have it... lame that its even possible in a game thats design is to loot and get the crates.... @fOrsythiaa This could easily be addressed by having them make the crates non-destroyable in your loadout? theres all types of players in this game as some loot some kill some camp... everyone dislikes a different type... but for someone that boosts the lobby with crowns and their sole intention is to try to get crates... spends the round maybe hitting coms to control the drop and then camping the drop.. and some yahoo dashes in and destroys the crates to amuse themselves... seems a lil ridiculous... dare i say unfair... im not one of those people who camps crates i want to run around loot and fight a lil bit.... and if i grab a crate im going to do my damndest to get out.. and if someone gets me kudos to them... gg... unfortunately immaturity, respect and good sportsmanship on the internet has been replaced by whining, trashtalking and disrespect as its easy to hide behind a computer screen lol...
  2. Bossshawk

    3.2 Update

    no the trolls do nothing so far... been rumors maybe if u collect them all... there was more to the update though.... there is an extra random box of valuables (like the drop but its hidden in those red chests) although i was told there was 2 for duos but when i found one there was only one and my duo didnt get one.. he was cool with me having it.. but... then i have target on my back so i either need to finish the round with a target on my back or get out.. luckily i found the cache pic nearby and it was on the way out so he got the pick of the litter in the cache and we managed to get out with the crate.... (i think he won the deal i think i got like 4 fuel 20 fertiizer and 100 ammo for a gun i dont use from the crate lmao) thats the good thing.. bad thing was they completely nerfed the cache and barred again.. and there is not even any guns in the barred safe anymore... so no one even goes to fight for it anymore lol...i had a handful of times i thought id slip in late just to see if there was anything after the crates had hit the ground and the barred house hadnt even been opened..... so much for the excitement in the game lmao... add that to them shortening the game... they stated the update was geared towards looters but u cant even get around the map or have a fight and the crates are coming and they hit the ground and faster then ever the radiation is coming and your losing heath even quicker.. its become a joke... they sure seem to find ways to drive people away from the game lmao it was so boring last night i just went to bed hours before i usually would have lol
  3. Bossshawk

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    @eKLaB the problem is at least guys ran to barred house because there was an excitement about getting the guns... right now its a wipe of identity... i was never one to rush barred i hated how all the people did it especially rando's in duos... load in with no guns or a piece of crap gun and assume they gonna get barred lol.... but at least it created something to fight for... now the players have dropped off sharply again... its boring... been trying for days to find some stupid trolls and have not heard one giggle.. gone in all types of areas... and then you slink around looking and some guy under a random tree in the middle of nowhere ambushes you,.... even worse then campers before... no direction in the game right now and its sad cause i was really enjoying it
  4. Bossshawk

    Title Solo Teaming

    @Oldninja "Will give it a real go tomorrow, wife's job list permitting." Well make her list bigger so she stays out of your hair haha 😛 *wink
  5. Bossshawk

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    @eKLaB have you played since the patch? one extreme to another... removal of the guns from barred house has made it a useless entity.. at least after last patch there was an excitement in the game.. guys rushing barred house.. now there is no reason to go there... ive seen more barred houses not even triggered yesterday lol.. why would u bother for 4 fuel.. 20 wire/metal ect..no guns maybe a few ammo i forget i stopped even checking them after a couple @fOrsythiaa do you guys even test things before you send them out? not trying to be rude here.. but the feeling is you take your advice about the "community" from a bunch of stuck up egotisical streamers that want the game stacked in their favor and then they whine when you try to increase player base and the enjoyment of the game... as much as i hated barred house... and im more of a looter scavenger... thats what interested me in the game... at least there was a buzz and excitement to the game... was there too many guns in barred house/cache.. maybe.. but could have removed 1 or 2... maybe a gold and a purple in each..... the only ones whining about too many guns in the game was the ones that are have hundreds or thousands even already stacked up from their abuse of the game for ages already.... they dont like the playing field being levelled a lil bit with newer players gaining the weapons to compete a little more.... small tweaks and adjustments as opposed to radical changes are far easier for people to take as u can always increase or decrease a small amount again if need be.. i found games completely boring.. far too short as you obviously shortened the game again... why? cause you have lost too many players due to the changes so you try to keep load times shorter? silly.... you say you want us to loot or look for trolls ect... which im all for... but when i go halfway across a map and the drops coming already and by the time i get to the other side (yes a slight exaggeration but not by too much lol) the radiation is coming and you have to try to get out or lose everything... one firefight and your rounds done if there was any cat and mouse hunting going on during the fight... give us time to play a round...
  6. Bossshawk

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    i have noticed something when doing loadout... i do like the new sorting... but when i add my gun.. if i have 0 Ammo of the type i need for that gun its not at the top.. i have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to find where the correct ammo is as it doesnt "placehold" as first position for my gun or guns i have in the loadout.. is it possible to still freeze loadout guns at the top of the ammo screen maybe? Edit: PS: lots of nice changes and tweaks and upgrades here... much appreciate the work you guys are putting in! another point for food for thought: the only reason i knew what the phones were for was cause i saw a video a week or so ago.. most would have no clue what its for unless someone told them... maybe when introducing something radically game changing new into the game just a quick message on the first loadin to the game to explain what its there or a link to read what its for something like that... u will have completely new players not realizing that they are announcing their location to the wonderful "kills kills kills" players who will use it to prey on people that dont really have a clue that its going to expose them on the map... just a thought...
  7. Bossshawk

    Actual boosted games!

    i used to always do a single boost first to see if others would join in and then sometimes add in games are soooo much more fun when theres loot to be had and when the barred house and cache are worth more from loot being boosted even a couple boosts makes a difference
  8. Bossshawk

    Need more things in the Shelter

    the sad thing is... when theres a ton of loot to run around looting.. its a blast.. this game can really be fun... but when its loot 3 entire houses and find nothing or sometimes 3 glass... its pathetic and boring... i truly dont even know why guys go after barred or crates these day lol... they definitely dont seem worth the risk i guess the camping kill freaks its cool for them and the fight action.... but u could get a better quality action of that in many other "free" games to me it was the choice to play they way you wanted and that it was fun to play how you wanted... that has slipped away for sure
  9. Bossshawk

    Need more things in the Shelter

    not to be a pessimist here and as much as i love the idea of producing anything in the shelter...that eliminates even more the need to "loot" in the game.. thus making the game even more of a just shooter up game... it would be cool to have other items to make yes... but even the one producing metal parts is not producing that much at top level... they wont be a game changer but might be interesting and give u more reason to loot stuff in game maybe what drew me to the game was the looting aspect of it.. being strategic in your looting/fighting... and the timing things to make sure u got out before radiation killed you.. these days.. guys run to barred... ive had constant partners in duos that immediately mark Barred house and run there... "BUT YET THEY HAVE NO GUNS OR WEAPONS IN THEIR LOADOUT" like wtf? you gonna go headbutt them? lol id love to see Bohemia start checking on guys with constant teamkills and these morons that immediately shoot their teammate so their buddies in the same game can have an easier ride... or the ones streaming it on twitch like they are a big deal or something cause they shot their teammate in the back and killed them... that is lame... and when it costs you your guns you worked hard to grind or make... it sucks ass i make a point of trying to help newer players understand the game and help them get some caches or crates ect... and to see the value of looting too.. if u want to play long term building your shelter is a good thing....
  10. hi there looking for some help or ideas... one friend and i have played in the recent past no problem have been having an issue lately where we get on the team... but go to launch a game and it says your teammate is not in the shelter... we have tried: resetting console launching from party chat mode launching from in game mode we can xbox chat party... but often it shows greyed out in there to invite to game when we are having this issuess we both show in the same party on our screens in game.. but cant launch a run because it says partner isnt in shelter my understanding is we arent isolated incidents others are having it too
  11. Bossshawk

    Still possible to register for beta?

    ohhh sorry i didnt see you say switch lol
  12. Bossshawk

    Still possible to register for beta?

    why do u need a code its free to play lol... just download it and play lol..
  13. Bossshawk

    teammates blue triangle

    this is more of an asthetic thing... but after one of the last updates the health of your teammate appeared above their head along with the blue triangle... my issues is that it seems the gap between the head and the blue triangle was increased.... im sure most will laugh but i have actually tk'd my teammate with a snipe from far away because i thought it was a diff enemy... and even if your up close... i had a teammate run out of a room down the stairs at me and i almost fired because i saw no blue triangle above and thought someone had been hiding and running by me
  14. Bossshawk

    Iodine, arguable the most powerful consumable coming soon

    someone told me its 10 secs but i dont know actually tested it i got a slow 11 count
  15. Have had glitch twice at the building at the Firing Range i have one picture here... Also had it happen where one of the doorways inside was blocked and then realized i wasnt in the barred house haha... http://prntscr.com/rytolz these all happened since the last patch and new update