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  1. Bossshawk

    Big problem

    why is it you guys can address something someone commenting in a diff language but cant answer or reply to simple questions about game issues that are losing your customers?
  2. Bossshawk

    Restore my lost special issue crate?

    food for thought.. or clarity when u pick up a common crate drop.. it actually looks gold in the pickup window and says "Special Issue Crate" but its only a common crate... maybe this might have been the issue?
  3. Bossshawk

    Portable signal detector spam is broken

    its interesting thought but they are damn expensive already and take a long time to build... i would be shocked if guys are carrying them that long.. perhaps the signal locator warning would be a good touch though.. and it only tells the loc of the guy nearest to you not everyone
  4. Bossshawk

    Duo's Loot Sharing

    i did feel real bad about hitting "X" and taking all one time with a guy at the crate.. i tried to find him after game in recent players to apologize it was a genuine mistake.... as for the loot sharing...rather then the coding nightmare to be able to trade... why couldnt the "team backpack" so to speak be combined... either adds to it and at the end its evenly split between the two... any guns or ammo looted by the individual is kept by the individual so theres no issue with with splitting up guns ect.... (although i guess the wildcard is the safe in the barred house but at that point then a team player that opens the safe takes the gun they want as they opened it.. and then the other guy grabs what he doesnt... which isnt much different then it is now...
  5. Bossshawk

    Can not play with friends at all

    i noticed this last night too trying to add an xbox friend repeatedly tried for 15m multiple ways and none would load friend into the team
  6. Bossshawk

    Game crashes costing weapons/loadout

    i dont really care about reimbursement money wise... but they can easily see what was lost on these crashes and could throw some proper replacement guns and ammo rather then just basically saying nothing and doing nothing thats not how you keep customers lol or inspire customers to keep paying
  7. Bossshawk

    no xp for using COM?

    pretty sure there used to be XP for using COMS? now there is none?
  8. Bossshawk

    Game crashes costing weapons/loadout

    WHEN ARE YOU DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS...LIKE COME ON HERE i just lost another M21 that i just crafted myself... had to wait for the crafting and paid the materials for... first time using the gun i dont make it thru queue.. and lose my loadout including gun and ammo.... repeatedly today i have maintained my loadout and not lost it.. so why now when i have an M21 do i lose the loadout... its pissing me off.. **note** these "auto"responses by forshythia look like a bot response anytime anyone complains about an issue... how about some real contact from someone to help rectify this... otherwise very soon im moving on .. if the company wont stand behind and support its game why should we?
  9. Bossshawk

    Game crashes costing weapons/loadout

    i am livid... i just spent an entire match filling my loadout im running to the exit and im about 5 steps from it with over half health still and the game seizes and crashes... not only do i lose everything... i lost the 60 insurance crowns and the 90 booster crowns... i am getting soooooooooooooooo sick of this.... 3 times last night i lost military or special issue weapons due to loadout crashes at the start..... ive invested 280$ in the last 2 weeks in the game thru crowns because i like the game and wanted to help it grow and this is really starting to piss me off... i would really like some to address this personally with me from the game Note: just so we are clear on where the issue is here... trying to log back in it keeps saying Login to cloud service failed, servers might be unavailable
  10. Bossshawk

    Game crashes costing weapons/loadout

    well i just lost another purple miltiary grade weapon... and all the ammo... im struggling to keep materials these days and with the cost of ammo its one thing to lose it normally but losing it cause the games crashing getting very frustrating especially when ive spent money on crowns because ive enjoyed the game so far..
  11. Hi there A friend and i have noticed alot lately... with all the boots out of the hunt screen and getting kicked out to the game load screen.. when u come back in its like you were killed and you lose your weapon and loadout i had a few weapons i did not have weapons for and lost my last ones due to this issue... very frustrating Also have invested putting crowns into these matches and then get booted..... Cant confirm if these are counting as deaths.. but they seem to be acting like.. which would essentially also be counting as missions thus affecting all your stats..... If it was an occasional happening that would be one thing but this seems to be multiple times per day/night.... is it feasible if you get booted to have it so that you can rejoin your teammember if u are still showing on their team if the match hasnt started yet? Sucks for you but also your partner if they are stuck in a team match alone against all teams because one person got booted by your servers... i run a decent broadband connection so not sure why i would be getting booted on my end and this has happened regularly with at least 2 others i play with