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  1. Jukka Heiskanen

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Fixed the challenges? There's only one kind of challenges now. Kill x amount of people with x gun.
  2. Jukka Heiskanen


    You can find airdrop boxes in regular looting places. Wtf? Before the airdrop has even landed?
  3. Jukka Heiskanen

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Last update you increased a ridiculous amount of stuff in barred house and now removed basically everything. Good job(slow claps).
  4. Jukka Heiskanen

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    Since the update the challenges are all the same everyday. Kill x amount of people with x gun. Everyday the same.
  5. Jukka Heiskanen

    Changelog 2.2

    Lost over 300 crowns on the update. How hard it can be to fix the ammo disappear. Ammo dissappears from gun when you leave encounter. There hasn't been one update where the game wouldn't be broken somehow. 🤦‍♂️
  6. Jukka Heiskanen

    Changelog 2.1

    Can't aim on left shoulder at all. The crosshair gets blocket by your head/shoulder.
  7. Jukka Heiskanen

    Season 2: Hunters

    Fix the shotgun. It kills in ridiculous long ranges.
  8. Jukka Heiskanen

    Changelog 1.2.1

    The sounds are all messed up. You only hear every other step when someone runs. And same with crawling etc.