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    Changelog 1.2.1

    Thanks for an update. Although there is a bug that hasn't been fixed that I have seen in the changelog. Basically an ammo deletion in your inventory after returning from an encounter to your shelter. Only happens when your inventory is full and you have ammo loaded in your weapon. The game is scripted to input all of your loot and materials into your shelter for you. The bug is that because you have returned to your shelter with a full inventory, the game does not have any room to unload your ammo that is in your gun thus deleting your ammo. A work around I have found for this is to leave a spot free in your inventory for a stack of ammo or perhaps 2 free spots considering a weapon you are using has a magazine size larger than a stack of ammo specific to that weapon for example the Ppsh with a size of 71 or 72? that takes 7.62x25 Tokarev. Maybe patch this too allow the ammo to stay in the gun and have the option to unload in the weapons menu after the game has stashed your loot for you when returning from an encounter? This is a simple bug I'd love to see fixed in a future update very soon please. I love the concept of this game and is very fun. Thank you!