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  1. Crowific

    Changelog 1.2.1

    I think it’s mainly about loot. For example, if you find chemicals (rare/blue rarity) or military grade electronics(military grade/purple rarity)it will give you more XP than fertilizer(Uncommon/Green rarity). Also, i’m sure it will give you more XP bonuses for higher tier crates as well.
  2. Crowific

    Changelog 1.2.1

    Will the glitch with the clipboard/map be fixed? Sometimes in the start of the game when you have the map/clipboard in your hand it will stick to your hand making it kind of difficult to focus/distracting when you ADS. Also sometimes I will be kicked out of the shelter or pregame lobby due to random disconnection (happens to me and my friend at the same exact time every time) and it will take my entire inventory as if I died in an encounter. One last personal request/question, I think it would be amazing if my friend and I could share a clan/tribe shelter. Hypothetically speaking, if this was implemented, you could have a tribe. In that tribe you could have up to let’s say 10 people(more or less considering there’s only teams of two). They could all gather resources for that shelter as it would take more supplies to make shelter improvements, and build a shelter or base as a tribe/clan/whatever you’d want to call it. The option could be chosen in the starting menu wether you want to go to “personal” shelter or “tribe” shelter and from there you could travel back and forth. Similar to the donation zip line, you could have an option to travel from personal to tribe shelter by travelling in a cable transport which will trigger a short cutscene/animation. Will something like this ever be in the game? Or do you guys have ideas which i’m sure you do. A simple “no” or “yes” is fine i’m just curious!