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  1. Thanks for the reply & hoping the issue will be fixed in time for Season 5
  2. Same here, been at level 13 for water distillation for ages now & it takes me 40 mins to craft a mortar. Friends who are at level 9 & lower can craft mortars in 20 mins yet the update was supposed to be 0 mins crafting time according to the latest update. Makes me wonder, what other mathematical errors are in the Vigor systems that effects players like food generation, material generation & antenna crown generation. Would love to know what Vigor is doing to remedy this for effected players as this bug has cost me atleast days in crafting time?
  3. swafen

    Server locations, bad ping :(

    I think many players would appreciate an answer to this question on where the actual servers are located
  4. swafen

    Bug? cant switch weapons

    Having the same issue on xbox as well as gun not displaying while in combat with only my hands & arms sticking out which makes gun fights impossible
  5. swafen

    Teaming in solo encounters - Yet again.

    This would be a great idea mescot if the devs wanted to NOT encourage teaming though I guess the players who aren't able to compete would just use mobile/cell phones or even smoke signals to be able to continue to communicate ingame. Noticed a few threads about solo teaming though I have a bigger issue with teaming in duos as usually play duos so that's what I notice more
  6. swafen

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    I'll 2nd & 3rd Oldninjas opinion. Tbh I assumed Vigor already allowed m&k, simply because of the insane accuracy that some gifted players seem to have any combat situation. I seem to be blessed with the skill of bullet catcher instead of the one firing them doh lol.
  7. swafen

    cant loot people i kill

    My team mate & I found out that this bug has been fixed, finally when we were able to easily loot bodies in bushes for the first time
  8. swafen

    15,000 food for next set of crates?

    Already donated mine & look forward to the using the xp from opening crates for next season as I need all the help I can get 😰
  9. swafen

    Back pack bug

    Thanks, will keep an eye out next game for this
  10. swafen

    Teammate footstep sounds bugged

    Of all the bugs & issues that this game has presented to test the sanity of a normal gamer, this current kangaroo/rabbit footstep sound from team mates & enemy (unless you are facing them) has taken its toll on me taking the fun out of overall gameplay imo (hadn't been on for 3 weeks until yday so unsure exactly how long this issue has been going on).