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  1. Sakabato1487

    Where's it headed?

    improved camera my ass... lol do not agree with that. absolutely hate trading kills also. don't get credit for half of them. happens waaaayyy to much. worst part of updates if you ask me. now the camera angle... kinda getting used to it. played a few matches yesterday and it took 3-4 games to not shoot into the ground lol and the dang Thompson. Ive lost more aur paras and adrs to that dang gun after one of these updates. not sure which changed a bunch of stuff. I never had much trouble hitting my targets. I learned early on how bloom and guns performed and stuck with the game even though most of my friends thought it was to difficult. battle pass is doable. I had paced myself last season for atleast one level a day once I got way up there. getting to and through the 60% booster was probably the most taxing for me. the 80% booster and 100% booster make it pretty easy. to finish it out. my play style usually pays out pretty well. pretty aggressive and greedy. im sure iv caused a lot of frustration in other outlanders but I die too and lose my full pack or drop in a gun fight or a bush/exit camper. its just part of the game. had to find that balance of having enough loot and not trying to kill everyone for a stupid common crate or hit the signal tower one last time. better to leave and take a good pay out than risk it. i can see how it can be pretty tough for players that don't cover alot of ground or pick up a lot of loot. yesterday I hit level 10 in just a couple hours on the new season even with a few bad games. might play to level 20 and think about getting the battle pass. I didn't play today though. still want to stay away for a bit. it might have been just the time of day/night but it seemed like I didn't run into teamers at all. maybe one game that I noticed. so that's good. maybe not marking the barred house or signal tower on the map might make things a little friendlier. if you find it you find it. would stop the giant rush and maybe balance out the matches.
  2. Sakabato1487

    Where's it headed?

    I wouldn't say we were ripped off. we chose to purchase it at time of release. BI has the right to do with their product as they please. they gave a certain number away for a certain period of time. Probably due to the holidays. would it have been nice to not to have paid for it? yeah definitely especially after finding out the amount of work it would have taken to complete... but I probably wouldn't have completed the battle pass if I didn't get started on it until after I found out it was free for a period of time. I did get the sweater, jacket and Vigor back pack all off promo. Not everyone did so its whatever. I probably wont be getting this next battle pass though. at least I wont be paying for it. Absolutely hate the new camera. I cant move around like I used to, feels like I cant see. All my shots are off and feels like I cant utilize cover in a gun fight like I used to. and the Thompson still destroys but I refuse to use it. Still get stuck on stuff and cant get out. Mosin Nagant isn't a new gun but re released... Kills are worth less but headshots went up. finding buried cache went up in xp. XP earnt seems ok/fair. Looted and or retrieved. At this point if I continued playing id rather get the new schematics in the store... no use in looting my butt off trying to earn xp. I dunno I am a sucker though... still feel kinda burnt out.
  3. Sakabato1487

    Campers must be stopped

    don't take scoped rifles out too often but when I do im hella camping/stalking. so satisfying to pop heads.
  4. Sakabato1487

    Where's it headed?

    anybody else celebratingthe end of their endless grind to finish the battle pass? I got mine over with yesterday. dunno if ill ever want to play again..... hopefully they make some very fun and interesting changes for the next battle pass. They should make a ranked system game mode based off how many shelter upgrades you have. would allow lower ranked a better opportunity to loot and work on their shelter with less fear that the lobby is full of booster and head hunters. randomly remove or add an extra barred house or signal tower, a second or third buried loot. that makes every game different. changes the immediate rush to the tower or barred house which really was just for the xp boost. probably take a small break, feel burnt out from the game.
  5. Sakabato1487

    Campers must be stopped

    its part of the game. gotta be careful with how you play, happens too many times you go into a random house out of the way to recover, sort inventory, or study picture and it never fails that theres a camper guarding the doorway. like the dude had to spend all 10 minutes laying in the first house he saw... camping exits is the worst though... like damn, you were so close.
  6. Sakabato1487

    streaming teamkiller

    www.mixer.com/da187killer has been and currently streaming duos and TKin every game. go check it out
  7. Sakabato1487


    ^^^^^ yeah it reduces crafting time on consumables...
  8. Sakabato1487

    I need a devs answer

    @Terry Moore YES!!! well said. BI has done a good job cause people keep playing. Tarkov is PC only right now and its requires a little too much time and investment per match. Vigor is just right if you ask me. In and out 10-15 minutes. instant satisfaction or death and reload. Yes it has its little bugs and what not but nothing to keep me from playing. Except the stupid Thompson.... geez I loose gun fights to that thing more than any other and when I use it it shoots macaroni noodles or something. anyways, nothing more satisfying than killing a band of teamers. whether it be joining their party and meeting up, which I turned my gun on them, so fun not gonna lie, thought I was going to have to get my ears checked after all the screaming. Or outplaying them on the field. love catching 2-3 of them surrounding the house im in, listening to their footsteps and emotes, definitely not shooting eachother and once I catch them and pick them off one by one the last one usually runs for it. soon follows a invite to party or hate mail. occasionally a GG or nice shot.
  9. Sakabato1487

    Can't go crouch or prone or jump

    yup seen this too
  10. Sakabato1487

    Double doors wont open

    I saw this on Brodalen Bridges
  11. Sakabato1487

    I need a devs answer

    Im all for feedback and suggestions. this game has come a LONG way and im glad for that. But even with all the input, devs are still gonna do what they think best or what they want to do. I just find it amusing that people go outta their way to create accounts to whine and tell everybody how much they hate this game cause they couldn't loot a bush or someone destroyed a crate. but yet they keep playing it. Leave the devs, staff, BI alone already. Nobody is out harrasing your parents about how much of a disappointment you are have they? People straight bullying themselves. I don't like this game but imma keep playing it so I get even more mad. 😂🤣 I come here for information on the game and stay for the entertainment. Good luck out there.
  12. Sakabato1487

    I need a devs answer

    OldNinja couldn't have said it better. I actually enjoy getting to bust up teamers. they aren't that good anyways, just saying. yeah ill probably lose my stuff but o well, its just stuff. In all my life of playing video games, I have never ever felt that I actually matter to the developers or owners of a video game.... I have no need or want, to matter to them. Its a video game.... They didn't make the game for me nor did I ask/pay them to make the game for me. So I have no say or some sort of self fabricated entitlement to gripe and complain and demand answers or results. They produced a product that I chose to buy, yes during the game preview. Most of yall got the game for FREE! Its good they are open to suggestions and feedback but dang. What the heck is wrong with all you people now a days. People loosing themselves cause a couple 9 year olds are working together. Yall ever seen the old video of the grown kid having a temper tantrum and trying to shove the remote up his bum? That's what I imagine all you people who cant live with the outcome of this game to be like. Geez chill TF out. Go roleplay in roblox or something. GTFOH! Go crap your pants and call your mom. BTW if anybody wants to team up later and wreck some people lmk. ive donated 5k food =]
  13. Sakabato1487

    Changelog 1.2.48851

    you cant ban K&M users, that's got to be some sort of discrimination especially towards those with physical disabilities. its 2020 and its just a game. its not like youre in a 1v1 vs a K&M player for money or anything. if you get wrecked you get wrecked. try again. sometimes I go like 5-6 games or more on a straight losing streak, it happens.
  14. Sakabato1487

    Season Pass

    @stiffmaister how much XP do you usually average per game. a good game on a good run. I know there are always a few sometimes a butt load of games where you die in like 30 seconds. that's a heck ton of crates... this is gonna suck.... theres a part of me that doesn't like to leave things unfinished.
  15. Sakabato1487

    Season Pass

    @Matt Hejl yeah 4k was once or twice only lol. *edit *(doesn't take that much now that ive been paying attention to it. maybe I hit 5k once. I dunno) I do hit 3k on the reg after xp boost ofcourse. depends on spawn alot but yeah I think it was a duo. hit the safe with selective looting, became a threat and multiple headshots. 400xp for headshot kills. also left with both crates and a full pack. if the map is cleared ill spam the tower 2-3 times before exit.