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  1. Hello, can you explain why this is in the game now? i can not see the differences between hit the y-button to show the lobby that i am ready or not.
  2. stanolli

    The end is Nigh

    what does Bi offer players, that already build up their shelter Level 150 or more? Level up for 0,02 Food plus or something else? that is Nothing to catch up players playing for loot? come on, my workbench is at 2nd highest Level an i Need nearly 3000 pieces of … i dont know it now… doesnt matter how Long shoud Players loot for this? generall the amount of loot in the Maps is a joke, way too low. and finally the daily challanges… since several days just killing x outlanders… and BI says that vigor is more than killing BI, think about it...
  3. stanolli

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    do not Focus on Targets like "kill x outlanders" … and please: increase the amount of rewards. 5 coins for 10 kills is like a kick in the nuts. sry. like other said: stay alive for x minutes, collect x items… Play peacefull.. and once again: increase the amount auf rewards! 150 Food oder 10 nails do not help anyone out there! my shelter ist at lv12, i had over 1 mio to build weapons, more than 50 adr... does anyone think, that a daily challege for 5 coins got me to do it? no way, and i think, that there are a lot of more People out there like me. my 2 Cents... and i still love the game 😉
  4. stanolli

    Changelog 2.1

    what About earning xp to build up the shelter? since 2.0 i do not get any xp for this. still a Problem or just not anymore in the game?
  5. stanolli

    Portable signal detector

    How long does it work? the full match till i leave or like the signal station for round about 10 seconds?
  6. stanolli

    Teaming in solo encounters - Spectating!

    100% agree to go down with the time of spectating !
  7. stanolli

    Weapon Plans for sale

    If I buy a weapon at the shop, can that weapon instant used or do I have to upgrade the workbench to Use and build it? my workbench is at lv 11 so i can build Hbart... to go to max lv, i Need more than 6000 chemicals 🤮
  8. Hi, after a very long time of looting chemicals to reach nearly 1.400 chemicals to get my workbench at lv 10/13 now guess what we need to reach lv 11? exactly: 1900 chemicals !!! WTF??? How many times you have to loot the two yellow houses near the exit on fiskke fabrikk at the north/east? so boring 😞 Someone with a better farm spot for me? Please :)
  9. Hi, i want to build some HBART with the blueprint. it took 1 Hour 30 min. to complete each. if you leave the game, the process will be canceled! . You have to start again... much better: 6 hours to Build ADR... WTF? Really bohemia?
  10. stanolli

    Initial Comments 1.2 Update

    Edit: ok, now the price is right next. But not how much xp you get from it. ————— Now you can buy xp to boost your lv in the Battle pass. but how much does it cost? i cant find any informations about this
  11. Thank you all for your tipps. till lv13, all i Need is materials and chemicals?
  12. ok, thank you. The lets Go Lootin’ Will it be the same till you reach lv13 to build the vintorez? i have all blueprints ...