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    Bug Report

    Since the lates update, all the ammo in the magazine of any equipped weapon gets deleated upon arrival to the house. Real frustrating when running the p90. Also the cloud moves way too fast. If you are on the emd of the map the cloud starts at you will die before reaching the other side. Definitely need to put the cloud back to its old speed
  2. Tomjretal

    Bug Report

    Me again, with two bugs. One, when dropping loot from your person to obtain ammo from a dead corpse the ammo type selected is not the same as the type earned at the end of the game. (Ive selected 9x39 on a dead guy, finished the tound an yet no 9x39 earned). Also, when doing trials in the firing range, ive (like maybe 10% of time) lost the equiped weapon ammo when finishing the challenge. Idk about mundane calibers but my 7.62x39 and 5.7 both were depleted after completing a challenge with a viable weapon.
  3. Tomjretal

    Bug Report

    Main issue is game crashing. Sometimes it will say network lag ( which there is none, ive checked) and sometimes it says lost conection tp host. When lost connection to host occurs, i recieve the ammo and gun i started the match with. When the game crashes with no reason, i loose whatever gun/ammo i started regardless of insurance. Neither time do i keep any loot obtained during the match. Quite frustrating.