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    Server Tabs in Launcher

    I've noticed on my launcher, multiple users reported it as well. This is a fairly new issue, so maybe it was introduced in some other way? This was working until recently, maybe 1 month back. Maybe a steam issue? Odd that it's happening to the arma launcher though. Regards, Bear
  2. BearDen - Bear

    Server Tabs in Launcher

    Since the latest patch, the server tabs in the launcher no longer "Auto Refresh" the list of servers. You have to click on the refresh in the upper right of the screen. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed in next patch? Regards, Bear
  3. BearDen - Bear

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Unable to leave a unit as the person assigned Owner has left the unit, can you remove me? Arcturus Rising [ARC] Cheers, Bear
  4. Trying to help someone with a server but I'm not sure where to look for this issue. If you use range finders or scopes like Nightstalker for distance by hitting T it doesn't produce range, in fact the VIS on the left side isn't even visible. The boxes on either side of the Nightstalker for instance are blank. Any thoughts as to where to look for this issue? Arma 3 Exile server 32bit (Have replaced the exile.ini per someone's post but didn't help) Also, Exile_Container_Safe won't unlock when placed at a base, no menu option for unlock. Proper setup in config.cpp but still nothing. (Not sure if this is related) Regards, Bear
  5. Thanks for the rangefinder fix, implementing now and working! So I'm guessing the Safe thing is related to the last update?
  6. BearDen - Bear

    Database Error

    What DB version are you running 32bit or 64bit? Do you have the overrides setup properly if 64bit? Regards, Bear