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  1. stiffmaister

    Two Game-Hurting Bugs

    Going into water fix it 99% of the times! If water is not close try an emote, a dance or whatever but the water is at the moment the best fix when it happens
  2. stiffmaister

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    Know issue due to tracksuit outfit. Change your clothes and all should be fine.
  3. stiffmaister

    Weird audio

    Absolutely! It is heard the most while inside a building...Does it seems a whisper right? I'd like to hear an answear from the dev if it is intended or whatelse
  4. stiffmaister

    First person?

    Me too I'd like but devs stated it will not going to happen.
  5. stiffmaister

    First change of weapon

    Yep...same with the healing input not registered and you need to heal you twice. Plus I suggest swap the position behind the shoulder between the two primary weapons for two reasons. One because is cooler and two because it obsctucts your view. I suggest also to change so that changing weapon or reloading doesn't break your sprint. It will give the game a great smoothness.
  6. stiffmaister

    Changelog 2.1

    Is there a changelog for today's update?
  7. stiffmaister

    Come on man

    There are good and cheepers weapons in game. If you are complaining about the ADR is because of players like you who runs nothing but ADRs all the time it needed to be nerfed. AKM is a godtier weapon and it costs 1800. With 300k materials you can craft a lot of them. But if all you want to use is an ADR...wel...you see my point..
  8. stiffmaister

    Changelog 2.1

    Here my spare thoughts: Yesterday hit reg was good. I traded just one time. Servers seemed ok. Hope It will remain so. Ammo cost change is good. Maybe a bit too much (specially for lmgs.) but ok for now. We should see less ADR tryhards around. Chart and statistics are good. Now I just hope these will not promote camping for those who cares about good stats. Shoulder mirroring looks very odd. I found it hurts more than help. Every time I swap to my left shoulder I get my target covered by my body. I liked the old way more. Overall game looks and runs good. As usual I love Vigor <3. Still a great fanboy here. Other concerns: No xp for buried cache. Why add the fake buried cache if it's not fully ready. You should had wait rather than delete xp points for finding the true cache imho. No need to add such thing at this moment. Akm, A74k and PAmd.86 should be rebalanced. the PA md86 should get the stats of the akm (plus burst fire) since it is blue. Akm should get the A74k one and the A74K should get the PAmd.86 stats. At the moment the PA is worse than akm (3rd person bloom) but one is white the other is blue. The bug where the crate disappear if you kill the carrier with a full inventory is still here. Since the game is based on airdrop this is a major issue you should look into. this bug is in game from basically ever. The bug where you get the blurred image when the radiation storm kicks in but you are not inside the wave (but another player is) is still there. It's time to get rid of this bug. Imho at the end of this season you should not launch immediately the new pass and you should'nt add new stuff. We need a QoL update to polish the game from this long time bugs, maybe a better framerate (if possibile) and improve the server stability. Keep up the good work devs! Vigor is Amazing!
  9. stiffmaister

    Changelog 2.1

    Thx devs! Can't wait to try it
  10. stiffmaister

    I need a devs answer

    I suggested many times in official discord too. Party chat should be disabled if you are joining a solo game. In that way teamers cannot comunicate. Good luck hunting using emotes. Problem solved.
  11. stiffmaister

    Changelog 1.2.48851

    You can ban them if they use adapter which aren't meant to be used. Not every game support K+M and vigor specifically doesn't.
  12. stiffmaister

    Season Pass

    I stopped at 150.000 food some days ago...At the end of the season I will pass the 200/220 crates stacked that will give me another BP level. Still waiting to reach the 80% boost that I hopefully reach next days. In any case a battle pass should not be grinded that way...Vigor is all I play...a couple hours a day and usually my games float around 2000/3000 xp (not counting xp boost) but im still struggling because I know I will never reach last level and I will never get back the 900 crowns I paid. It would have been better to save the money, wait few weeks and take the battle pass when they gave it for free. In that way I would had the money to get the new and refined battle pass of the new season. I feel punished for buying the battle pass early and now you have to play in order to maximize xp points rather than enjoying the game itself.
  13. stiffmaister

    Changelog 1.2.48851

    So did you tested M+K adapter on Vigor and they are working? Hope they will be banned as soon as possible!
  14. stiffmaister

    Season Pass

    Cost to skip level is no. of level x 10 crowns so..skip level 34 is 340 crowns iirc. Vigor is all I play and I'm still stuck at level 34. I will never reach level 50 that means I will never get back the 900 crowns I spent for the battle pass (before it went free aaaaarghhh). I will not going to buy the next battle pass if it will do not become less grindy. I stacked 175 crates 'till now which I will open at the end with the 80% xp boost to maximize the chance of gettig higher level but for sure the xp amount of this battle pass is too high. Still hope for double xp event...hopefuly last 2 weeks of this season.
  15. stiffmaister

    Help wanted

    Hello! You need to upgrade your workbench (can't recall what level is required for H-bar AUR) so keep grinding and looting materials. It could take a while…..