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  1. stiffmaister

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    Thx guys! Thx Pyrit! Can't wait to try it out this night!!!
  2. stiffmaister

    Turn down running speed

    I still love the pace of this game and the gunplay is still awesome. High recoil, spread, staggering, weapon encoumbrance (e.g. LMGs in building). All these things gives vigor a unique style.
  3. stiffmaister

    Turn down running speed

    Me too I'd like to see a general reduction on the running speed because this will rewards the ones who move with caution and tactics but I don't think the devs will go in that direction. At least they should reduce the transition speed from stand to prone and vice versa. At the moment they are insanely fast
  4. stiffmaister

    Bushes EATING my Death Crates.

    Although difficult sometimes, I always managed to get the crate in bushes. Try go prone or stand right on it. You should go as near as possible to get the "X" showed. Hope they will eventualy fix it
  5. stiffmaister

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    Do not insult. I reply to your post in a gentle way as I was trying to show you the funny thing about the teamers and the increased challenge of the firefight against them. Both time you showed rude. I'm not blind and I'm not st**id. Nowaday people whine and cry about everything… If you camp you are a bushwookie, if you run and gun you have to go back to COD or Fortnite, if you find teams it is unfair… my god….deal with all that things. The only thing I'd like to get rid off is the annoying teamkilling but I think it's part of the game.
  6. stiffmaister

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    It is supposed you get a team mate in a duo game so...much fun for you. If you play with a random you are obviously in disadvantage but with a trusty allied, some skill and the right weapon It could result in a very good game.
  7. stiffmaister

    Do something for players who play 4 together against others.

    Don't get mad at teamers. In no time you will find them fun and thrilling to fight because It will be a new kind of challenge and most of times kill a duo in a solo game gives me a Greater satisfaction than a succesfull crate escape.
  8. stiffmaister

    Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox

    Devs said mouse and keyboard support will eventualy come later...much later…. At the moment you can play only with controller.
  9. stiffmaister

    Radiation Blur Bug?

    To me it happens often...almost 3 or 4 out of ten...and it happened on different maps. It's annoing AF as you can't properly fight for the crate since you can't see s**t. Nice to see I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  10. stiffmaister

    is sound nerfed or is it just bugs

    I noticed the sound when you are prone and look around are gone… I'd like to see them back because that noise add a lot of strategy. You have to think how, where and when to look while you hide.
  11. stiffmaister

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    What about the noises when you are prone? They have been removed? Or is it a bug?
  12. stiffmaister

    Rooftop control

    Can't understand. They removed the sounds when you are prone and look around without mentioning it in the changelogs?? In any case...happened to me Yesterday in solo...someone was on rooftop with P90....I managed to heashot him with my trusty M16... Then I danced
  13. stiffmaister

    LOSING Crate

    Thx I didn't knew that! I played a lot but it never happened to me
  14. stiffmaister

    LOSING Crate

    ^^Exactly what he said. Connection issue by your side. Plus I can't understand how can a gold crate and a common crate be in the same game
  15. stiffmaister

    Brag it up... what’s your leaderboard stat?

    No.370 Yesterday… The climb will be very slow from now on...