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  1. Rickard Bergsten

    We want map selection back... as soon as possible

    "Hei Outlanders. There are a lot of things going on in post-war Norway, I don't even know where to start. We took our time and listened to community feedback, trying to extract the wishes and interesting points to improve the Outlander experience." We want map selection back... as soon as possible. And I don't mind queuing for a map that I want to play
  2. Rickard Bergsten

    New player - is teaming ok?

    I unfortunately think we already have passed that stage. We are too few active players so it just became impossible to keep every map open and playable around the clock. But instead of continuing the bot experiment that i think i saw they took away map selection to force us into the same map. Which should mean less waiting time. That's exactly what they said to us all this time.
  3. Rickard Bergsten

    New player - is teaming ok?

    Are you sure that bots don't already exist? For my part, I am convinced that I have already met them late at night back when you still could choose maps freely. Has Bohemia ever denied their existence?
  4. Rickard Bergsten

    Changelog - Update 3.1

    I can't see anything about any change in the shooting recoil now in the 3.1 update? But there is a huge difference between today's shooting and yesterday's shooting Take any weapon and go to the shooting range. Put it in single mode. Aim for a blue barrel and start shooting at a steady pace without touching anything except the shooting button. Yesterday you could easily put the entire magazine in the barrel. Today after the update with the same conditions you look straight up in the sky when you're done...
  5. Rickard Bergsten

    Changelog 2.2

    Give me my map selection back...