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  1. Cry2yourMoM

    Played a few, now questions

    A way to obtain crates early on in hopes of getting blue prints... do your challenges. A lot of challenges give crate rewards. Be sure to do them.
  2. Cry2yourMoM


    Well, I think crates are the number one concern for the game. Kills are tied... as long as they keep adding to the shelter and customizations, there will be more than enough reason to keep playing. On top of that, strategy is why I keep playing. Every encounter is different, every single time.
  3. Cry2yourMoM


    I think I’ve seen it posted before, not sure. Just recently played a game where most of my loot was ammo. I fully loaded my clip on my guns, dropped all ammo for those guns. Picked up and maxed my slots with good ammo. Returned to shelter and lost all ammo loaded in my guns, but kept all good ammo. I can join and leave an encounter without shooting a single round and keep all ammo loaded and inventory. might have to do with an all ammo pack. Not sure
  4. Cry2yourMoM


    I actually experienced something last night that was very suspicious... 3 different players, ran to my position, waved high to each other then all shot at me while I was in cover... no tower used and knew my exact location. if his statement is legit, that might actually make sense with the very suspicious event I experienced.
  5. Cry2yourMoM

    Shelter quick finish

    It would be nice to spend crowns to hurry complete shelter upgrades. I like to start a fresh upgrade before bed, as does everyone else that plays I’m sure. So for us working folk, please include this option in upcoming updates. Thanks!
  6. Cry2yourMoM

    The Power of the Wave

    Lol. Well you’re lucky. I shoot everyone.😇
  7. Cry2yourMoM

    Kill bonus...

    Might be interesting to get a added bonus if you can kill the team killer(s) and the threat(s) of the game. maybe throw in a two crowns for hunting team killers and one crown for the threat...? could even use materials that are harder to obtain for the challenge.
  8. Cry2yourMoM

    Is it me...?

    Just seemed hit detection was tweaked a bit for 3rd person. Just seeing if anyone else though so too. I already started a thread about the hand in the feedback discussions.
  9. Cry2yourMoM

    Is it me...?

    Sorry wrong discussion. Should be in general.
  10. Cry2yourMoM

    Is it me...?

    Did they mess with the 3rd person hit detection...? I can not play first person due to the left hand being in a the sights on most guns. anyone else seem to think they changed the 3rd person hit detection? Even shotguns... might just be me, but I think something has changed in the last update. I dunno
  11. Cry2yourMoM

    Shooting for nothing

    How close are you to the target? If you are too close, the game automatically puts you in hand to hand combat which makes you punch with the butt of the gun instead of fire it. That could be your issue. my friend said his guns do the same as you stated from distance every once in a while.
  12. Cry2yourMoM

    The Truest King's List of Bugs 1.1

    Just played a game where I crouched then jumped a fence and couldn’t crouch or lay down after that... church map
  13. Cry2yourMoM

    Weapon in shelter

    Upon death and equipping a new weapon, you have unlimited ammo not in the range.
  14. Cry2yourMoM

    Reticle Color Topic

    I agree. Custom reticles would be a big plus. 👍
  15. Cry2yourMoM


    It wouldn’t have to be for each players time zone. Mostly it would have to be for Eastern and Western Hemisphere. the cash grab concept wouldn’t come into play really. It just gives players the option of trying to complete challenges to keep them more intrigued and playing longer. the reason it wouldn’t come into play is because once you get to where your stuff is almost upgraded, there really is no point in trying to loot due to loot not needed... if I had the option of purchasing a random loot challenge, I’d go looting for example.