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  1. FEARRme not god

    Disable party chat in solo mode??

    @Fred Oskar OttershagenOttershagenOttershagenOtters. This fix you ask for is not going to fix anything seeing as to players would just switch from teaming in solo to switching to duo and being able to again talk in party chat then it would again be teaming if more then just that duo was in one match together working together. It's just a part of the game, I've eliminated 4+ players all teaming up in a match before, you should in my opinion just work on your gun skills and you could definitely handle people doing this teaming you speak of. I believe in you that you can improve, have a great day.
  2. FEARRme not god

    Rooftop control

    I would love for someone to be on a roof because I'd headshot them without them even seeing me as I'd be out of clear view. @Fred Oskar Ottershagen I'd be much more concerned with how much bushes give cover.
  3. FEARRme not god


    Yes. Batterie Droug there are a few houses inside which have tons of glass, me and my friends call one of them the glass house.
  4. FEARRme not god

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    @Gl R Lau Everytime I've been disconnected to server was while I had been loading in prior to seeing the lineup of all outlanders in that match, at that time I had loaded back into shelter and had my items on my loadout still. But if you get past the lineup of players screen and then lose connection then yes I have lost my loadout when that happens. It's really not the worst of problems when you can most likely craft another one in no time :] Good luck to you and all other outlanders.. this is a great game.
  5. FEARRme not god

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    @Abc187 Well I think you should believe it. They have stated it's a minor update, thus the few fixes they stated are exactly that - minor. Also the rest of your comment about the game vigor's post regarding in game changes per the update is all your own opinion. ^ Maybe you have just been having bad luck with the Challenge rewards because they do vary with what is given for varying challenges upon completion. The challenges might be similar to past challenges where you received much more valuable rewards but that does happen and it isn't a Nerf it's just your luck on which challenge and reward was randomly given to you for a new challenge when the challenges reset. Have a great day. - A True Outlander