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  1. Civilian5902

    Teaming in solo encounters - Yet again.

    Introduction of duo just created teaming in duo. We should not separate solo and duo on that point. Yesterday, with my teammate, we were maybe lucky. We identified 2 players in the lobby, not in the same team but same numbers after their gamertag, like xxxxxx52 and xxx52. We were behind a rock, 30 meters between us and we saw them. 4 players in a perfect line searching for us just after the radar. As we moved and took position, we were on their side. That was like... Beautiful. It's rare to see a complete 4 players team so close from each other. So we start shooting first. And its maybe our first clean victory 2vs4. Was hard but F*** them, what else could we say after killing the 4th ? 2vs4 is unfortunately not rare these last weeks. It sounds like a challenge and we succeed last night, but it won't happen everytime. Bad thing we're use to take care of that every damn game.
  2. Civilian5902


    It's not for weapons, but for your healing stuff, and alarms explosive & co.
  3. Civilian5902

    More safe location on Draug Battery

    I only play duo, and if Grontheim was our favorite, it's now Battery. There is so many games where we've been the last team alive, before the air drop! After the safe fight, after 1 team decide to leave fast, which happens a lot, we're just free to clean the map. Victorious safe, then base, burried cache and air drop. xp jackpot. It doesnt happen every time, it's not what I'm saying. But as we're 4 teams max, sometimes 3, it's done very fast. Dead or alive. The thing is that game doesn't ask you for killing people to go out "victorious" with full loot. And that's why this concept could be better than all battle royal. But if we dont have enough choices than fighting 2 teams at the same time, we loose that feeling. We just need new locations, and 1 new event, and we could see some changes.
  4. Civilian5902

    More safe location on Draug Battery

    There is 2 ways to go in the bunkers, by the front door and the corridor where the safe could be, or from above and take the circle way. It's larger than some houses. This map needs some other locations to free the base. But I'm for a new event too. Something we could decide to do straight at the beginning, as the safe. There is too much fight around the safe, it breaks something imo.
  5. Battery is a very small map, and if you spawn near the safe, you can be sure you won't be alone very long. But I think there's no many different location for the barred house. There is 2 possibilities in base, and that's already too much. Then we have 1 house very near on west and another one just above. The problem is when the safe is most of the time in base, because the base is a very good place to loot. So 3/4 of the teams will fight very early in the game. And when you're victorious, you realise you're the last team alive. After few minutes only. I just ask for 1 or 2 new locations for the safe. Like in the big bunkers. There's a small room where we can sometimes find the radio, could it be a good place for it ?
  6. Civilian5902

    Adding A.I. enemies to the map

    It could be interesting for only one location, a new point of interest on the map. Same loot as the safe or almost + 2 or 3 npcs with their poor stuff. (buying % loot could improve their stuff). So if you make a new location as the safe, that could help prevent to find ALL the teams on 1 point of the map. That could prevent the camping, because on a 4 teams max like Battery, you would camp for nothing, as 1 or 2 teams would be on the safe, one in base, one a radar. AI or not, a new important location would help anyway. But I'm for a small new place with 2 bad guys. No need more if they're dangerous enough.
  7. Civilian5902

    Jan 15th Update - First Impressions

    Spawns seems weird when you can see 3 teams spawning near the safe. On the small Battery I understand that, but on Grontheim, feels weird. Last time, we were only 2 teams on Grontheim (what a luck. I even experienced being alone on Grontheim, on duo). The safe was in the 3 little red houses, far south east if I remember well. We spawn at 50 meters, and the only team on the map spawned at 50 meters on the other side. Very unlucky. 1m30 later, only 1 player was alive on the map, nothing was looted. A great, and free, moment.
  8. Civilian5902

    Duos multiplayer

    You didnt talk about being hurt like Tarkov first, but about being revive. Healing your arm or your leg is different, no ? We dont need a teammate to heal. If someone shoot in my arm in Vigor, I will heal myself. But i wont die straight away. I dont know Tarkov very well. You mean that if I shoot 30 bullets in your legs, you wont die in Tarkov ? And how you can see where I'm coming from ? What do you mean ? Be clear.
  9. Civilian5902

    Duos multiplayer

    I think they wont never make that change. And its good like that. Being revive is more a normal batlle royal thing. What would happen to all the headshots we can make at good distance ? You have 1 life and thats it. If your mate take your loot on your dead body, you dont have to see it as a steal. It's not, you're dead and out. That kind of frustration doesnt have to lead to gameplay changes. We all deal with it and we all restart a game.
  10. Civilian5902

    The new update is okay I guess

    Anyway, the amount of xp we can now have on 1 game can be very good... As my friend just hit 2 times 6200xp. Can someone explain me what is "looting the vault", please ?
  11. Civilian5902

    Changelog 1.2.1

    There is a weird bug on footsteps sound, when my friend running, the sound seems like a jump sound. Very weird. We have more xp for 1 glass than for 1 chemical. Is it an error ?
  12. Civilian5902

    The new update is okay I guess

    I tried the safe and yes, we can share the xp if we both loot in it. Which is good I guess. Even if it's another team who open it, I checked that. Someone left 2 stacks and I got the xp.
  13. Civilian5902

    Changelog 1.2.1

    Yes, I just saw it. 15xp for 1 electronic. And crates and daily challenges too. Its a good point. The burried cache give now 500xp, which is good in duo because both player gets the xp. Didnt check yet the safe, if we have xp for both players. Something else, I dont get what is the new activity "looting the vault". ??? Edit: The map bug seems fixed yes. I checked on Grontheim
  14. Civilian5902

    Changelog 1.2.1

    Ok i just get it, its about electronics and others right ? But I'm still wondering about opening crates.
  15. Civilian5902

    Changelog 1.2.1

    "Higher rarity items are rewarded with more XP " What do you mean ? When we open crates ? I just had 3000xp + xp bonus for a gold crate. I didnt open a gold one since long, is that what you mean ? Could I have the different xp for each box please ?