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  1. Civilian5902

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    10-12 games, no problems in game, not even once. Its the 1st time since... the beginning maybe ! But in my house, 2 times back to the menu. My friend once when I launch a game but he was kicked just before the lobby, not in game.
  2. Civilian5902

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    Loot rebalance. It seems more like a nerf. 200% and 300% was my bigger games today, and it feels really poor. At 100%, we spent our time to ask each other "do you find something ?". Its seems very different on some houses.
  3. Civilian5902

    The photos are fun!

    When you're happy to find the place, but its already empty. Its a good feature. Its permanent right ? As we call it event, my friend ask me how long does it last. Forever I guess.
  4. Civilian5902


    I agree with this new stamina. The worst is 50%. Its a real cost, but I see it like a good difficulty to deal with. Decreasing the loot, like I can see after 10 games, is more an issue. Even at 200 or 300%, we feel no differences with 100%.
  5. Civilian5902

    From the Patch Notes...

    I had a purple knife blueprint from a gold crate, but its not on the list. Did someone get it too ? I guess damages should be different. Why going to purple ? One day I almost die by a fair attack. It was in duo, we knew there was 2 guys with knifes only. I approach a truck and they came out both of them. I think they hit me 3 times, i had 5 hp left. I wasnt able to shoot, stunt by the hits. It could be the way.... But even 2 vs 1, i was able to run 10 meters and kill the 1st, and my friend killed the 2nd. It was close. Its still a mess... We tried it, but its so hard, even 2 vs 1. So we keep erase these challenges, even if we could kill each other. Its not worth it wasting time like that, even for gold. If we could THROW it, maybe... Then we have a 2nd one to finish the job. The 1st throw could do 50 or 60% damage, because of throwing.
  6. Civilian5902


    Well, as we can see the 2 new challenges (3 airdrops for 155 crowns, 5 for 215 crowns), they maybe did some changes and gave us a way to get back that loss from the antenna. Lets check all the new challenges first to see the difference. The antenna nerf was too high, I'm at 4,6 per day and i wont spend all that ressources to reach the last level (6,4), its not worth it anymore. Maybe they'll change it once more and find a better balance. Lets list all the challenges and lets see how many times we get crowns from them.
  7. Civilian5902

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    Nothing on food purposes ? Is it still on work ? Will we get something or will it stay for leaderboard only ?
  8. Civilian5902

    Today's update

    I have 155 crowns for 3 airdrops. With the 5 one, its a good challenge to get some crowns. Others: 1 green box for 10 successful missions. It was 3 white before. Id like to see maybe 2 boxes for 10 missions. Or what for 5 missions ? 1 white maybe or 2 ? And 1 white for getting 400 nails. Still better than nails in reward.
  9. Civilian5902

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    On the buried cache, can you confirm: Do we have multiple pictures on the same map for 1 cache ?
  10. Civilian5902

    Daily Challenges

    I think theres too much white crates. Like 3 whites for 10 successful missions, or 2 for 5 missions. I wish we could have at least 1 or 2 green for 10 missions. Even better, I mean, 10 missions x 10 minutes average, where I'll already get some white, green or blue one, in game. At the end, blue or purple would be nice. Because what for a gold one ? 40 missions ? Or just "use the radio" ? Weird.... 15 kills for 150 food is crazy in my opinion... I dont even do it. But we dont know yet if food will be something good for something else. Maybe in 1.1 ? 10 melee kills is crazy too. As we see people doing it with friends, its time to change it. My friend had 10 kills for a gold crate but he cancelled it, because even with me, we didnt want to spend time like fools. And we try knife only in duo, but it so hard to kill people like that... Rewards needs to be reworked. I hope they're on it.
  11. Civilian5902


    I've seen some answers from a girl from bohemian, sorry i dont remember the threads and his tag... But 1.1 update is coming, its the 1st answer I want. We know for the new map, for this "polaroid event", and issues fixes. They maybe not participate on each threads, but they dont have to. They dont have to react on every suggestions. It would be mess. But I guess they read all the things we post down here, and thats count. Like... The bush glitch, we can be sure they aware of this issue. Good feedback, and throwing some ideas, then wait. Maybe we'll have some answers on the future update thread. Like I see for other games. They answer some questions and thats it. It depends on how people react, speak. Just look when they post something on the xbox wall. Insults and things. I dont check twitter, did you try it ? It could be a good place.
  12. Civilian5902

    How to fix the bush

    As visual cover is my point. If there was not such a lot of bushes, maybe... My point was to throw away everything where you can hide your full body, and at this point, there is only the bush. Its a way to focus on your placement. If you cant enter in it and simply move the camera, it will force you to move around, because the bush is a good thing to hide behind. We could talk about high grass too, but high grass is fine. The bush needs some consistance, at least on the middle. My idea, half of the body is fair.
  13. Civilian5902

    How to fix the bush

    Any thoughts on this idea ? A full bush ? I know theres not many people here, but this glitch is really awful. OMG... You're all bush players ! I'll find you all ! I'll find a torch and put fire on all the bushes !! I want termite, flame grenades !!!
  14. Civilian5902

    duo's in solo play..?

    There is another point: Solo players in a party, who launch matchmaking at the same time to be in the same game. Or worst, 2 duos team, so FOUR players stiking together. Theres some specialists, who ask for players to join and try to be as max as they can. Team up in game is a harder thing I guess, without speaking. It could be fair, why not, its still better than killing your partner, but as we see how people join the same lobby, its hard to be sure.
  15. Civilian5902

    Game freeze at match start

    It happens many times. If you stay on the freeze screen, your mate will be able to see you, AND able to kill you. At least, make your friend take your weapons before you leave the game. He will be a threat of course, but he can straight leave and save your good weapons, if you have some.