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  1. Civilian5902

    Dying at the same time..

    Its true that its happening much more than before. There is something to fix.
  2. Civilian5902

    More safe location on Draug Battery

    THANK YOU. It's good to see these new locations.
  3. Civilian5902

    Changelog 2.1

    There's an issue when aiming on left shoulder. Unplayable on this left side, the aim is on our body and we cant see. Why did you remove xp for burried cache ?
  4. Civilian5902

    Portable signal detector

    What is his range ? No limit for the closest ?
  5. Civilian5902


    Any idea which add some Pve could be good. We don't need a lot, like 1 bear and 2 wolves. That could be great moment to use a knife, if we want to be silent.
  6. Just had the purple rifle in a purple list. Good point I guess.
  7. Civilian5902

    Night mode on every map ?

    We're maybe many to want to see night gameplay. Could it be add as a new weather on each map ? It could be perfect to implant a new weapon with night vision. A sniper but why not an AR with a special scope. We could also have a kind of... (I don't have the english name) "sos gun". We shoot in the sky and we illuminate a small area. Weird if we don't know if we would have night on the map we launch.... But it's just an idea. So a specific night map ?
  8. Civilian5902

    Season 2: Hunters

    Hi, I have few questions: -Can we expect to find the plans we didnt have in the season 1 ? In crates or in shop ? -I don't see the mosin nagant plan in the battle pass. I saw it's a white weapon so it will be maybe easy to find it in a white box (?) -Is there some issues with invisible players on the radar ? I noticed it for the 1st time last night in duo. I did the radar and saw nothing. I let the 2 crates for my friend so we were separate. That was lucky because I saw this guy moving for my friend. But I'm sure, there was no ping on the map. -Do you work on night maps ? Like a new weather. And... Do you work on new maps ? Do you have a kind of leaderboard ? Which one is the less played ? Thanks.
  9. I think it will be at least in the store once, but I hope it will spawn in a purple box. And if you already have all the plans... How to be sure, I dont know. Will you pay in store for this weapon ? I think I could, depend on the price though.
  10. Civilian5902

    runningspeeds what do other players think?

    10% decrease, why not, only if you balance everything else about speed. What about speed with full ressources ? 10% less too ? Then stamina...
  11. Civilian5902

    Where's it headed?

    The battle pass and the huge xp we need to complete it makes us looting everything we can, more since they changed the xp value for every ressources. I don't know if there is a lot of players at lvl 13 everywhere. But you're right, what's next ? If the shelter is the key, maybe new things to improve by getting some ressources. But for what ? More food, more materials ? We can produce some metal, could we produce another ressource ? Would it make sense ? We could have more lore, stories, special missions, with a kind of progression, I dont know. More events could be a good start. Turning the game into a simple TDM breaks everything. The actual problem in my opinion is the attractive power of the barred house. Most of the teams runs to it. My last exemple would be on Viktorsen train station. It's not a small map, but we were 10 players on it, 8 corpses on the ground (was in duo). 5 dead bodies in the house and 3 outside. Thats crazy. They, we, don't go anywhere else at first. Then we're almost free.
  12. Civilian5902

    Teaming in solo encounters - Yet again.

    Introduction of duo just created teaming in duo. We should not separate solo and duo on that point. Yesterday, with my teammate, we were maybe lucky. We identified 2 players in the lobby, not in the same team but same numbers after their gamertag, like xxxxxx52 and xxx52. We were behind a rock, 30 meters between us and we saw them. 4 players in a perfect line searching for us just after the radar. As we moved and took position, we were on their side. That was like... Beautiful. It's rare to see a complete 4 players team so close from each other. So we start shooting first. And its maybe our first clean victory 2vs4. Was hard but F*** them, what else could we say after killing the 4th ? 2vs4 is unfortunately not rare these last weeks. It sounds like a challenge and we succeed last night, but it won't happen everytime. Bad thing we're use to take care of that every damn game.
  13. Civilian5902


    It's not for weapons, but for your healing stuff, and alarms explosive & co.
  14. Civilian5902

    More safe location on Draug Battery

    I only play duo, and if Grontheim was our favorite, it's now Battery. There is so many games where we've been the last team alive, before the air drop! After the safe fight, after 1 team decide to leave fast, which happens a lot, we're just free to clean the map. Victorious safe, then base, burried cache and air drop. xp jackpot. It doesnt happen every time, it's not what I'm saying. But as we're 4 teams max, sometimes 3, it's done very fast. Dead or alive. The thing is that game doesn't ask you for killing people to go out "victorious" with full loot. And that's why this concept could be better than all battle royal. But if we dont have enough choices than fighting 2 teams at the same time, we loose that feeling. We just need new locations, and 1 new event, and we could see some changes.
  15. Civilian5902

    More safe location on Draug Battery

    There is 2 ways to go in the bunkers, by the front door and the corridor where the safe could be, or from above and take the circle way. It's larger than some houses. This map needs some other locations to free the base. But I'm for a new event too. Something we could decide to do straight at the beginning, as the safe. There is too much fight around the safe, it breaks something imo.