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  1. OdinCZ

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    Hi, Unfortunately spawn patrol, drone patrol is not working. HC client disabled Only works for spawn of static, random ai units Rpt: 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] Initializing A3XAI version 0.2.3 using base path A3XAI." 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] Compiling A3XAI functions." 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] A3XAI functions compiled." 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] Loaded all A3XAI settings in 0.00399971 seconds." 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] A3XAI settings: Debug Level: 0. WorldName: chernarusredux. VerifyClassnames: true. VerifySettings: true." 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] AI spawn settings: Static: true. Dynamic: false. Random: false. Air: false. Land: true. UAV: true. UGV: false." 18:03:25 "[A3XAI] A3XAI loading completed in 0.00500107 seconds." . . . . . 18:13:32 "[A3XAI Monitor][Uptime:00:10:36][FPS:45][Groups:5/6][Respawn:1][HC:false]" 18:13:32 "[A3XAI Monitor] [Static:5][Dynamic:0][Random:0][Air:0][Land:0][UAV:0][UGV:0]" Land should be 10 and UAV 1 Tested with a clean file from you without modification
  2. Thank you sir. Is there any chance to implement ai xp kill code?
  3. Hi, I have a small problem with the boats only standing still and not patrolling. Any advice please?
  4. Hi, should anyone please have a functional script / mod to deactivate the loaded charges or min player for the exile mod please? Thank you
  5. Unfortunately, the xp player restriction does not work. I have 35000 xp respect and I still get the error message ,, You need at least 100 respect to call air support ,,
  6. OdinCZ

    Igiload Reloaded

    Hi, thank you for resurrecting Igiload for Exile. I just want to report a bug. When para drop the Taru pods from the Taru Heli will explode. And "Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_bench_F", no attached button roll menu.
  7. Hi Thomas, thank you. I would just ask. it is written in the update 1.01  add RwG_Container_Locker_Blue_okStatic/RwG_Container_Locker_Blue_Static (maximumload 700) add RwG_Item_Box_M_Kit/RwG_Container_Box_M_Static (maximumload 500) Is this valid? And one more thing. Some recipes are written differently. example: class Elevator_Recipe: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe Or class WoodGrid_Doorway_Frame_Kit_Recipe: Wood_Wall_Frame_Kit_Recipe Is this valid? Thank you very much
  8. Hi, could I ask someone for complete classnames? Please.
  9. Now work perfect El' Rabito, thank you very much 🙂
  10. OdinCZ

    Base Camera sorting

    Sorry El' Rabito fix works. Autorun Exploits fix does not work for me, cant connect server
  11. OdinCZ

    Base Camera sorting

    This was in the original post by El' Rabito before he edited it on. But it also doesn't work for me, then you can't connect to the server
  12. OdinCZ

    Base Camera sorting

    You don't have it in CfgCustomcode but in CfgExileCustomCode. Make a CfgCustomcode override for ExileClient_gui_baseCamera_event_onLoad.sqf with the code below!!!
  13. OdinCZ

    blckeagls Missions

    Hi, does anyone know the Blckegls mission system code please? I would need advice on how to arrange for Scuba Ai to have only SDAR ammunition for this weapon and not another 5.56
  14. Hi, I have this in config.cpp. class XM8_App07_Button: RscExileXM8AppButton1x1 { textureNoShortcut = "ExadClient\XM8\Apps\JX\logo.paa"; text = "Unit Scanner"; onButtonClick = "['ExAd_JX', 0] call ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide"; resource = ""; }; If you have it anyway, just delete it class XM8_App07_Button: RscExileXM8AppButton1x1 { textureNoShortcut = ""; text = ""; onButtonClick = ""; resource = ""; };
  15. Please, would anyone help me create my online server headless client ? I guess I'm an asshole, it doesn't work according to the instructions on youtube. Thx