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  1. OdinCZ

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi, thanks for the effort. But I don't want to rotate all vehicles completely. I only wanted specific missions. But never mind, I leave it as it is without rotation. Thanks guys for the effort.
  2. OdinCZ

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi, thanks for the tip. But unfortunately, I didn't find out anything about it. The point was that I could place the car on the mission with the angle of rotation. No matter, thank you anyway, Master
  3. OdinCZ

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi, can anyone advise how to define in the dms bandit mission of rotation (angle) of the vehicle? In this formula [ ( _pos select 0 ) +5, ( _pos select 1 ) +5, 0 ] Thank you
  4. Hi, unfortunately, it did not work. This works perfectly https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5yus3ovj6mxt3mo/AAAtij4noLianJ4klkkKrGAca?dl=0
  5. I'll see when I'm at the pc. Many thanks for the tip
  6. Hi, your script is bound to exad mod? I don't see an offer to jump out of a helicopter. Im not use exad mod
  7. Hi, can someone advise how to create (export) custom objects into DMS bandit mission (not static). Thanks
  8. Hi, is it normal that during the infection (use rz infection mod) I start bleeding? The infection should last + -30min (damage per minute 0.05 set in exilez) But this way the player dies within 5 minutes. Can someone advise how the infection should work properly? Thanks
  9. Yes, I read this. But I'm not very clear about point 2. 2 >> Add CfgTerritories of your Exile config.cpp in your missionfile. What code should I add to cfgterritories? That's why I wanted someone's instructions.
  10. Hi, would anyone write a summary installation procedure for all items? Thanks
  11. OdinCZ

    Claim Vehicles

    Drop ClaimVehicles_Server.pbo into @ExileServer/addons folder. Drop ClaimVehicles_Client Folder into mpmission/Exile.MAPNAME Open init.sqf or initplayerLocal.sqf and add the following. [] execVM "ClaimVehicles_Client\ClaimVehicles_Client_init.sqf"; Open your missionfile config.cpp and find class "CAR" Add the contents of EXAMPLE_Config.cpp as a Interaction class look at the screenshot. Repeat this step for Class "AIR" and Class tank if you have it.
  12. I'm sorry, I'm a blind idiot. I kept changing the BleedOut Delay all the time. Thank you