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    Mega City 3 --- An urban combat focused terrain

    when will this terrain be released?
  2. if only i had read that a year (give or take) ago, then i wouldn't have had this on the back of my mind everytime arma 3 came to mind (or even call of duty)
  3. would you help me to make this mod work for me? i have the button on screen but it says that something is missing (even right after downloading it)
  4. after all this time i still cannot figure out how to get it to work.
  5. i've got many mods and i have not launched the game in a while but now this comes up, haven't seen it before until i recently started trying to play this is the error message then crashes the game. "File maf_script\config.cpp, line 36:/CfgVehicles/:Missing '}' " i tried changing some things looking into where it might be but doesn't work. what is the thing to do?
  6. Isiaah Daniel

    an error then crash

    the problem was i had 10s (up to like 70) mods, so i didn't know which one caused it. vary strange though because when i disabled ALL mods, something said that something was missing from something and then it crashed. so now i'm trying the game all over again with a fresh install
  7. @sammael do you have it working? what did you do exactly?
  8. i put the item into the main folder of the game, (where the @ mods go, don't see it anywhere. is it suppose to appear when i pause the game right as i am playing in the action? or on the map possibly? am i missing something?