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    Lost connection, Lost everything

    Happens to me literally 10x a day. The biggest thing I lose is CROWNS! these f'ers have me buy Crowns, I use them on upgrading loot/crate,and POOF! MY MONEY IS GONE! Just like that... real money.
  2. jaynay86

    Problems I've Had Thus far in the XB1 Vigor Beta.

    @Locklear I mean... how long are we talking here? Almost 60% of the games I load fail in some way or another. Also resulting in all of my loadout being lost/STOLEN. This game is constantly crashing. What if we spent money on this game and this is the shiiii we get? You guys robbed me once, shame on you, it wont happen again. I love the premise of this game but the code is terrible. OH AND THE SERVERS ARE AMONG THE TRASHIEST EVER! be honest with yourself here... how long until you can get up to par with all of the other main titles and make this game shine?
  3. Crafting consumables too fast causing crash. I have run this error over and over and I can easily replicate it. Go to consumables > craft Disinfectant > craft another clicking as fast a possible to start the craft will cause a game crash.