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    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    you could set up an event handler to check for _unit !alive and if true exit the script. not 100% sure on how this would be done. im pretty sure there is an EH that will fire when a unit dies. maybe use a global var as a flag set in the EH. then check the flag in your script and if true then Exitwith { };
  2. Lysergic Aldent

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    or...... you could just buy the DLC instead of trying to get someone else to pay for it for you, as someone who pays for a server for others to play on at no cost to them, I think that is a ridiculous idea. for real each game we have has at least 15 players, thats $75 on top of the $17 im paying already PER Month. notr to mention the complexity of having to set all that up. BI is not in the server rental business so that would involve getting 3rd partys to keep track of all that at even more cost. so it would pretty much kill the game for everyone just so you don't have to pay a one time price $20 for a DLC. no thank you
  3. Lysergic Aldent

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    ARMA is not made for free, there are 100s of free maps out there and MODs are easy to install and use. DLC content keeps the game alive. BI is very generous with a lot of the DLC content as-is, your request is really RUDE and ill-informed.
  4. Lysergic Aldent

    New guys in love with arma3

    find a group to join would be a good start