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  1. Scavenger47

    Second Wind multiplayer sector control servers.

    Fairplay in arma? Some say it's a myth. While they are partially right, the mod does it's job well to mitigate bad design. One of the recent updates, among other features, brings: Disabled ability to use custom oversized FOV (Field of View) by injecting it into profile settings.
  2. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Recap of last updates: Interface: - Disabled ability to use custom oversized FOV (Field of View) by injecting it into profile settings. Weapons: - Reduced dispertion of most hunting rifles to bring them closer to real life standards. - Reduced dispertion and increased maximum effective distance of Dragunov Sniper Rifle. - Greatly increased bullet penetration of various low and medium caliber ammo (was too low). World: - Updated world spawn areas at Sunken Altis. - Tweaked Sunken Altis latitude. Nighttime is shorter as a result. - Increased amount of animals and vehicles on Sunken Altis. Class System: - Changed penalties for killing friendly classes: Penalty scales up with killer's level: -600/-600/-1200/-1800/-2400. (traitor/lvl1/lvl2/lvl3/lvl4). - All characters except traitors spawn with a map. Misc: - Dogs are much less likely to glitch through obstacles when chasing enemy. - Added ability to tow boats with a rope. - Workaround fix on arma issue which could launch player in air when towing was used. - Fixed autoswim animation issue. - Code optimization and bugfixes.
  3. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Managed to greatly improve shark behaviour, movement and positioning. Enjoy!
  4. Greetings. I'd like to introduce Second Wind gamemod to multiplayer Arma community. The ongoing action is set in a post-apocalyptic outbreak situation where remaining survivors have split into a few rival factions, fighting for objectives and what's left of remaining supplies. Imagine Stronghold sector control as a KOTH-like capturing system, but persistent and actually bringing value to those who hold control over strategic objectives in an open world. That, coupled with RPG character leveling and built-in faction communication provides a great way for anyone to start playing without need to read long guides and videos, be it a new player or old veteran. You also don't need a big pack of mods to start as the mod has all features built-in with custom user-friendly interface. Only Second Wind is required in order to start playing Servers: Sunken Altis: Sunken Altis is a custom heavily modified Altis terrain which, among everything else introduced underwater gameplay, with underwater objects towing, diving available for all characters without frogsuit need, and sharks. Sunken Altis Screenshots Server name: [EU#1] Second Wind Address: Port: 2402 Livonia server has been shut down recently as it will be replaced by Katya terrain by Blud when it comes out. Server name: [EU#2]: SecondWind Address: Port: 2302 Main thread with more information, updates and screenshots Workshop Link Discord
  5. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Update. - Stronghold spawn system implementation: Ability to choose respawn area nearby captured strongholds (respawn area images will be updated later) - Bikes collision fix. - Legion system fixed. - Dynamic loot system implemented. - Updated rainy weather conditions. - Sunken Altis Water columns support (ability to drink from). - Updated some houses visuals. Livonia server is shut down and will be replaced by Katya terrain by Blud when it comes out. I'd suggest BI to figure out their way of handling dlcs, hosting dlc terrains is a suicide for server population. Or hire me, as, honestly speaking, I could teach how to sell your own content.
  6. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Second Wind Code is now available on Github. Server side code will be released shortly later on. In case someone wants to go for sandbox multiplayer mod, it works quite well now and can be launched at any terrain. Personally I'm looking forward for Katya terrain as the only appropriate one I'd like to launch non-dlc server to keep action going. There is a lot of quite interesting solutions/workarounds which have never been tried elsewhere. For example: - Dynamic shadows which draw at distance once the player zooms in using scope or any other optics. Besides drawing shadows it also fixes objects not rendering right at distance when using scope so that model looks bad and 2D. (optional, commented out by default). - Damage handler workaround which solves players recieving damage and dying when stuck in textures in buildings and objects. - Dynamic weather which tries it's best to synchronize between players even taking into account delayed cloud density synchronization in multiplayer. Quote on my conclusion after some extensive work making various AI creatures work on a dedicated server environment in Arma3: It's close to mpossible to make great fine-tuned working PVE AI and creatures in arma on a dedicated server environment. The amount of network limitations is just over the top. My personal main goal was to learn when I started working on it, which was achieved. As for the vision of merging PVP content with PVE in a fully standalone multiplayer sandbox game - simply put, it cannot be achieved in Arma. You can try to go for various workarounds, but the limitations will always hold you, wasting precious time. This was a year-long extensive work with a lot of issues fixed and features implemented. So I'll be slowly switching focus to other projects and engines and open for collaboration with experienced people in order to keep updates going at the same speed. Upcoming updates will focus on PVP gameplay.
  7. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Big update that introduces non-dlc terrain along other features. Changelog: Creatures: - Added hostile sharks which hunt down humans when there is no fish around. - Radio anomaly. Easy to detect when character has radio equipped or has specialized Backpack/Vest with radio transmission. Hard to detect otherwise. Effects on human - unknown. World: - Sunken Altis terrain. Global warming has came to Altis. - Updated Altis buildings visuals. - Updated lighting and weather conditions. Features: - Shoulder mounted flashlights. Flashlights have slightly different Illumination color depending on player's faction class. (Red - Hunters / Blue - Nomads and Rangers / Orange - Outlaws and Scavengers / Green - Survivalists). Helps with differentiating different factions during the dark nights. - Ability to tow objects out of water depths by using the rope. Misc: - Livonia server has been switched to 1st person only. - Various bugfixes and QoL improvements. Screenshots
  8. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Another update🐶: Dogs: - Watchdog: Dog barks when it senses hostile players nearby, warning the master. - Increased range of dog attack detection. - Defensive mode: Dog only reacts on hostile players. - Agressive mode: Dog reacts on any hostile entity. - Slightly improved behaviour. Factions: - Nomad perk: Dog masters it's senses with each level, increasing Watchdog and Attack detection. - Ranger armor perk: Now properly works when Ranger is hit in the chest. Armor increases with each level up to level 3. Misc: - All action sounds, including player's speech and dog barking can be heard by everyone. - Increased time before player's character disappears on logout. - Increased dead body/corpse timeout before it sinks. - Slugs ammo now properly knocks out players. - Improved bleeding levels detection and scaling. - Group icons and dog's icon size scales with distance. Currently working on Undead class animations.
  9. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Update (v. 0.87) Gameplay: - Strongholds are now persistent. - Added "Wildcat" helicopter with 2 shooter positions. (made and open-sourced by @deltagamer, models and config errors were fixed, thanks for providing source files!). - Added "Merlin" helicopter with 4 shooter positions. (made and open-sourced by @deltagamer, models and config errors were fixed, thanks for providing source files!). - Improved flashbang grenade effects. The sound now also attracts infected. - Hunter lvl3+ spawns with flashbang grenade. Bugfixes: - Fixed visual issues with camping backpacks. - Fixed fuel capacity in helicopters. - Increased amount of fuel carried in fuelcans. Improved siphon fuel.
  10. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    old version Improved old version to better represent real life disorientation effects: Update (v. 0.86) Gameplay: - Flashbang grenade: Blinds and makes character deaf for some time. Effects depend on view direction and obstacles. - Fixed amount of fuel in fueltrucks. - Removed "auto-refueling" at gas stations and fueltrucks. UI: - Enabled ability to adjust object view distance in UI. - Fixed Bohemia issue associated with object view distance slider abuse. - Most buttons are supported by Second Wind controls tab. World: - Slightly improved nighttime and added rain effects. - Fixed an issue with vehicle persistency.
  11. Scavenger47

    BreakingPoint: Second Wind

    Last update (ver 0.85): Animations: - New gutting animation. - New stove cooking animation. - Slightly adjusted sprinting animation to be more smooth. - Increased swimming speed. - Fixed bug that occured when player tried to use parkour with weapon holstered. (still some more other parkour bugs left to fix). Factions: - Updated class selection screens for Scavenger and Survivalist. - Changed skin colors for Scavenger level 3/4. Misc: - Controls tab now supports F1-F10 buttons (all buttons support will be added in next patch). - Code optimization. - Lighting improvement (haze). World: - Post-apocalyptic Swarog area. Optimization in several terrain areas. Character: - Slower sprinting speed while crouched. Recap of updates since release: Just realized I haven't provided Steam Workshop page for the mod in the initial post >.< Fixed.
  12. Immersive-sim Arma 3 gamemod set in the decades following the downfall of modern society to a deadly viral outbreak. Your goal is carve out your own space in this hostile world and decide whether or not to take part in a war that is raging between the rival factions that have taken over the land. Surviving means making alliances and taking what you need from opposing factions, whether that be skills, resources, or their lives. Features - Persistent multiplayer sandbox environment. - Factions: The order: Rangers, Nomads, Survivalists. Anarchists: Outlaws, Scavengers. Outsiders: Hunters. Undead (WIP). - Strongholds: Fight and capture various persistent points of interest. Get rewards that depend on the captured point. (WIP) - Custom animations/Interaction system: Parkour. New melee weapon system. Various interaction animations(WIP). - Custom Damage system: Broken bones, Bloodloss, Wound effects, Fixed various arma damage behaviour bugs(clipping, floating). - Hybrid 1st/3rd person system: Custom 3rd person view camera. Vehicle 1st person view. - Tools: Inflame players with crossbow Fire Bolts or using Fuel + matches. Set traps using Bear traps and Tripwire mines. Tranquilize players using tranquilizing needles or ammo. - Arsenal: Custom guns, including hunting rifles and shotguns. Custom realistic soundshaders, including realistic attachments(suppressor) sounds. - Immersion/Horror: Custom lighting, including natural nighttime lighting and full use of TrueSky system. Ambient music. Mystic creatures (WIP). - Hunting/animals: Track and hunt animals. Chop woods, make campfire and cook meat. - Dogs/Taming: Tame dogs, give them commands. Watch their state, heal and feed them. Kill and defend yourself versus hostile player's pets. - Survival: Desease, Radiation (WIP), Scarce fuel resources, Hunger, Thirst. - Construction: World: Build crates, camonet stashes, secret stone stashes. Havens: Lock your own haven. Reinforce and modify it. Build various furniture. Raid(destroy) and rob other havens. Reinforce your haven to protect it. Gameplay: - Explore hostile post-apocalyptic environment. - Progress your character. - Cooperate with friendly classes. - Fight for objectives. - Try to survive. - Raid, steal and rob / Build, hide and reinforce. Or just give up on this hopeless and unforgiving world. This is a multiplayer-only addon that is required by BreakingPoint Second Wind servers. Links: Steam Workshop Discord How To play?: Servers: Sunken Altis: Server name: [EU#1] Second Wind Address: Port: 2402 Screenshots: Livonia server has been shut down and will be replaced by Katya terrain by Blud when it comes out. Server name: BreakingPoint[#1]: SecondWind Address: Port: 2302 Videos: Screenshots: Custom Lighting: Gameplay: ##Credits: - Breaking Point team for their open-source gamemod platform. - LordJarhead for permission to use and build custom soundshaders utilizing legacy version of JSRS framework. - lordFrith for permission and kind sharing of his Frith's Ruin mod work. - dame2010 for providing source models and assets of his Horror mod: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1556296528 - IN005 for permission to use his headgear assets which you can find in his MadArma mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=815962700 - Lythium team for permission to work with their custom skybox. ###License: Content is released under Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND): https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-nd with the exception of open-source parts which are specified in README-LICENSE.md file (can be found in gamemod folder).