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  1. bobbysoulz

    Changelog (Auto-Fire fix)

    AWESOME!!! Appreciate the hard work the team put in on this!! Once again, Thank You!!
  2. @xMoDz MaSoN K x You can swap out weapons. Not sure if I am reading your statement correctly. I have gone in with a thompson, picked up a shotgun, wrecked someone and switched out my shotgun or thompson for their weapon .... is that what you are referring too?
  3. bobbysoulz

    Changelog 0.8.40768 - Random Duos Update

    I could see this working out, but then the game would be a PUBG copy with EXITS. I would have second this if they were not already stating they have fix/update coming in that specifically corrects gunplay. I do like the idea though.
  4. The other two slots are exclusively for sidearms and melee weapons (knives).
  5. bobbysoulz

    Do something about teamkilling

    I don't think the Friendly Fire is a problem they have not fixed. It seems to be intended in the game since in the update notes when RANDOM TEAMS were announced they specifically talk about Outlanders killing teammates and becoming THREATS in the match.
  6. bobbysoulz

    Suggestions about bugs and other...

    Happens to me as well. I figured out a way to prevent and it is on certain guns. I always switch to single shot since I like to double tap and that has prevented it from happening again. Just a thought ... Not a fix but a band aid until they can fix it.
  7. bobbysoulz


    I love the game and know changes are underway to make the game even better. I am only asking for one small change at the moment: Team members' waypoints on map be different colors Things get a little confusing trying to read the small numbers on the compass atop of screen Just a thought ... I know it is a small thing but could be beneficial, but I do love shooting outlanders in teams that stop to look at map ... 😛
  8. bobbysoulz

    people camping at exit spots

    It is part of the game. When I first downloaded the game and it started happening I was just as frustrated as the next new person playing. After some time and understanding the game more, it is really just strategy. There are multiple exits and a signal detector. The radiation wave does not move fast so you can potentially scavenge, reach a signal detector and plan your exit strategy after the timer goes off. This is not a run and gun game, strategize and exit the encounter.