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  1. Aha, I just realized my error. I had accidentally set that entire repo to automatic update. I unchecked that and restarted the program. My issue was resolved, thank you.
  2. Apologies if this has already been adressed in the thread. I seem to be having an issue where I accidentally started syncing a very large modset from a repository which is just a compilation of all mods on that repository. I can temporarily pause it and download/manage/launch with any other modset but that modset's tab persists every time I open the program and I am unable to close it due to "Tab can't be closed. Files are being downloaded.", this appears at any stage of cancellation wether I have cancelled file-checking or downloading. Screenshot attached for clarifying purposes. Thanks in advance and thanks for a great program.
  3. I would recommend having a look at animateDoor, I haven't used it myself though. The effects are global so you can most likely just put it in the init of the vehicle. if (isServer) then{ //code for animating vehicle door }; This will animate the vehicle's door at mission start (or when you spawn the vehicle) and only execute the animation once, on the server. If I understand your problem correctly, I believe this is is the simplest way to avoid any locality-issues with your vehicle.
  4. rundabollen

    3den Enhanced

    For the sake of avoiding double tickets of this weekday issue: I created a feedback tracker issue of this extreme and glaring issue. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T148292
  5. rundabollen

    3den Enhanced

    The Dynamic AI skill menu seems to have been somewhat misadjusted by the latest update. Am I safe in assuming that the sliders still do what they were previously labeled to do? Thanks for a great mod!