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  1. Julien Patacchini

    Arma 3 Contact new Antenna Module

    I think bohémia need to give documentation for new modul and system mechanic for objectifs diary , radio and all new mechanics of the dlc , is realy nice concept for new mission , style Electronique war .
  2. Julien Patacchini

    [Release] Vehicle Appearance Manager GUI

    Great Jobs dude 😉
  3. Julien Patacchini

    Arma 3 Contact new Antenna Module

    hey Mankyle , it's the same problèms with the new Objectifs and diary system , no information and docummentation , i think Bohemia realese in the next update . I need this information me too . if you have intel please tell me 😉
  4. Julien Patacchini


    Thank you TURCO_AR is working great 🙂 is good for change my old conversation system in my project . it's cool to found help of the community 😉
  5. Julien Patacchini

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Ok thx sir , this sytem is realy cool for futur edition of mission . Wait and see for new information .
  6. Hey dears Friends , i see one change in my Campaign création editor , For the Objectifs list and description (Intel) Nothing is present whit the new system of contact . When i go in the map for see my list of objectif and for see the intel , i have just this screen . i need to see all information and diary present in my brefing.sqf . thx for take times to tell me .
  7. Julien Patacchini

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Hey everyone , Sorry for bad english , i have one question , i work in new campaign and i need to know where is for edit new Brefing , and new Note in Contact dlc please . I not found module or other system . https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/30/6/1564260879-help.png
  8. Julien Patacchini


    Thanks you so much Stanhope , it's exatly why i need and is working realy good 😉 Thx you sir Do you think is possibe lto change the colors of the speaker ? exemple , Side , or OPFOR colors ?
  9. Julien Patacchini


    Hello everyone , Sorry for my bad english , i realy need your help for know who is possibel to use the same system for conversation of Contact And Tac Ops ? I work in one big project since one years and now i realy want to change the conversation system of my campaign. The look of Contact and tac ops is realy sweet . Thx in advance for take times to help me if you know one solution . Best Regard .